Tuesday, February 25, 2014

(Daily) Outfit Inspired by Anna from Disney Frozen

Hey guys,

     so right now i want to share what i’ve been doing for quite a while (with first purpose: to watch Frozen in Style). Hahaha. So like the title of this post, i made an outfit (mix old and new stuff plus added some details), based on Princess Anna’s winter outfit.
    What i mean is; i made an outfit that looks like anna’s winter outfit in the movie, but the thing is, this outfit is not a costume, i can really use it daily. I can use it when i go to the mall, the park, school, just hanging around, anywhere really. Well, it’s hard to say, so lets just check it out ;)
Here’s a picture of Anna’s winter outfit

    So, start from the blouse. Like in the movie, Anna’s winter outfit has a bright blue blouse. I bought this blouse for like $5 (IDR 55), this was a normal blue blouse with normal collar, but to serve it purpose, i cut the collar to look a bit more like anna’s blouse collar in the movie (anna’s collar looks like high mandarin collar or something).
Whatever, close enough :P
    Then, for the vest, i re-made my old black unused tees. I cut the neck line and also the hand, plus i cut the bottom part of the tees and shaped it like triangle. After that i added gold ribbon for the hand and neck part and i have a reason why i didnt add the ribbon at the bottom. Simply because tees is stretch and the ribbon is not, if i want to be able to put it on my body, i cant put the ribbon because it cant stretch out as i try to put it on, and NO, im way too lazy to put any zipper or anything, so im okay with it.
    As for the motive pattern in the vest, i used my flat beads to make this a dream come true. So i just sew them one by one (it was tiring really). Well both the vest and the skirt has this Nordic like motives. And i sew the flat beads one by one for both of the vest and skirt.
    I got that navy short skirt for about only $2 (IDR 25), hahhaa cheap right. And yeah i did nothing but to add a zipper (i cant put it on my butt if it has no zipper, it was not stretch >_<) and sew the beads. Well it’s not done yet actually, but because i really wanted to use it that day when i watched frozen (for the second time), so yeah, whatever, the important part was done anyway. I just need to sew some more little flowers and add a little bright blue something to make it more alike (nah maybe later, im working on this REAL costume now, not just a remake-DIY one).
    And yeah, i added black legging because i have big butt and leg and the skirt is way to short for my big leg (it’s gonna be annoying):
    Psst! Dont forget one tiny detail, BOOTS. Anna wore boots on her winter outfit. Well this is what i got, brown boots, unlike anna’s, which is black and has it own motive like in the shirt. But i tried ;P
So here it goes:
Here’s another one:
(Sorry that this one isnt clear, the background was so bright)

    As for the make up, i used a really simple one. Actually this is my daily makeup look. I dont like putting way too much makeup while going out because im pretty much reckless. I can rub my eyes and i dont think eyeshadow will last long if i rub em. Thats why, this super cool eyeliner and mascara are my deadly weapon, i can rub my eyes and it still there :D
    My daily makeup consist of powder, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. Simple right?
    Anyway here’s the look of my daily makeup (which i also used when i dressed up as Anna):
Psstt, i didnt used my fave cat eye (wing) eyeliner, and stick with this one, Anna doesnt used winged eyeliner :P
Here’s the product that i used for this look:
Heroine Make Loose BB Powder - 02
Maybelline Long Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Mascara
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner - Black
Maybelline Color Sensational - 615 Summer Sunset

    Last but not least, the hair, Anna has this white steak on her hair because of Elsa power hit her when she was young. So since i still got more time (while waiting my bf to pick me up that day), i used white hair chalk to made it! After i colored it with my hair chalk, i braid it just like Anna’s hair (well my hair still black though, not strawberry blonde something, but bought the wig already, cant wait for it to come!)
    Anyway i dont really know what kind of brand i my hair chalk is, its from China. Anyway it quite good for temporary use. After im done and no longer need the color in my hair, i just have to wash it off.
So here’s my hair :D
It was a bit messy because hair chalk kinda hard to put on a dark hair, it need to be wet to bring out the color

    So that’s it! My daily Outfit based on Anna’s winter outfit. I used it twice already and cant wait to use it again soon! I like being Anna! (and plus now i have cut my bangs again, so yay!)
Last pic, Olaf and i :)
Thanks for reading, Bye!
Lots of kisses!
UPDATE - 28 des 13
    Sooooo, today i dressed up this way AGAIN. Some people stared, smiled and sometimes whispered to each other after they saw me, idk it’s because they noticed i dressed up like anna or i looked weird (LOL).
    Anyway, the most interesting part was when i was on an escalator, and a little girl (with her mom and dad) was on the escalator too, opposite direction from mine. I was, like usual, looking around, i noticed this little girl and suddenly she saw me and GASPED, real loud. Okay, what i heard is: “AHHH! Anna!!!” She pulled her mom’s dress, pointed at me and then her mom stared at me too, she smiled at me and that little girl face looked like this :O
It was priceless hahhaa
    So i just smiled back awkwardly, still confused because she gasped real loud (almost scream), but after that i felt soooo happpyyyy that she noticed me as ANNA! Wahooooo!
    Here’s some pic (with new bangs, more like Anna’s right hehhe) :D
Now i used winged (cat) eyeliner! For this makeup look, the same products used, except the mascara, i used Maybelline The Magnum Volum’ Express, works nicely also!
You can see the vest more closely here and i still hadnt continue sewing the floral motive on the skirt, lazyyy
Already tired after a long walk
and this was the best part!! i got this super big (100cm) Anna wall sticker!!!! I was speechless really, i couldnt say anything right for about 15mins, until i sat nicely in the car, and in this pic my smile is super awkward because i was still speechless, hahhaa (im okay now, though im still exciting and cant stop starring at this new wall sticker)

    So, this was my journey today, im so happy!! I love being Anna! She’s my new fave character (my childhood fave is still Ariel though, and i still loovee rapunzel so much too, whatever i like em all!).
See ya in my next post! :D :D :D


I know it's not fully the same, but thats the point, you can use it any day and it's not a costume at all! Just some of daily outfit remake and put on together!
I hope you like the post, see ya!


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