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Review: Sulamit Eyeliner Liquid Pen

Hi all!

     Welcome back to my blog! Today i'm going to review an affordable liquid pen eyeliner from Sulamit! So as you might have notice, i already review Sulamit's lipstick as well few days ago (check it HERE) and right now i want to share about the eyeliner. Find out what i think about this eyeliner below!

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sulamit eyeliner liquid pen
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Brand : Sulamit
Name : Sulamit Eyeliner Liquid Pen - Black
Content: 1.5ml
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 45k (or about USD 4)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     As i quote from my last blogpost about Sulamit:
     So before i started, since this brand is also kinda new to me, i will tell you a little about it! So Sulamit itself got the name from a girl named Sulam/Sulamit that lived on King Solomon era. It was told that King Solomon fell in love with this girl, not only because she was pretty as hell, but also because her inner beauty. So Sulamit got their vision to help Indonesian women to be pretty from the outside and also from the inside. Plus, being pretty doesn't always mean having a light and white skin, but all of the girl can be pretty with whoever she is, and Sulamit tries to give Indonesian women that.
     Sulamit cosmetic has a lot of products, from Loose Powder, Lipstick, Two Way Cake, BB Cream, Blush On, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, and also skin care products, plus eyelashes! So it's quite complete. Me, i have tried the eyeliner, lipstick, loose powder and bb cream!
     Oh oh! One more thing, there might be some news about Sulamit product being dangerous, but i have asked Sulamit and they confirmed that it was a mistake and they actually already have all of their product registered at BPOM Indonesia. So it's safe for sure to use!

     The packaging:
sulamit eyeliner liquid pen

sulamit eyeliner liquid pen

sulamit eyeliner liquid pen
     The packaging is really simple with black color and pink shinny font. But because the electric pink, it looks really nice on my eyes hehe.

sulamit eyeliner liquid pen

sulamit eyeliner liquid pen
The eyeliner got a really nice tip! Just the one i love!

     Here's the swatch on my hand:
sulamit eyeliner liquid pen
     As you can see, the sharp marker tip makes it easy to draw a thin line or thicker line and even makes it easy to draw any line. How well it stays? Well, you see on the second pic i already rubbed it quite hard, but it doesn't move at all, only became a little bit less darker. And it still stays even when wet. But, it'll disappear if you rub it while it wets.
     Here's how it looks on my eyes:
sulamit eyeliner liquid pen


      You see, even though it's super duper easy to use and the size of the tips is just perfect, i still found that this eyeliner still not black enough for me. You know, it's not really super duper black like i hope it would, otherwise it'll be great. It's still nice and quite black enough for daily use. It stays all day and doesn't run, it stays put the whole day on my eyes. Even though it's not really oil proof, so make sure you use some eye primer to prevent oil, especially if you have eyes hooded like mine, it will stain the crease if the lid got too oily.

+ i love the tip
+ super easy to use
+ recommended for beginner
+ can stay quite long
+ quite waterproof
+ quite rub-proof (as long your eyelid not oily)
+ quite affordable
+ perfect for daily

- still not black enough for me

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

      Because the it's super easy to use, plus the tip is perfect and quite balance, i totally recommend it for you guys who are new with eyeliner thingy. You can easily learn on how to apply eyeliner quite well with this Sulamit Eyeliner Liquid Pen. But if you want a blackest black, it's not for you darling.  But me my self, i quite enjoy using this eyeliner for daily, to tell you the truth now it's already on my daily makeup pouch hehehe. It's dark enough for daily hehe.

Here's my picture using Sulamit Eyeliner, plus Sulamit Loose Powder, BB Cream and Lipstick:

     If you want to try it, you can find Sulamit cosmetics at:
sulamit eyeliner liquid pen
     Plus, i also heard some store at Ambasador Mall also sell Sulamit Cosmetics.

     If you're outside Jabodetabek area, you can try to contact Sulamit Cosmetic if you want to buy their product:

     That's it for now. I hope you like this review, i'll see you guys on my next post!


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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