Saturday, February 22, 2014

I've been thinking...about this giveaway

Hey my adorable angels!!

Soooo, i've been thinking about the giveaway im gonna held to celebrate this blog opening! I cant afford much, but i want it to be pretty much nice. Yesterday all i think was giving you guys few items from different brand that i can afford, but thennnnn, i have this thought:

"How about the prize is from local brand?" 

But just one local brand im gonna choose though. I mean im thinking that local brand products are also good, so what a shame that we always stuck using foreign brand products without noticing our local brand (of course foreign brands are GREAT, im not lying, i love lots of foreign brands also, but maybe we should give local brand a chance too once in a while, hehhe)

But, im gonna need more time (a month perhaps) to save my money in order to get the giveaway prize, i hope you guys dont mind. Hehehe i want it to be nice, i told ya, and i actually like giving people stuff, so yeah, i dont want it to be ordinary (but sorry, its not spectacular also hehe).

So, i already have something in mind what the local brand is and what the prizes are, but i would like to ask you guys, which one of this local brand i stated down here you want to get?

- Sariayu
- LT Pro
- Makeover
- Viva
- If you have something else in mind, you can tell me the local brand name (but make sure it's easy to find)

The most voted brand is what you're gonna get if you win the giveaway. You can vote it on my blog front page, i added polling on the upper left of the side page! If you choose other local brand that is not listed above, simply leave comment on this blogpost, i will consider them too!

I wish you can participate on choosing the brand and also participate in my giveaway later when everything is already fix (hopefully next month).And im sorry that this is weird, that i need to ask you guys first about the prize, but trust me, im not good deciding something, so im gonna need a lot of help hehhee.

Thanks for reading this and helping me decide


P.s this giveaway is open to blogger or non blogger, so feel free to vote and join later! Right now im thinking this only open to Indonesian resident only, but if you guys want this giveaway to be internationally, just leave comment so i would know and consider it!


  1. LT Pro yg cream foundation cuco lohh coveragenyaa.. Pilihan gusnaldi juga dibanding conce merk2 luarr,, hihihi

    1. oya? wah boleh di coba next time foundie nya, aku blm nyobain. Tapi suka banget sama makeup removernya :D

  2. sariayu produk lokal yang oke sis. Marshmalow blush on nya oke kayaknya :). Aku udh vote.

    1. iya itu juga oke, makanya bingung nih mo giveaway brand yg mn hehehe, thanks yaa uda ikutan :*

  3. Make over!!!!! :D mantep itu brand.. kualitasnya oke, harganya juga ga mahalll :)

    1. hihihi iya itu bagus kualitasnya, aku suka pake foundie nya terutama :3

  4. Hey there, completely IN-LOVE with your blog, just followed you on GFC (5), would love if you follow back :)

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    1. sure! i followed you back on gfc.Cool blog, you are really stylish! :D