Friday, February 12, 2016

Collaboration: No Pink For Dating Makeup Look (With Tutorial)

Haiiii guys!!

     Well, every month is a lovely months, but today i want to share a makeup look that's soooo good for Valentine or any date night in your entire year, and it's a NO PINK theme! Plus this is a collaboration makeup with 6 other beauty bloggers! Check it out! I also got tutorial for the eye makeup :)

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valentines makeup look

Check out the other beauty blogger's makeup look as well!


     So, today's theme is 'no pink' makeup look, so no pink eye makeup or pink lipstick. But, pink blush on still okay though, hehehe, just to make your makeup doesn't look too much, pink blush on sometimes is the perfect choice.
     I actually still use the pink blush on here, so my face would look balance and not too much. But i want to emphasize on the sexy and bold eye makeup, so i choose smoky purple! Well, pink eye makeup for valentine or any date night is just way too boring and too cute. So it's okay to be sexy once in a while, i bet your partner will just love it! So here goes my makeup look:

valentines makeup look

     Quite sexy don't you think? Hahaha at least i think so, LOL. I totally just focused on my eyes on this makeup look, because if you see my blush on is really sheer and my lipstick is just a nude one. Here's the detail of my eye makeup:

smoky eyes

    Well, it's actually quite easy and doesn't need a lot of color! I prefer matte for this eye makeup because i don't want look too much, but i still add a bit of shimmer to complete the look. Anyway if you want to be more blink, you can always add glitter! Here's the tutorial:

tutorial makeup Steps:
1. Prime your eyelid.
2. Apply purple eye shadow all over your eyelid.
3. Add black eye shadow on your outer v and blend toward the crease. Also blend your purple lid with a little shimmer purple eye shadow.
4. Put on your winged eyeliner.
5. Apply black eyeliner on your waterliner and add purple below it.
6. Add a bit shimmer purple eye shadow on your inner corner.
7. Apply mascara and add falsies!

     Easy right? Hehehe. Well, to make sure the attention will go to your eyes, make sure you only use nude lipstick and sheer blush on. This will draw people to your mesmerizing eyes~
Product Used:  
- The Balm Time Balm Face Primer
- Coverderm Classic Concealing Foundation - 3A
- Anna Sui Liquid Foundation - 101
- Makeover Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation - 01 Ochre
- L.A Girl Velvet Contour Stick - Cashmere
- Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring & Highlighting Palette
- Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake - 14 Natural
- MUA Whipped Velvet Blush - Ritzy

- Viva Eye Base Gel
- BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette
- Mizzu Chrome Eyeliner Gel - Carbon Black
- MUA Fashionista Gel Eyeliner - Black
- Maybelline Rocket Mascara
- D'eyeko Siti Liza Collection - Juwita
- Eyecandy Bulle - Blue Grey (i get it at Softlens Asia IG)

- Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit
- Maybelline Fashion Brow - Rusty Brown

- MUA Lip Switch Matte Shine Duo - Brown Bay
Well, here are some more pics!

smoky eyes

smoky eyes

valentines makeup look

     That's all my makeup look and tutorial for now, i hope you like it! Don't forget to visit 6 other blogger from this collaboration makeup as well! :)

See you guys later!



  1. akhhhh, gw suka laaa itu latar lo yang baru!!!
    Makeup keliatan lebih nampol :))

    1. hahhahaa cuma belom di setrika aja rif, makanya kusut wkwkwkw xD

  2. CAKEPPPPPPPPP. Keterlaluan cakepnya, pantes Ichisan naksir *loh hahhahahhaa. Btw La, ini lens bgs bgt di lo. Bisa langsung kelihatan fierce gitu. Good job.