Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: Kracie - Naive Cleansing Oil

Hey ho, hey ho~

      Im going to share a review about one of my favorite cleansing oil recently! Hahaha, i guess from my opening sentence you already guess that i love this product! Anyway, thanks to Kawaii Beauty Japan for giving me this babyyy!

Check the Indonesian version HERE

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Brand : Kracie
Name : Naive Cleansing Oil
Content: 250ml
Made In : Japan
Price : IDR 120k (around USD12)

     Here comes the packaging~
So the packaging is a sturdy plastic bottle with pump. 

Back side, contain how to use, caution and ingredients.

Closer look. 

How to use: place 4 pumps on your palm and massage it on your face, then wash it with water. It also can be use for mascara or any other eye makeup. 

Caution: stop the usage if irritation occurs. If it entered your eyes, directly wash with water. Store it in save place away from fire.

This is the pump.

It also has this pump stopper, so you don't have to worry if you want to bring it some place else, because the contain is save as long as you put back the pump stopper, no mess!

What inside, oil but doesn't feel sticky. Also it doesn't really have a scent, so light.

When washed with water. Like a face wash but without the bubbles. 

And it can wipe away your makeup! So no need to use makeup remover or stuff, this will do as well!

     Look how the makeup gone?? Even my waterproof mascara got wiped away! Anyway it may suggest to take up to 4 pumps, but i prefer one pump, it's enough for my face, but you know what amount best for you.


     I love it! Hahaha, you see the result of wipe away the makeup right? I totally like it, it's even easier to use than a makeup remover that i used to use. All you should do is pump the oil in your hand and massage your face and eyes, then all you need is to wash it with water and POOF! It's all gone away!
     It's really easy to wipe out those waterproof mascara without hurting my eyes, because it's soft and i don't have to use any cotton (which sometimes not as soft as my own finger). Also it doesn't hurt the eyes when i wipe my eye makeup. All powder, foundation, blush, even lipstick could wipe ASAP from my face, so this just become my favorite cleansing oil!

+ doesn't dry the skin
+ easy to use
+ clean the face perfectly
+ can clean waterproof makeup
+ no strong smell
+ doesn't harm the eyes
+ has a pump stopper, so easy to bring

- nothing yet
     In conclusion i loveee this! Seriously!
Overall Rating: 5/5
That's all my review for now, i hope you find this useful! :)



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    1. you have to, hehehe, this one works amazing for me, surely save some money for cotton packs! :)