Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Moporie Brush Best Friend Soap


     Im back with a revieeeeeeeewww, syalallaa! At least i can make my blog more useful, because I'm going to share a review, mwahahha! Anyway i got this product at BB Meet Up weeks ago (read it here!) from one of the sponsor, yep, The Soap Corner by Moporie. Now i got the brush soap and come on check it out!

Check the Indonesian Version HERE


Blog Label: Green
Brand : Moporie
Name : Brush Best Friend Soap
Content: 60ml
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 40k (around USD 4)
They also have a bigger size 250ml for IDR 145k (around USD 14)

      So Moporie is actually an online shop, but they have this handmade soap, shampoo, lip scrub etc etc, which basically contain natural ingredients. So don't worry, no chemicals! And I'm so excited when i found out about this brush soap, i really hate washing my brush using water and prefer the non-water-session brush cleaning. BUT, you better check this one out!
     P.s this brush soap is also contain natural ingredients plus essential oil and chemical free, so you don't have to worry that it gonna ruin the brush bristle, because it wont :)

     Before we go anywhere, lets first let's check out the packaging!

So the packaging is quite simple but still cute. On a transparent plastic bottle with a sticker of product's name and stuff. It does look like a baby shampoo from the color, but the texture is different.

I got the fliptop cap, but they also has the pump cap, so it depends on what you choose when buying this. Me myself gonna prefer the pump because fliptop cap can be a bit messy with me, hahhaha, but i got this one, it's okay too!

     Let's move to the trial of me using this brush soap~
 But first let me tell you the texture of this soap. See event though it's yellow looking like baby shampoo, the texture is far from that. This brush soap is very light almost like water and smell nice, also it is yellow. Hahaha.

This was after a few rub, not really have a lot of foam here, but once you do it with brush it does become really foamy.  

     Now let's move it, move it! All you gotta have when trying this brush soap is brush, or lots of brushes and of course you can always add dirty sponge. Because it works for sponge too. So here all some of my dirty brush.

     Ckckckck...all dirty with foundation, powder, blush leftover. The worst one actually the medium concealer above i used the most darker shade of foundation i could find to contour and using that brush to apply the foundation and trust me, it's almost impossible to clean it with normal soap or baby shampoo. Trust me, i tried until i was fully wet with water and i wasn't happy.

Next all you need is water (also running water) and Moporie Brush Best Friend Soap~

Pour few drops, don't have to pour a lot, because it's only to soak the brush before cleaning it one by one on running water. 

Put the brush one by one and stir it into the water and you can see that the stain is coming out from the brush.

See, ew, my brushes are disgusting already.

Whatever, soak them all. After that wash the brush one by one on running water. And to make sure that it's cleaned, rub the brush on uneven place like the palm of your hand or something like sigma gloves for cleaning the brush. This way the leftover will be gone for good, if you only rub them on a slippery place, like this bowl for example, the stain will stay on the bristle. 

Also do the same with the sponge. If you can see this bowl has more uneven place rather than the first bowl, this is better to rub your brush, but palm of your hand will does wonder.


 Tadaaa, clean as new! Even it can get rid of the stubborn stain on my concealer brush!! Yippie!

Just like a new kabuki brush hehehe.

Well, unfortunately it can't really get rid of this stain. Well, it's okay though because that stain was from my waterproof gel eyeliner in black. The other stains from the blush and foundation are perfectly gone though. At least i learned not to use this sponge for a waterproof eyeliner (don't ask why i even put black eyeliner on this sponge, i was have some kind experiment of doing horror makeup hahaha).

"Let them dryyyy, let them dryyyy, don't get wet anymoreeee~"
(sing this using Let it go tone)

Basically here how i do it:
1. Prepare the dirty brushes and sponges.
2. Soak the dirty brush on a bowl half full with water and few drops of soap brush.
3. Clean the brush one by one by rubbing it on your palm (or any uneven place like sigma gloves or brush egg, or something with that kind of texture).
4. For stubborn stain, you can add few more drops right into the bristle.
5. Wash them all in running water until clean.
6. Dry em up!


     Okay no need to tell you more, this is the best brush soap with water session i've ever tried. I seriously hate when it comes to clean my brush with water, normally i choose a brush cleanser without have to go wash them into water. But this one surely so much better than using normal soap or baby shampoo! I know i've tried.
     My brush never this clean when i clean them with water, so this is a must have item if i want my brush to fully clean. It definitely rid all of the foundation stain, blush stain and else. Even can fully get rid of foundation stain off of a sponge. Even unfortunately the waterproof gel eyeliner stain still somehow stick.
     It also smell nice and make brush feel so soft afterwards and no harm done to the bristle, my bristle is completely well, not of them fall of or something, so this product is very friendly to the brush. Pluuusss, it's quite cheap! Hahaha.

+ quite cheap
+ natural ingredients
+ clean the brush like new
+ smell nice
+ quite easy to use (trust me this is the easiest experience i felt for cleaning up my brush using water, might took sometimes, but quite fast enough not to make me wet all over)
+ can be use for both sponge or brush
+ bristle friendly

- i have to wait it to dry (1st problem cleaning brush using water and brush shampoo)
- not very effective somehow to gel eyeliner stain of my sponge, but maybe it's my fault, because it perfectly removes foundation stain hahhaa

In conclusion i love this brush soap!! I rarely like to clean my brush using water and soap method but this one come in quite handy!
Overall Rating: 4/5

     Thanks for reading and is you want to know more about this brush soap or you want to buy it, simply check it out on:  |

Go grab one or two or three! Love your brush now! Hehehe.



  1. A lot of pros on this ^___^

    Thanks for reviewing!

    恵美より ♥

    1. hahhaa yes,because this brush soap actually doing a great job and it's affordable ;)