Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Baviphat Secret Recipe Magic Girls Plus BB Cream #1 Fresh For Oily Skin


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     Im back with a product review! So as you know, i attended Cosmekita Launching Party last sunday (read the event report HERE), other than it was super fun, i also got free stuff! This Baviphat Secret Recipe Magic Girls (plus BB Cream) is one of the free stuff which im going to review (BIG THANKS for Cosmekita!)

     Anyway im actually not really a big fan of BB cream since it leaves my skin a bit greyish sometimes. So i normally prefer a foundation that match my skin tone (which is a bit yellowish) and rarely want to buy a BB cream (im afraid i will not use it). But once again, thanks for Cosmekita, i finally able to try another BB cream (other than Etude and Ponds). Yay! Now lets check what i love and dont from this BB cream from Baviphat!

Brand : Baviphat
Name : Baviphat Secret Recipe Magic Girls Plus BB Cream #1 Fresh For Oily Skin
Content : 45ml
Made In : Korea
Price : +/-$17 (About IDR +/- 180K)
           (Unfortunately Baviphat official store is not in Indonesia yet, but you can always buy it from Ebay,
           Amazon or other Indonesia online shop)

P.s I check the price on ebay since i dont really know where to buy it from Indonesia Online Store, but you can check it on google for more details.

     Anyway this BB Cream has two types, first #1 FRESH , which is for oily-combination skin. Second #2 MOISTURIZING, suitable for dry skin. Luckily i got exactly one i need, yes, the one for oily skin.

Now lets move to the packaging:
     Here's the box! Super cute right! And quite vintage, somehow it reminded me of the Balm packaging. I really like the drawing on the packaging, it looks cute and adorable!

So it contain SPF30/PA++

The box it's quite thick but also light, because it's only 40ml. The box measurement is 14cm x 5cm x 3cm.
As stated before, mine is BB cream type #1 Fresh for Oily Skin

Back view of the box, unfortunately it's full Korean, and i can say im totally blind for this language hahaha. 

     But not to worry, i already do some research about it, so i can tell you guys what this BB cream consist of. So here are the ingredients:
- Squalan :  Nutrition supply, Elasticity Enhancement
- Witch Hazel Extract : Anti-Inflammatory Effect, Moisturizing Effect
- Portulaca Oleracea Extract : Moisturizing Effect, Soothing Effect

     So, it claimed can improve natural skin tone because it contains squalan and can be used for sensitive skin because it contain witch hazel extract and portulaca oleracea extract. It said this BB cream is safe for you guys who has a sensitive skin, so you dont have to worry if you want to try it.
     Plus it contains SPF30/PA++, it's quite high, so it can protect your skin from ultraviolet. Yup, it can be use as sunblock or makeup base before you applying any other makeup, or yes you can just go with only this on your face, it's up to you :)

So here's what inside the box!
     The packaging is tube-like and quite small (14cm x 2cm x 2cm). I love how they mixed the green and brown in here too. The brown color is dove and the green plus picture label is only a full sticker stick on the tube. Thank God the picture is cute, otherwise it's gonna look a bit cheap.

 The back side

  Also Korean, but mostly i guess it's the same with the one in the box; consist of how to use, ingredient, etc.

      Tadaa, it still sealed, so you dont have to worry whether it's new or not, because you can simply check the seal. And it's super hygienists too i supposed, because the BB cream will not exposed to the outer air before you open the seal. 

     So the cap is like this. Well although it gonna be more handy if the cap is a pump-like. I mean it's okay, but i guess it's gonna get messy in a short while after a few use. Here's the cap after i put out the content three times:
 Quite a mess already huh? hahaha.

      You can find the expire date on the upper back of the package (well i guess it's the expire date not the manufacture date because it still months ahead, but if im wrong, please tell me, i dont know what the korean sign mean in there). And yeah, mine expired on 2014-08-30, quite disappointing because i kinda wish it could last like for a 12 months ahead. Well three more months before i dump this on a trash can, what a pity :'(

Okay now move on to the swatch.
How to apply : put a suitable amount on your hand and apply on your face evenly. 
     I put out a pea size of the BB Cream on my hand. Not too much, because BB Cream is normally too light, so it's gonna be like a white mask if i put too much. Even though im quite surprise that this BB Cream looks more brownish that the usual BB Cream i used.

