Sunday, January 24, 2016

Experience: Shopping at iBeau (Free International Shipping and Duty-Free!)

Aloha everybodaaayy!

     Well, who doesn't love to shop? Hahaha, well, today i'm going to share my experience online shopping at iBeau! Haven't heard about it yet? Well, you're so missing out! Because they offer free shipping and also duty free! Curious? Check it out here :)

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      So last month i got a email from iBeau giving me a voucher to try shopping at iBeau. To tell you the truth, at first i thought it was a scam hahaha. But then i check the website my self and make sure that it's a real website or no. Luckily, it does! iBeau is a real retail website from HongKong that sells real genuine products.
     iBeau sells so many products from so many brands, and the price quite interesting as well. Not all of them are cheaper, but some does cheaper! I actually spended hours to decide what i wanted to buy hahahhaa. At the end i choose some Innisfree Masks to buy. Oh i also tried to buy Sulwhasoo product, i didn't post the picture because the voucher only applied for some mini products and some mask, so i bought the Sulwhasoo one with my own money. I still got some discount because of the voucher, but the rest i pay by my self. So im just gonna post the ones that paid fully by the voucher hahaha.
     The website itself also pretty much user friendly and easy to shop there (pc or the mobile, both are working good). I said it's already quite good. Plus if you're afraid about the credit card payment, you can always use paypal as mediator (even without have to register to paypal). So basically here's how you shop at iBeau:
First go to
     Then you can find what you want to buy by clicking "shop by brands", "sales", "skincare", "makeup" etc, or just search your specific product. As you can see, the brands are quite a lot, even thought the products not all available. But lot of choices indeed sir!
     So i choose "shop by brand" and click Innisfree. You can click the picture of each product to see the details and to buy it.
     So i clicked the Pomegranate mask one and you can see the products details here. If you want to buy it, simple choose how many quantity do you want and then click "add to cart".
      Then this small window gonna appear, you can view cart, checkout, or just click anywhere (or the "x") to exit this small window and continue to shop.
      If you're ready to checkout, you're gonna lead to this page. You can sign up for easier transaction in the future. Fill in your billing and shipping address. As you can see, the shipping is FREE!! Don't you just love free shipping? Especially when it's duty-free! You can also fill the voucher code in the right area or use your points if you have enough.
     Tadaaa, the payment! I have a surprise for you Indonesian people! Hahaha, you can pay via BCA or other ATM transfer! Is it great or what?? So if you don't own credit card or paypal, you can simply pay via ATM! So easy and makes us happy for sure hahaha. I know some people sometimes can't order internationally because of this credit card thingy, so be thankful that iBeau gives us a simple billing option :)
     Me myself, i paid my Sulwhasoo using paypal. It's simple like normal paypal, but iBeau kinda slow processing my payment that it needed 1 day. I mean, usually creditcard payment, especially paypal, is the fastest, but not at iBeau, maybe because it's a new website or maybe i was just in bad luck that day. But don't worry, then the payment verified and after a day or so they send my package.
     It arrived like 2 weeks after and actually i kinda amazed. Usually when i order via ebay, my package will arrived for like 3-4 weeks, or even longer. But when i ordered from iBeau it arrived in 2 weeks, even when it was high season, a.k.a post office always pretty hectic near xmast. And i guess if it's not near high season like that i guess the package could arrive in a week. So it's pretty much cool.
     Oh, my kinda not good experience was with the CS. So basically i emailed the CS when my payment not verified right away when i used cc. I was afraid that the payment was down or something, so i asked the CS. Unfortunately not only they did not reply my email, they also close the case in the next day. I know i know that the payment verified already, but it doesn't kill them to reply and said something like "hi, we already verified your payment blablabla", rather than close it without replying anything, that's kinda meh :|
     Anyway at least my package arrived safe and sound!
     The packaging was secured and safe with bubble wrap plus box! The box is quite sturdy too that it doesn't bent badly or something. Conclusion? I will buy more products if iBeau have a great deal or cheaper price of course! Even they kinda need to educate the CS a little bit. But maybe it was just misunderstanding. Oh well, im quite happy with my shopping experience anyway :)

     From my experience i should say that i recommend buying things at iBeau. Other than it's free international shipping and duty-free, iBeau also has a quite cheaper price for some of the products, they ship quite fast and you can pay via ATM! So if you want to try to shopping at iBeau, go to their website right away, subscribe and sign up to get 20% off!

That's all my experience for now, i hope you find this useful and happy shopping!


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


  1. I love Innisfree sheet mask! Too bad it's kind of difficult to buy it in Indonesia. Thankfully there are so many online stores that have this :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. hehehe you should try to buy it at ibeau, the innisfree mask are quite cheap there! :D