Friday, June 5, 2015

Review: TT Mask - Luxurious Rose with Black Pearl Moisturizing Mask

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    I'm back with another review! Today i'm going to review a face mask! Well, today's mask is from TT Mask (TT a.k.a Timeless Truth). This is also quite a new brand for me, i never really heard about it before but i read it's quite good, so let's see my opinion about this shall we!

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Brand : Timeless Truth (TT Mask)
Name : Luxurious Rose with Black Pearl Moisturizing Mask
Content: 25ml
Made In : Japan
Price : IDR 170k/10pcs (around USD17/10pcs)
Prince based on store in Indonesia.

        A little introduction before we start, since maybe some of you not really familiar with this brand (well, i wasn't too). Well it's like a cosmetic company that has many products range. As i quote:
     "Timeless Truth (Kotemein International Biotechnology Co., Ltd) offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturing beauty products. We have recruited beauty industry professionals both locally and internationally, as well as gathered marketing experts to assist our clients launching their products.
     By utilising the cutting edge bio-technology, we have created various skin care products including facial, eye, neck, hand, foot and breast masks, serums and capsules, especially the invention of the very first functionality facial sheet masks in the world. We are committed to pursue quality improvements and new product development.
     The humble beginning of the “Timeless Truth” brand started back in 1988, France. Ever since then, TT has been playing an active role in the international trade of skin care products arena. Timeless Truth has taken the market paradigm shift from France to Taiwan in 2007."
     Lets see the packaging first like usual!
 The packaging is similar to another mask packaging and also quite cute. You can see the ingredients, cautions and how to use the mask in the back of the packaging.

Here's what inside. One mask! 

The essence texture is quite light and refreshing. I like how it feels on my skin. Plus it's not sticky.

 Pardon my face. But as you can see the mask tissue is actually very nice and sturdy. You can't tear it easily, so it's going to be a piece of cake to put on the face. Oh it has like two tissue, one that we need to apply to our skin and the other is just the guarding tissue that need to get peeled after you put the mask on your face.


     Well, to be truth, i like this mask! The texture is light and easy to absorb in the skin. It doesn't leave any sticky feeling as well. My skin feels so much softer and bright after using this. Plus i love how it's also moisturize my skin.

+ moisturizing
+ leave the skin moist and fresh
+ smell nice
+ mask stays on even when we're doing some activity
+ brighter my skin a bit

- none yet

     In conclusion i quite like this mask and perhaps im going to use it again!

Overall Rating: 4/5

     You can just go to TT website to buy the mask!

That's all for now, see you on my next post!


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