Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Event Report: Makeover Makeup Competition - 28 August 2014


      28 August 2014 ago, i participated on a makeup competition held by local brand Makeover at Taman Anggrek Mall. I saw this compatition from facebook page and then signed for this competition right away because idk, i just wanted to get my lazy butt to some contest hahahha. Anyway the competition was about eye makeup statement, so let's focus on making eye makeup! Hehe.

Check the Indonesian Version HERE
      Actually i came right on time, but when i came the event hasn't started yet and the registration wasn't even open yet. So i went to eat with my boyfriend (yep, he came along, he almost always be with me if the event happen on weekend hehehe) and when i was back the registration already opened.
     Because the event wasn't starting yet and i was getting bored as the Makeover staffs tidy up the table and put all the makeup products, so i went to the bathroom. Hahaha unlucky me, while i was in the bathroom the event was starting and when i was from the bathroom all of the contestants already sat nicely on their place. 
     It was awkward you know, walking up to the stage alone hahahha. As soon as i sat, the competition was starting and the time only about 20minutes! I was like "wuuuttt?????" It was too fast and i couldn't really find the color i wanted and well, i made a mess.

I seriously made a mess...

 I put the eyeliner way too much but there was no time to fix it ha ha ha...

Judging time!

So the MC and representatives from Makeover asked each of the participant about their eye makeup theme. Well idk what the hell my eye makeup name, so i made a really weird one "dark roses", wth i was thinking... hahhaa. Basically my eye makeup was pink and black combination. 

Both of Makeover Representatives as the judges, checked each of the eye makeup again before deciding the winner. Btw, there were 3 winners!

 Tattaraaa-taraaaaaaaaa, i won! Third place, but still it's something hahhaha. I seriously made a mess that i didn't think i'd win this, it was seriously the messier eyeliner i ever applied on my eyes. But thank God, the judges still like it! 

Yay! All the participant who didn't win also get a goodie bag! Niceee :)

Me and the first winner, Ikrima.

..., the second winner - Ikrima, the first winner - and Me! the third winner.

 Yaaayyy! Thanks for my annoying boyfriend who already supported me!

and here are my prize! One powder eyeshadow in Bronze Fuzz, two pencil eyeliners in Glam Gold and Navy Blue, and last but not least a voucher IDR 100k to buy makeover products! (Too bad it has a minimum purchase hahaha, but still quite lucky).

That's all! Thanks for Makeover for this competition! It was fun and thanks for the prize!


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