Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Blink Charm Eyelashes - Sexy Volume #1


     I want to share a quick review of my newest eyelashes from Blink Charm that i got from BB Meet Up last thursday! Say nothing more, here goes the review!

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Brand : Blink Charm
Name : Sexy Volume #1
Content: 1 pair of lashes and glue.
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 25k (around USD2.5)
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Let's see the packing.

 The packaging is simple but cute, with domination of pink and blue. In the back side you can see the steps on how to use, to remove and to care the lashes.

Here's what inside, one pair of eyelash and glue! 

The glue is small, but it can be used for quite some times, because you don't need too much glue to apply the eyelash. Just make sure you put the cap right on so it won't dry. 

This is the detail of the lashes, pretty cool huh? I guess it's perfect for night makeup, not daily though.

And here's how it looks like when i use it on my eyes. Pretty much thick and long, but looks so pretty with dark eye makeup (in my opinion).


      I should say this eyelashes is not bad. I love how it looks like on my eyes, very thick and quite long, perfect for night makeup. But the things that bug me is the eyelash bone is a bit thick and makes it hard for me to apply it properly, i prefer the lighter bone actually. But overall it was good. Lightweight and of course, reusable! Plus the glue is nice!
+quite lightweight
+thick and long
+sexy look
+nice glue

-the bone is a bit thick for me
     In the end i quite like it and probably gonna want to try another type of the lashes, maybe the bone isn't as thick as this one.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
That's my review and i hope it helps! If you want to get this lashes, you can get it from Luxola, Lazada, their website or go visit their facebook or another social media!

Or visit their booth at BB MEET UP bazaar in Senayan City 6th floor, until today, 15 Feb 15!


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