Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: Benefit They're Real! Remover

Hello pretty!

      If few days ago i post about benefit they're real! push-up liner (read the review HERE), now im gonna post the other thing from they're real! collection, yup, it's they're real! remover! If you wondering does this remover does its jobs well or no, you can check out below!

Blog Label: Red
Brand : Benefit
Name : They're Real! Remover
Content: 50ml
Made In : France
Price : IDR 260k (around USD 25, but suggested price in USD 18)

First, let's check the packaging~
So here's the box which dominant in black color with orange font which makes it looks more elegant than the they're real! push-up liner box (according to my taste).

The detail of the front box.

 Here's the back of the box. Contain how to use the remover and brief explanation in english and few other languages.

 Here's the upper detail of the back. 

Here's the below detail of the back.

Under the box you can find the ingredients.

 Inside the box you can find the remover and also the manual.

The manual contains how to use this remover in several different languages.

Here's the english one.

Next we have this thin and tall 50ml remover. I like it that they used silver and white font, make's it look more classy.

The detail of the front.

Now the back side.

The upper details of the back.

And this is the below details.

As you can see in the pic, it's still sealed with this small transparent sticker.

Twist the cap to open. As you can see it has this small hole for the remover to come out. So it's very easy and not messy. You just have to pump the container.

When i pushed the container, the remover came out~

Let's see the swatch shall we~
The remover is a lotion like and it's not feeling oily.

 I put a pea size on my cotton. Im gonna use this amount to clean up the mess below:

So, basically i put everything on my hand hahaha, event lipstick! FYI, this one is an eye remover okay.
For the eyeshadow, the black one is from The Balm nude'tude palette and the green one is from Sleek i-divine palette. Then the liquid eyeliner is from Mizzu pen liner and the gel liner is from MUA fashion secret mogul. Then the lipstick is from Maybelline red revival. And as for the last gel liner, is of course from Benefit, yup they're real! push-up liner, which needs a little more time to clean with other remover.

Okay, this was just 3-4 swipe with that small pea size of remover, and all is gone!
But im not satisfied just to try it on my hand, so i tried it also on my Maleficent makeup look (i made a new one recently)

So this was the massive smokey eye makeup with they're real! push-up liner as well.

I used the same amount, the pea size and clean one side of my eye. I just swipe in a few times and i didnt give any massive pressure while cleaning it also. And it cleaned well, but still leave some excess because the eyebrow is so thick.

 This one was after i used one another pea size of the remover to clean my other eye side. Then i used one more pea size of the remover to clean the excess and tadaaa, it's all cleaned up.

Only three small amounts of remover to clean up the mess!

     Okay, i have to admit that this remover works wonder! It cleans thick waterproof mascara or eyeliner easily. I dont need to put massive pressure while cleaning up my eyes (which gonna make my eyes stay out from early aging hahhaa). I guess i dont have to say much, because you saw it on the swatch that this work our very nice. Only small amount and pooft! waterproof eye makeup gone like the wind hahaha. Loving it!

+ Easy to use
+ Cool packaging
+ Easy to clean waterproof makeup
+ Only need small amount to clean a quite a big mess
+ Not oily
+ Lotion like

- Only 50ml for 260k is something hahhaha

Well, even though it's quite pricey, but it works so well, so it's worth the price so much :)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Thats all! I hope this one helps if you looking for an awesome eye remover!



  1. I've never tried cream makeup remover like this :D thanks for sharing!


    1. yup, usually i use bioderma or the oily one, but this one is quite nice also! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Looks promising! However its so pricey and can only be used for 6months? aww :(
    Nice post ^^


    1. yes it's actually good, but pricey for 50ml and also only last 6months xD
      but still worth a try ;)

  3. Wahhh bagus bangeett ♥.♥tapi mahall
    With pea size bisa ngilangin heavy eyemakeup keren juga sih

    1. iyaaa, performa nya sih cukup oke, tapi harganya wow dan isinya dikiitt hahaha :D