Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: Sally Hansen i Heart Nail Art Pen - 350 Fine Chartreuse

Hello guys!

     Today I'm going to share a quick review about Sally Hansen i Heart Nail Art Pen in Fine Chartreuse, no.350, that i got when i attended Beauty Blogger Meet Up months ago. It's just gonna be a real quick review and hope you enjoy it!

Check for Indonesian version HERE


Blog Label: Green
Brand : Sally Hansen
Name : i Heart Nail Art Stylo - 350 Fine Chartreuse
Made In : US
Price : IDR 90k(around USD 9)

     First thing first let's see the packaging~
 This stylo look like any normal stylo/pen with yellow-green chartreuse color. They also have so many other colors, but what i got is only this chartreuse color, so you can choose which color you like.

 Simply pull the cap to open it. 

The tip of the stylo look like normal stylo as well and it's sturdy, so it's easy to draw something on your nails. 

     Lets see how it turns out!
Well since my nails are so small, i dont know anything else to draw, so i just putting up some polkadots which is really easy to do with this pen. Any other lines is also easy, i just prefer this easy dots haha.
     Anyway do not apply this pen on bare nails, you at least need to apply base coat before using this on your nails. And before using it make sure you shake the pen with cap on, then push the tip first on hard surface to dispense color and after that you can draw your nail with it to your heart content. Don't forget to seal it with top coat because it will be gone if you're not sealing it.


     I quite like the stylo because it's easier to use when making nail art kinda like, especially in my little nails, really helpful. It's easy to use just like using sharpie on nails. The tip of the stylo is not that big nor small, perfect for drawing anything you like, plus the tip is also sturdy, making it even more easier.

+ good sturdy tip
+ easy to use
+ perfect for nail art
+ has many other colors (non only this Fine Chartreuse)

- none at the time
     So far this nail art pen is so nice! Give it a try if you want your nail art to become a lot easier to finish with details hehehe. Just dont forget to seal them of with top coat!
Overall Rating: 5/5

    If you want to try this i Heart Nail Art collection from Sally Hansen you can get it on major department store like Sogo and else. Plus also at selected drugstore like Guardian and Watsons counters!

Hope you find this review useful and dont mind the small nails! Hahaha.



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