Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review: Sally Hansen i Heart Nail Art Striper - 220 Red Rouge

Hey all~

     This is the first time im going to review a nail polish. It's a nail polish from Sally Hansen range that happen to be brand new in Indonesia. I got it from Beauty Blogger Meet Up months ago, because Sally Hansen was one of the sponsor. I got it because i won the best pre-event writing competition! Actually i got one package of them contains two nail polish, one nail art stylo and one stud kit, but im going to review it one by one starting with this one!

Check the Indonesian version HERE

     Anyway, not that i dont like using nail polish or whatever, i just feel a bit (okay, a LOT) insecure about my nails. Means i dont have that perfect nail to show like the most people have. Seriously my nails are small and weird, not that kind of nails that can be put on those super cool nail art.  Well, i tried to be brave and went out from my little comfort zone by making this review. So whatever, i have to embrace my self and well, enjoy the review.


Blog Label: Green
Brand : Sally Hansen
Name : i Heart Nail Art Striper - 220 Red Rouge
Content: 5ml
Made In : US
Price : IDR 55k (arround USD 5.5)

     As usual, let's see the packaging first!
 This nail polish has this simple slim rectangle transparent bottle with black cap. I guess this type of bottle like making it's easier to restore as it wouldn't take so much space.

The back side, contain type of the i heart nail art striper code, mine is 220 Red Rouge and also manual how to use this polish.

The brush is so thin unlike the other nail polish brush. I like it actually since my nails are so tiny, it making me easier to reach side part of my nail. But it's kinda fluffy you know which makes it kinda hard to make a smooth thin line.

     Now let's see how it turns out on my tiny bity little nails (sorry about the nails, thats all i had haha).
      Anyway the color pay off is amazing and super pigmented, one coat and you already got a full pop of color! The color is also amazing with fresh bloody red color.


     I should say that this nail polish is good. At least for my small nails i feel that the thin brush is so helping me to get all the part done well, because big brushes make me hard to color those part. Also the color is lovely! I like fresh bloody red color like this and with only with one coat, you can see the color perfectly well.

+ great color payoff
+ quite easy to use
+ i like the thin brush
- i was hoping the brush could be more sturdy and not too fluffy
     In conclusion i quite love this i Heart Nail Art Striper in Red Rouge. But if you don't like the thin fluffy brush maybe you this one is not for you. But the color pay off is amazing though! So maybe you'd still like to try it!
Overall Rating: 4/5

     So guys, what do you think? If you want to try this i Heart Nail Art collection from Sally Hansen you can get it on major department store like Sogo and else. Plus also at selected drugstore like Guardian and Watsons counters!

Hope you enjoy and once again pardon my small little nails! Hehe


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