Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bowbowdorable Celebration Secret Mini Giveaway Makeover Products! (English Version)

Aloha girls!

     Yes! As you can see from the tittle, it's time for a GIVEAWAY! Happy April 27th for my blog and also my relationship^^
(for indonesian language version, click here)

      I was about to post this in the morning, but it wasnt done yet and i woke up late hahhaa.
And im sorry too for the really long postponed, i was quite busy with my miserable life and minimum budget (bf's bday coming soon! I literally waste almost all of my saving for his present, thats why it's quite hard to get the giveaway prize hehehe).
     Well this is actually my blog opening celebration giveaway, i officially opened my blog on Feb 27th,  as you can read my opening little speech in here "IT'S OFFICIAL!" hehhee
so it's two months now :D 
     As the result of what im going to give in this giveaway is already decided by the polling i put several weeks ago, most of people choose brand Makeover for the giveaway prize. Too bad only 28 people who actually choose, but i hope there is more than 28 people whose gonna participate in this giveaway^^
but to set things right before we go on,
i pay the prize with my own money.

     Anyway i wont tell you what i will give as the prize! Frankly i wonder will this surprise giveaway get many attention like the other normal giveaway (?) Hahaha it's a surprise mini giveaway, but dont worry the prize is not as mini as the tittle, i will give Makeover products and few additional stuff for the first winner! And one makeover product plus an additional stuff for the second winner.
YES there'll be TWO WINNERS, and the prizes are quite nice, so make sure you're participating, hehe :D

     For a sneak peek i will give you this picture, hehehe inside the bigger pouch there are products for the first winner and inside the little pouch there are little prize for the second winner. :)

Now the rules are:
Mandatory rules:
1. Follow my GFC or Google Friend Connect (you can see my GFC in the right side of my blog)
2. Like my Facebook Page here
3. Follow my twitter @auzola and my instagram @auzola
4. Share this giveaway on facebook, instagram and twitter (hastag #bowbowdorablegiveaway)

5. Put my giveaway banner on your blog (mandatory rules for blogger)
6. Follow my BlogLovin
7. Follow me on google+
8. Follow me on Vanity Trove
9. Follow my Tumblr
10. Recreate ONE of my makeup look (you can check my makeup on instagram for more complete result)

- Rule 1 - 5 is mandatory for Blogger, if you're not blogger you still gotta have a google account to follow me via GCF. If you ignore the mandatory rules i will NOT include your name in the draw.
- each of the rule done will give you ONE point (i will include your name as many as point you collected, e.x 10 point = 10 of your name when i draw the winner)
- if you do the additional rules, i will give you ONE EXTRA point each rule completed
- everytime you share this giveaway on twitter/instagram/facebook i will also give you ONE EXTRA point, but NO SPAM. Maximum posting in each social media are 5 POSTS  IN A WEEK. (if you spam me more than 5 post a week in each social media i will cut the point) - you can get maximum 15 points each week by sharing this giveaway
- Make sure to tagged me in every post you share, if i dont see it, i will not be able to give you a point.
- for rule number 10, i will give you 5 points if you do it, you can post the recreate makeup on you blog/any social media, but make sure to tagged me so i can see your post^^

After you done with the mandatory rules, please leave comment on my blog (if you already comment here do not comment again on the indonesian version post).
Comment with format:
Your name, GFC, facebook , twitter, instagram and your blog (for bloggers),
and if you do the additional rules;
also mention your bloglovin, google+, vanity trove and also your tumblr on the comment

I will check everyone who participating, so pleaseeee i beg you, no cheating :)
     Well im sorry if that too much, but actually the mandatory rules are only 4 rules (5 for blogger), so its okay not to do the rest of the rules :D
     And i want to inform you that this giveaway is only available for people who reside in Indonesia Only (international might participate if she/he agreed to pay the shipping)
     This giveaway ENDS in one month (May 27th, 2014). The announcement of the winners a week after the giveaway ends.

     I will choose SECOND WINNER by RANDOM (i might use or with paper, depends later).
And i will choose the FIRST WINNER by how hard she/he effort while participating and with the higher poin. 

I guess that's it for now, i will inform you guys if there's any change or additional stuff!

Thanks for reading, goodluck for the participant!



- if you recreate my makeup look, other than 5 points i mention above, i will give you another secret extra poin by judging the makeup (tidy, same color, etc)
- i will give you another secret point too by looking at your creativity while sharing my giveaway
- and i will give you another secret point again, if you share this giveaway in other social media (other than fb, twitter and instagram), but please NO SPAM, and dont forget to tagged me or at least inform me that you share it on other social media so i can give you the extra point.
 P.S Dont forget to comment your data below, because i will record the participant who entered by looking at their data on the comment section below, so make sure you put your data!

No follow for unfollow (because if you unfollow me after this giveaway, i will banned you from the next giveaway)

DONT FORGET TO SHARE THIS GIVEAWAY TO 3 SOCIAL MEDIA THAT I MENTION AT LEAST ONCE, which are: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. PLUS dont forget to hastag #bowbowdorablegiveaway (please put the hashtag in every share post, because it makes me easier to check) i reminded you guys again because i noticed that some of participant havent share to the three social media that i said, because it's mandatory, if you dont share it at least once in each of the social media, im afraid i cant count your entry because it's not fair to other participant, and dont forget the hashtag please, because if you dont put a hashtag i could missed it and you can lose a point, if you already post on FB or IG, please edit or add the hashtag, but if you already post in twitter, it's okay because it i still have it on my notification, but the next post should be with hashtag okay, thank!

Note 2: I added a mini gift for each of the winner and one more Makeover products for each of the winner :)

Im reaaaallyyy sorryy! I have to do my thesis right away (my mom scolded me already), im afraid i cant do my thesis and check the entry at the same time because checking all the entries gonna take quite a time, so i have to extend this giveaway for two more weeks. Sorry >_<
Giveaway extended until June 10, 2014


  1. I saw your facebook page. but since i dont use much social media like some of you do, i think i am just supporting your giveaway! good luck for all participants and hope the best for your blog. ^_^

    1. too bad! It's gonna be nice to have more participant hehee, thanks for stopping by though :)