Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: The Balm Nude ‘tude


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! I hope you can achieve whatever dreams you have this year or at least make a great progress of it! :D
    Anyway, it’s been a quite long time since i review about beauty stuff, so many things to do, that i dont really have time to take pictures, editing or make a long post. Anyway i have a time now (still busy with my thesis and research though, but i need a break!).
    Now i want to review about The Balm Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette. I won the palette from a makeup contest held by Pygmalion Land- http://www.pygmalionland.com/ (visit her web, she has an awesome one!) and sponsored by The Balm ID.


    Hehehe im proudly say that i won the first place. Quite a shock actually, it was my first time participating on a makeup contest and i won! Sooo happy! More happy that i won this super awesome gift, The Balm Nude ‘tude palette and The Balm Instain - Swiss dot (i’ll try to review it as soon as possible).
—Okaaayy, let’s start!
Blog Label: Red
Brand : the Balm
Name : Nude ‘tude
Content : 10g
Made In : USA
Price : $36

This is the front view: cute vintage looking packaging. It’s quite a big palette actually, but not that big. The measurement is about 19x8.
The back view: it got the colors and the ingredients.
Here are the close up of the ingredients: make sure that you’re not allergic to any of this ingredients. And you can use this up to 12 months after the first opening.
Side view: it’s quite thin, only about 1cm.
Here’s what inside: 12 nice neutral shades, brush and huge mirror.
This is the two side brush. Simple and quite useful.
Close up! Way too cute right! :3
And so here are the swatches
First swatches: upper shades without flash
Upper shades with flash
Second swatches: lower shades without flash
Lower shades with flash

    Overall, i like this palette so much! Pigmented well and the shades are pretty! As you can see in the swatches, i didnt use any base and the colors really came out well.
    Some of the shades are glittery (sassy, stubborn, selfish, sophisticated, snobby, stand-offish, seductive and silly) and some are not (sexy, serious, sleek, and sultry). You can use it for natural daily look, or smoky sexy party look. It has all the colors you can use to make the looks!
    Anyway even though it pigmented well and have a nice colors, i think it quite powdery. But it doesnt really bother me.
    As for the brush, it’s quite thick and soft. I used it a few times and it’s quite good, but i prefer using my eyeshadow brush, im used to it. The packaging is also adorable! Look vintage, simple and sexy! I like nice packaging, plus it has this HUGE mirror, hahhaa make me easier to use it while im outside and very handy for traveling.  I can just bring this makeup palette if im out of town and i think it would cover my need to look pretty all the time! :D
+ nice choice of neutral shades
+ pigmented
+ big mirror
+ quite easy to carry
+ nice brush
+ cute packaging
- quite pricey for me
- a bit powdery
- i wish it would last longer that 12 months :(
Overall Rating: 4/5 

    So, if you guys have this on your wishlist or not sure yet, i recommend this cute neutral eyeshadow palette and yes, go buy it! Hehehe ;)
Here’s some pic of me using shades from this palette :D
Product used on this look:
Heroine Make Loose BB Powder - 02
The Balm Instain - Swiss Dot
Maybelline Long Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Mascara
Maybelline Color Sensational - 615 Summer Sunset

Thats all, i hope this review helps!


Thank you for reading, 
see you on my next post adorable!


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