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Event Report: Benefit Cosmetic Press Conference and Launching- Plaza Senayan, June 20, 2014

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     Right now im going to share my event report! Yay! This was last week event, so it's still quite fresh, hehhe. I attended press conference and launching from Benefit Cosmetics at Plaza Senayan, June 20, 2014 ago. They have this new awesome eyeliner! Curios enough? Let's check this report first!

     So i got my invitation few days before the event from Tia ( and i was quite excited to go, unfortunately it was on friday and i didnt know friday traffic jam could be so suck in the noon :o
Anyway before i go on with my annoying story, let's check the invitation first :)

     Okay, let me continue, because the event take place 3.30, i went from my home before 2. I never knew that at that time Jakarta could be super duper stuck with cars! It took me about 2hr to get there! I mean seriously, i thought it was gonna take an 1, but because i was stuck the other 1hr really near from the Plaza Senayan then it became 2hrs, it suck, my legs hurt. Really a waste of time.
     So i was running late because of the annoying traffic jam and i miss almost 30 mins of the event! Unbelievable! When i arrived the event is already started and they already move to introducing their newest product. I hurried signing up my name and sat on the middle and in the front, the seat was empty. Wow, at least i got a good place to seat after all. Anyway i sat with 3 others beauty blogger, Tia, Nita and Feegie, plus also one lady from media, i didnt ask her name though.
      And i havent got time even to put my eyeliner or lipstick! (I usually do my makeup on the car or when i arrived at the place i go), so because the annoying traffic jam, i cant think of putting any makeup on my face and hello bare face. I wasnt ready at was my bare tired face:
 Errr...even my hair was a mess =.=
Seriously traffic?

      And also because i was late, i havent got time to take pictures of the setting, but at least i take some pictures of the table where i sat and it was quite crowded in there! And shoot, i forgot to bring my pocket camera as well, so bare with my low quality pictures, i used my Samsung Note.
Board for your mugshot because "if easy was a crime, she was guilty" ;)

They have gold coins chocolate on the table, plus also this awesome handcuff.

 They put Benefit balloons in every table too, cute!

 And these are the people who came to the event.

 And this on my other side.

     Anyway, basically what i missed were the presentation of Benefit and the new product, plus also a very interesting dance performance like the one in Benefit Commercial, i also missed to take pictures with Benefit Cops at the opening. I was upset to miss it all, trust me. But to ease my annoyance, i read the presentation they gave me on a CD by myself, took my own pictures with the cops after event and watch the commercial by myself.  Well, here's the commercial for Benefit They're Real! push-up liner:
Pretty cool right? She's charged with being criminally sexy. Hahaha.

      So here's a bit about this new They're Real! push-up liner from Benefit:
     So Real innovation by Benefit right now consist of three essentials, which are They're Real! mascara, They're Real! push-up liner and They're Real! remover. I heard that the mascara is superb, but i havent get to try it yet, maybe later (it's pretty much expensive for a budget beauty blogger like me hahhaa).

     So, this no ordinary eyeliner, this one is the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! Wow right? Usually you gonna have to use brush for a gel eyeliner, but this one is a pen, it sure a new idea! This aiming for your beauty dilemmas of all time, yes, lining your eyes! Hahaha. Yes, this one is created to make it easy for you to draw a perfect line :)
     As i quote; 3 reasons it's a Real beauty breaktrhough:
1. The waterproof matte black gel formula doesnt smudge, budge or dry out.
2. It's a gel liner in a pen!
3. The innovative AccuFlex tip makes it BEYOND EASY to get close to your lash line!

     Wow right! i mean the closer you can get to the lash line, no more unfilled part in your lash line! And it's waterproof, non smudge, so it's perfect even for swimming, no more panda eyes :D

 Well, the soft, angled tip makes it easy for you to draw the line, it can glides across the curve of the eyelid, and also maximum control from every angle. Then, the flat, wide guard can gently pushes lashes aside so you can get closer to the lash line. Last, the wide base provides a more stable application. 

Then they also have this survey, result observed in a consumer panel survey that:
91% said it was long-wearing
81% said it was waterproof
88% said it hugged the lash line
84% said eyes looked visibly larger
     It sure gonna make your mouth droll of wanting to try this product right! That's a little about They're Real! push-up liner, now we're back to my event report ;)

     Okay, next when i arrived, the MC and Benefit's Brand Manager, Ms. Daisy Utami already showed this ultimate eyeliner. She said that hers was a hand carry from San Fransisco and no more than 100 They're Real! push-up liner sold in Indonesia for a moment, because it was so hard to get this thing available in Indonesia. So on Saturday they were selling this eyeliner on PIM, and POOF! You can see it sold all over the place. Amazing right? Of course, it was a best seller in US!

      Ms. Daisy also had this question-answer session about the liner and also introducing the remover which can be use easily to take off the They're Real! push-up liner! Hahaha, they said that this is so waterprofe that it gonna need to be extra patient to remove it without the right remover. Yes it can be remove with normal remover, but gonna take a longer time. So to easily clean the eyeliner, you should use the They're Real! Remover from Benefit! (or so they said hahaha)

     Then Benefit's senior MUA in Indonesia, Andika do the demonstration. Well, he demonstrate how to use the eyeliner properly. One or two tips that i remember are he said it's preferable not to draw another line right on the line we just draw, so if you want to make it thicker, draw the other line below or above the line you just draw and fill them properly. Override the eyeliner gonna make the result looks bad.

     He also said that if we're going to use the eyeliner for the first time, we should twist the bottom of the eyeliner about 26 times so that the gel will come up. To test whether the gel is ready to use, we can simply draw a line on our hand before applying to the eyes.

She was the model and her left eye already used the push-up liner.

     After the demonstration, they asked for 5 girls to try the eyeliner, it was sort of a contest, but in the end everybody got the prize. Tia participated on that contest. I wanted to, i was just shy hahhaa, and i didnt participate in any contest (of course, i was super messy back then, i have no self-esteem hahaa).

     Then they asked for another 3 girls to participated and they have to do a sexy pose with the cops! Hahaha all the girls freak out. The girls were Putri, Nita and also Lisa. The only one who actually pose sexy was Lisa, sorry to say, but it was fun to look at hahhaa.
This is Putri and her sexy pose, haha :)

This is Lisa, looking ready to flirt with those cops! ;)

And this is Nita, she looked like a gangsta :D

     Like the challenge before, all three of them got the prize and there was the last game, they were asking for 2 more girls. I didnt take a picture, but it was a quiz and they have to answer the question. But in the end both of them got the prize as well. Hahaha it was fun, i was just not in the mood to participate, but oh well, not my luck! Hahhaa
     After that the MC and Ms. Daisy closing the event and all the beauty blogger who participated gather together and took pictures! Hahaha. It was fun and nice to meeting those pretty girls and like i said, i took my own pictures with the cop (and pretty Putri took it for me actually) hahha :)

     Then Benefit also gave us a really great goodie bag! Guess what, they gave us They're real! push-up liner and also the remover! Im so happy to be the very first who can try the eyeliner for free!
The goodie bag!

 This is the amazing They're Real! push-up liner :3

And this is the They're Real! remover :)

Chocolate coins! Hahaha

And last but not least, our picture together :)

Thats all my event report for now, wait for my review for they're real! push-up liner and the remover!


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