Saturday, August 29, 2015

EOTD: Mesmerizing Blue (With Tutorial)


     Been a long time I didn't post a EOTD, especially the tutorial. But now I'm back and I finally made a new EOTD few days ago hehhee. So say no more, here goes the EOTD! Enjoy!

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     I actually just put on some random color because I actually didn't really have an idea what kind of EOTD I want to make at first. Finally I choose blue and purple, plus some cat eyeliner and pretty false eyelashes to complete the eye makeup. Oh, and a cool softlens of course hehehe.

     Actually i kinda fail on this eye makeup though, idk, i feel like my fingers are stiff! Maybe it's because i haven't done it for a quite sometimes. So my hand kinda not used to create this kinda eye makeup anymore. All i know is i have to practice more and more. I hope i'm not lazy hahaha. Anyway here goes the tutorial!

1. Prime your eyelid
2. Apply blue eyeshadow all over your eyelid.
3. Add black eyeshadow on your outter v and blend it toward the crease.
4. Apply purple eyeshadow on your crease and blend a little.
5. Add a little white eyeshadow on your brow bone.
6. Apply the cat liner and also use eyeliner on your waterline.
7. Add purple and blue under your waterline as well and bold the black eyeliner if wanted.
8. Apply the mascara.
9. Put on some falsies.

p.s picture in no.4 is actually for no.5 and vice versa. I placed them wrong hehe.
Product Used:
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold and Beautiful Kit - Dipbrow Dark Brown
- Maybelline Fashion Brow - Rusty Brown

-Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
-Makeover Eyeliner Pencil - Black Jack
-Mizzu Pen Eyeliner - Black
-Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push up Liner - Black
-Makeover Mascara
-D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini Collection - Singgasana
-Softlens Fale Latin - Tosca
Thats all! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! See you on my next tutorial :)