Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter x Spring Makeup Collaboration

Hey adorable~

     I'm back with a makeup collaboration with my fellow beauty bloggers friend! Wohoooo! 13 other bloggers to be exact and we have two theme of makeup in this collaboration! So fun, wondering much? Let's check it out!

Check the Indonesian version HERE

     So this collaboration is our way of saying goodbye to the freezing year end and welcoming the great new year of 2015! You must know that after the cold winter, comes spring that bringing back the sunshine and warmth to our life. That's why this one is Winter and Spring makeup collaboration!
    Anyway i choose winter because maybe I'm bored with sunshine as in Indonesia there are only Sunshine and Rain, so snow always has it charms on me, i always wondering what it would feel to walk in winter season with full coverage all over your body, i just want to taste it though, not planning to life it everyday hehe. So now i became a ice princess or ice queen, whatever. Hehehe, let's just see my makeup look!

     Tadaaaa, this one has the background edited by Martalina, she's so sweet and good at editing that she also made the banner! Yuhuuu, i couldn't have done that for sure hehe. As i mention before, there are also another 13 bloggers that participated in this collaboration! Check each of the picture and go to their blog to see more detail!

Start with winter ladies shall we:
 Left: Irene -
Right: Meilinda -

 Left: Alfia -
Right: Martalina -

 Left: Putri -
Right: Yuka -

And now for the spring ladies~
Left: Esy -
 Right: Edelyne -

 Left: Hani -
Right: Imelda -

 Left: Rere -
Right: Wulan -

Anggie -

     See, all pretty and amazing right? Don't forget to pay them a visit as well! Anyway i also have a tutorial for this makeup look. No video though, sorry, i still have it hard to make a video, so just pictorial okay, but i hope it helps if you want to do a makeup like this one! :)

Hehe, i hope you understand my tutorial, it's not much because mostly i used unprepared imagination. OOhh, i forgot to mention that i add some pink blush to make my face look alive. Hehe this one of course depends on your preference! Anyway here are some other pictures! The first three are before I'm putting on my white wig, but i guess white wig are better for this look ;)

That's it!

Product Used:  
- The Balm Time Balm Face Primer
- Revlon New Complexion Foundation - 06 Medium Beige
- Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer - Medium Sand
- Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
-NYX Liquid Crystal Liner - Crystal Aqua
- Makeup Store Blush - Frozen Daiquiri

-Viva Eye Base Gel
-Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
-BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
-Makeover Eyeliner Pencil - Navy Blue
-Revlon Photo Ready Kajal - 002 Blue Nile
-NYX Liquid Crystal Liner - Crystal Aqua
-Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara
-Elise Eyelashes - 4020
-FreshKon Designer - Aqua

-BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette
-Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
-Revlon Photo Ready Kajal - 002 Blue Nile

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
-Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
-RED A Lipstick - 637


I hope you enjoy our makeup collaboration this time, see you on next post!



  1. Kereeennn abis >_<
    makeupnya sll penuh fantasi xD