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Review: Shinzu'i Ume Body Cleanser - Iseiya

Hi adorable! Konnichiwaaa~

     Today i want to share a review about my recent body wash/cleanser. It's a quite famous product from Shinzu'i Ume and i guess you'll like it! Hehehe, just check below shall we!

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Blog Label: green
Brand : Shinzu'iUme
Name : Shinzu'i Ume Body Cleanser - Iseya
Content: 500ml
Price : around IDR 45k (or about USD 4)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     I guess you already know what Shinzu'i is, don't you? Well Shinzu'i launched in 2002 as a whitening soap that can make your skin even brighter and naturally whiter. Right now, Shinzu'i already has so many product range other than soap, like face wash, body lotion, and also body scrub. Shinzu'i targeted adult woman buyer (24-35), but finally Shinzu'i has their own product range for teenage girls, Shinzu'i UME!
     Shinzu'i Ume has the same formulas that's good for you skin, like Herba Matsu Oil Japan and also Sakura Flower Extract for lightening healthy skin and keeping your skin's natural moist. Herba Matsu Oil transform the melanin pigmentatiom into leuko-melanin to lighter your skin tone, skin becomes fair and moist. Sakura Flower Extract regenerates epidermal cells to prevent dull skin, skin becomes brighter and supple. Shinzu'i Ume has this 5 variant: Iseiya (red), Keiko (purple), Hatsune (green), Ayumi (pink), and Yozora (orange). Each has different fragrance that's given a young and fresh feeling, so you can choose which suit you the best!
     Anyway today i'm going to review Shinzu'i Ume Body Cleanser in Iseiya variant, the red one to be exact. After this i'm going to review the body scrubs and lotion as well, but i will write it on separate post.


      Let's check on the packaging:

     I have the large size, 500ml and they has a smaller size as well. But the big one is perfect for home use hehehe. Well, the packaging is made from thick plastic like most of the body cleanser/foam normally. I quite like the simple yet kawaii packaging with red flower all over it. Oh as i might have mention, this one is red because it's Iseiya variant.

     I love that it has pump hehehe. What i gotta do is push the pump when in need. The liquid texture is quite watery and not really thick, so it'll easily drop. I love how i can make a lot of foam from it and the foam feels sooofftttt! Hahaha i'm a sucker for foam and bubbles, so pardon ;P

Well here's the direction of how to use it:
Apply thoroughly to your body, leave it for three minutes and einse it well. Two times daily is recommended for optimum result.
     It says to leave it for three minutes, but if you don't have time you can just rinse it after you rub your whole body with the foam. Hehehe. I'm not the type who want to wait for 3 minutes, so i'm just gonna skip that part, but then again, if you want an optimum result, just do as it says hehe. 


      I love to change body wash every now and then, but this is my first time trying out Shinzu'i hehehe. So far i quite love my experience with Shinzu'i Ume Body Cleanser in Iseiya! Why? Well, first i love the foam, who doesn't?? Small amount can make quite a foam, so i love it. The foam is also smooth and soft when i rubbed my body with it. I also love the smell of Iseiya variant. It's fresh floral fragrance, very nice for my liking. Basically i love my shower experience using this. The only thing that i don't like is after i rinse it, the soft feeling is gone, like most of the body wash. I like when my body wash keep my body moisturize after rinse actually. But after i dry my skin with towel, my skin become soft again hehehe. So, other than that, the body cleanser is nice and good to use daily!

+ foamy!
+ smells nice and fresh
+ the smells stay long on my skin
+ fresh feeling
+ i like this pump packaging type
+ cute and simple packaging
+ my skin a bit brighter i guess (not whiter)
+ perfect for teenager
+ BPOM safe

- the soft feeling is gone for a moment when i rinse (but back when i use towel to dry)

Overall Rating: 4/5

     Despite the cons, i still love this body cleanser and i'm using it on daily basis this few weeks. I love my #UMEtime! If you want to try this body cleanser so you can have white and glowing skin like those Japanese girls, i guess you can find it on any store nearby. For more info you can check Shinzu'i Ume facebook here:

     That's all for now folks! I hope you like my review and thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more review of Shinzu'i Ume products soon! See you guys, Arigatoooo hehehe :)


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