     The texture is quite thick, it's not watery, but it still quite easy to blend in my face. A bit tricky though, if you took to much time before blending the BB Cream, it's not gonna blend well and gonna look a bit cakey in some spot. So instead of putting the BB Cream on few different spots of your face, i said just blend each BB Cream on your face part before putting it on another part. 

This is the texture and color with flash. 

 Without flash
Detail without flash
With flash
     This is when i blended the BB Cream, it turned out that this BB Cream is also light, not as dark as the first time i put on my hand.  

This is after i blended the BB Cream evenly on right part of my hand
 Without flash
With flash
Well, i'd say that i can easily blend it on my hand. It's a bit light, but i guess still blend on my skin quite well.

Now let's see how it works on my face:
      My bareface before applying the BB Cream. As you can see i have some acne scars even though only one or two pimples active right now.

Here's the more closer look for my redness, pimples and acne scars.

     And im applying a really small amount of the Baviphat BB Cream, only about a small pea (like the swatch on my hand). I need to blend it fast because it's quite thick and dry quite fast in the face. And here's the result:

     As you can see, my skin is getting lighter by applying the BB cream and the coverage is quite okay. But not fully covered my acne scars and pimples though even though it can cover my redness.

More closer look of my face after using the BB Cream

     So this is the comparison between my bare face and my face using the BB cream. As you can see, it's actually a bit greyish too because my face is not that pinkish and more to yellowish, but i still think it's more suitable for my skin rather than Etude BB cream. 

     And this is my full face using the BB Cream, quite good i guess. This BB Cream also have quite a mate finish, i like it because my face is oily. Even though it has mate finish, but it does still look glowing.
Im sorry i have to use flash, because my room is a bit dark, when i took picture of my face without flash i cant really pointing the different exactly.

     Well i should say that this BB Cream is quite good for my yellowish skin, it's not too light (if you put the right amount) and blend quite nice on my skin. But like i told you before, the texture is quite creamy, a bit thick and not that watery, so you need to hurry blending it when applying in your face so it will not look cakey and thick on some spot. Even though the texture is quite thick and creamy, it actually feels light on the skin and i guess it's very nice for daily use.
     Other than that the coverage is sheer-medium, i guess it's like other BB Cream, of course if you need a high coverage you better used foundation. And it contains high SPF too, which gonna come in handy when you go out, no need to apply anymore sunblock because it's already protect your face from ultraviolet.
     Plus it contain ingredients that friendly for a sensitive skin! For oil control, i havent try it outside yet, but i have tried it on my room (full AC) for about 2hrs and my face it's not oily yet. But im gonna try it outside to see the longer effect. I'll update this as soon as i get the oil control experience with this.
     So overall, i guess i quite like this product and im gonna use it until it's expire (sobb, because the expired date is 3 months ahead).

+ high SPF
+ blend well
+ not too grayish
+ good medium coverage
+ mate-glowing finish
+ more than 2hr oil control (update later)
+ good for sensitive skin
+ feels light on skin

- still a bit too light if i put the wrong amount
- still hard to find in indonesia
- the cap tend to get messy quite fast
- texture a bit thick

 Overall Rating: 4/5 

I quite recommended this for you guys who wants to buy a BB Cream. It's worth to buy and worth to try. :)

Thats a wrap! Thanks for reading and i hope you guys find this review useful!
And thanks for Cosmekita for giving me a chance to try this BB cream!



  1. Auzolaaa, aku sedih banget nih gak ikutan event-nya. kayaknya seruu banget ya, dan banyak hadiahnya di goodie bag! Next time aku diinfo doong, kadang suka kelewat hectic sendiri di kantor jadi kurang update :D Btw, nice review! Aku tadinya pengen beli ini tapi takut karena selalu pengalaman ghostly effect pake BB cream. Ternyata ini enggak ya, natural hasilnya. Tahan berapa lama di muka?

    1. wah kamu ngga tau ya? sayang bangeeett, Ku kira emang g bisa dateng. Aku juga tau nya gara2 di email hehee, nanti kalo ada lagi aku kabarin deh!
      Iya lumayan bb cream nya g begitu greyish di aku, aku juga sbnrnya males beli bb cream, karena pas pake etude terlalu jreng banget putih dan agak greyish, tapi sukurnya dapet ini dan lumayan cocok. Aku baru nyobain di kamar berAC selama dua jam dan itu masih belum muncul minyaknya, tapi belum kesempetan pakai di luar, nanti aku update blog nya kalo uda coba pakai di luar^^
      makasih ya uda mampir :D :D