Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Dellilah Giveaway - First Giveaway


     Im sorry i rarely updating my blog this month, idk, im super busy with my thought -.-
     Anyway i wanted to share a giveaway by my fellow beauty blogger friend, the pretty Rifka Giovani! She own , have you visited it yet?? Because if you havent, you must! She has makeup post, review, and else! And now she's having her very first giveaway after 4 years of blogging! Yaaay!
     Sooo, if you a giveaway lover, you should really join this one, because the rule is quite simple and the prize is quite amazing! :)
Let's check the giveaway CLICK HERE
Here are the rules!
  1. Follow Twitter : @rifkagiovani (Point +3)
  2. Follow Instagram @rifkagio (Point +2)
  3. Follow GFC (Point +2)
  4. Follow Bloglovin @rifkagiovani (Point +1)
  5. Share this giveaway on facebook/twitter by mention her account, link to her giveaway account and hashtag #MyDellilahGiveaway (Point +2 | once per day)
  6.  Make one blog post about this giveaway and also a suggestion for her blog (Point up to +6)
  7. Vote for her picture (but the voting has ending on this one, so you can skip number 7)
  8. Put this giveaway banner on your blog (IT'S A MUST) 
  9. After you're done with 8 points above, leave a comment including your: nama, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin and Link Post.

See, easy and simple rules right! Hahaha. And, the prizes are..................

First winner with the highest point will get:
1. BH Cosmetics Palette Limited Edition "Hollywood" or "Malibu"

2. Etude Drawing Eyebrow No.3
3. Bee Balm (Brand new without box )
4 Sleek Eye Dust Scuba #Preloved but in Good Condition, rarely use

Second winner with the best post will get:
Etude Color my Brow no.4


Interesting??? Lets go to her blog right away and join!


Here are some suggestion for My Delillah Blog a.k.a
1. The content is actually nice already, but perhaps write more posts, i surely like to read it! :)
2. Have a makeup tutorial or something, that'll be good because your makeup looks are so nice.
3. More review please :D

I guess thats all, because the way you interact in your blog is already nice and friendly, easy reading and very funny too sometimes hahhaa. 


Thats it, dont forget to join the giveaway, goodluck and wish me luck!


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