Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Hey adorable angels!!

Yay! Finally im going to announce two winners of my Giveaway! Are you excited? Because i am!

      First of all i want to thank all of you guys who participate in my giveaway! This is my first giveaway ever and the prize is not so much, but i think you'll like it. And i love to see all the enthusiasm and supports! Anyway, yesterday i checked all the entries and i choose the second winner randomly after i choose the first one. As i mention before, the first winner is gonna be the one who is very active and gain higher points.
     Actually i have to admit that i quite disappointed as some of the participants doesnt really share this giveaway and one actually doesnt fulfill the mandatory rules. But i included the names anyway, just keep that in mind i am being nice at the moment, but nope, i will not tolerate this on my next giveaway. Lets just say i keep my eyes on you *-*
     And im very thankful for you guys who fulfill all the mandatory rules and keep sharing this giveaway! It means so much! Thank you too for all the pretty ladies who recreate my makeup look! All of them are pretty!
     Anyway, lets first check our second winner~~

      This is my quick video when i choose the winner randomly and manually hahhaha. Okay, if it's too long to load you dont have to play it (the video is quite heavy). The video is just only a prove that i choose it randomly. The chosen number is number 17!! Tadaaa,, wondering who is the number 17??? Here's my list of people that join this giveaway:

     Yay! Congratulations for AMANDA ANANDITA! You won the second prize and you deserve to have two of Makeover Products plus some other things that i added on the goodie bag!! Enjoy!


     And noooww, for the first winneeerrrr *drumroll*

     CONGRATS for THERESIA SYANLI!! You achieve the highest points! Yay~~ You deserve to have 3 of Makeover Products and some other things that i added! Enjoy the prize!


     Anyway THANKS for all the entries and dont be sad that you dont win, there's a chance im gonna have a more simpler giveaway again next time! BTW, i also have a little bit more announcement, since im so happy that some participants actually tried to recreate my makeup look and the results are all pretty, so i decided to also give them a small gift for their effort!

     Although i havent decide what im gonna give since the idea just pop up last night. But here are 3 more lucky entrants who recreate my makeup that will get a small little gift from me:


Congrats guys! I love the makeup looks! :)
I will sent the small gift right away after i decide what to get and buy it hehehe, it may took sometimes for me to think since it's so random, but i will sent it, dont worry ;)

     All the winners please email me at cut_auzola@yahoo.com with format:

 Email Subject: Bowbowdorable Giveaway Winner

     Please make sure that the address you write is right and complete because i will not bother myself with a lost package. NOTE: If i got no response from the 1 and 2 winners in 48hr i will choose other winners and if i got no response from additional winners in 48hr, the gift will be canceled.

Once again thanks for everyone and congrats for the winners. Always stay adorable!



  1. ya ga menang :(
    congrats for winner

    1. too bad, tapi jangan sedih yaa, nanti aku pasti bakalan ada giveaway2 lainnya. Stay tuned, siapa tau menang^^
      Makasih banyak ya uda ikutan giveaway ku yg kali ini :)

  2. aaaaa ola makasih banyaakk...
    ga nyangkaa >,<
    makasih banget yaa olaa..
    kiss :* :* :*

    1. congrats yaaaa! Lucky you! Makasih juga uda ikutan ya manda, ditunggu hadiahnya ya :*