Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Event Report: Bourjois Blogger Gathering - November 6th, 2014


     Well, it's been a quite sometimes i didnt write anything! I was so busy preparing for my costume and my boyfriend costume for an event this sunday. It's done thank goodness and i finally have time to update the blog again! Gosh really sorry that i forgot to make an event report of this event, but now here goes!

Check the Indonesian version HERE

       It was held at Four Season Hotel, November 6th, 2014 ago. I was with Alfia and Yuka and we were late. When we arrived the event already opened and almost move to the next session which was explain more about Bourjois and their new products.

These are three of their new products!

     So, a little about Bourjois, it was found by Joseph R Posin in the 1860 and Bourjois makeup and perfumes were only available for actor and actress, until Posin finally met Alexandre- Napoleon Bourjois in 1863. He made the company even greater and made it "the official supplier for theater" and after that became available for any women to buy.
     Anyway Bourjois has this first and famous products which are still available til now, which are Little Round Pot Blush and Java Rice Powder. And Bourjois is also has this special perfume, "Soir De Paris" which means "Evening in Paris", which was the most famous perfume in the world. So other than a makeup specialist, Bourjois is also establish its name as a perfumer.
      At 1936 Bourjois provided women with strong support by giving them a new way to apply makeup; not only for a personal pleasure but also to affirm their personality. This happened when woman demanded indepent and new identity with "tomboy" look. So Bourjois expanded their makeup range and tried to gave women that. And til now Bourjois has so many range of makeup products from face, eyes and lips, with so many products variations. 
      They also has this new products, which are CC cream, mascara and rouge edition velvet lip colors. I tried the lip color and it was amazing! Good color payoff and of course very matte! Also it doesnt stain and stay all the way even when i drink and eat!

     After that the presentation was over and we were allowed to try the products, get a makeover from Bourjois MUA or from beauty advisers, and the best thing, coffee break! Ooooh, food! Love it hahhaa. They have this mini burgers, sandwiches, cupcakes and else. Quite good for an empty stomach, hehe. 

     Theeenn, it's done! Time for some pictures! 

  Both photos are by Kania.

      Anyway here goes my goodie bag! Wohoo, i got the new CC Cream, mascara and also the velvet rouge edition lip color!! So happy! Well i said go grab those lip color while you can, some people say it's Lime Crime dupe, so you might want to give it a try. Oh you need to be fast because it's always out of stock in here! Now i got 4 colors already. Gaahh i really want number 6-7-8!! Please, pretty please??

Thats a wrap, thanks for reading this and dont hesitate to give me the Bourjois rouge edition velvet no. 6-7-8, hahhaha i'll gladly receive it, LOL.



  1. Sepertinya produknya bagus, di tunggu review CC creamnya hehe.

    1. kalo yg lippie nya sih emang bagus dear, hahhaa harus nyobain deh.. kalo cc cream nya belum ku coba, tar ku review kalau ada waktu yaa :D

  2. benar2 penasaran sm lip productnya dan akirnya td aku beli satu >.<

    1. bagus ci kalau emang suka matte lippy, hehehe.. teksturnya ringan dan gampang di pakai, cuma ya itu kaya matte yg lainnya agak bikin bibir kering xD

  3. I hosted an event here and it is a fantastic NY events venue. The food, service and mostly the staff were truly amazing. Though we had to sort some bill issues which were about to put a damper on my magical day!