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Review: ULTIMA II Procollagen Lipstick

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     Back again with me today! I'm going to share a new lipsticks review that i recently use, ULTIMA II ProCollagen lipsticks! Curious about this product? Let's check below!

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Name : ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick - Pink, Spice, & Glam Berry
Content: 4.5gr
Produced in: Indonesia
Price : IDR 190k (around USD 19)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     So i guess you guys already quite familiar with ULTIMA II right? Especially you guys who lives in Asia, because right now ULTIMA II only sell their products in Asia and already discontinued in US or Europe. Well, back then it also quite famous in the US and Europe i guess. I knew this brand from my mom, since it was one of her favorite makeup back then. ULTIMA II is a cosmetic and skin care line that belongs to Revlon, Inc. USA. Right now i'm going to review one of ULTIMA II product, ProCollagen Lipstick than has 12 different shades!
     ProCollagen lipstick from ULTIMA II contain ProCollagen Complex for full lips effect that glides perfectly and hides fine lines. It also contains Shea Butter and Marine Complex Extract to moisturize and soften your lips. Plus it has SPF 15 that can protect your lips from sun damage. The most interesting about this product is the ProCollagen Complex than can support the revitalization of collagen production in the lips surface.
     So if you're bored with matte lipstick that tend to makes your lips chapped, well, this is a great rest for your lips without looking dull! Well, i'm going to review 3 shades of ULTIMA II ProCollagen lipstick that i own!


      Now the packaging:

          Gaaahhhh! The packaging are so adorb! It looks futuristic and simple with silver color that can actually reflect your reflection! It's like a mirror packaging really and i totally love it! Luxurious, yet simple <3

     Three shades that i own: Pink, Spice dan juga Glam Berry. Here goes each details:

 ProCollagen Lipstick - Pink

 ProCollagen Lipstick - Spice

 ProCollagen Lipstick - Glam Berry

      Here are the swatches:
     The colors are so pretty <3
From left to right: Pink - Spice - Glam Berry

     But, unlike the picture, the Glam Berry shade is actually a bit more red than the picture, umm, like wine perhaps, idk why the camera make it looks like fucshia. Spice is more like nude brown-pinkish and Pink is more metalic than it looks on the pic.

     Swatches on my lips:

     Well, i love the creamy texture but doesn't feel too much on the lips. It's more like using lipbalm kinda like. It glides smoothly and so easy to apply whether you use lip brush or directly from the stick. Just like what you can see in the picture, the colors pigmentation are great, from sheer to full and buildable. My favorite so far is Pink and Glam Berry because they fit my skin better and i don;t really like Spice because it's too light for me, it kinda makes me look a bit pale. But Spice is good to use when i have full smoky makeup look on.
     The lipstick staying power are good for a creamy like lipbalm lipstick. Once i use it from 3pm to 7pm and the color is still there on my lips, not as bold as first apply of course. Then i ate kabob or kebab and i thought the lipstick has fully gone, but when i look at the mirror i'm quite amaze that the color is still there, not much tho, just like a natural pinkish lip color. 
     Anyway, because it has so many shades you chan choose from light to dark (12 shades to be exact), you can play with the color, like using them for ombre lips. I tried to make an ombre lips with Spice and Glam Berry and i love the result! It's more natural and cute for daily use!

     See, looks nice right. First i apply Spice all over my lips and after that i add a little bit of Glam Berry in the center of my lips and i blend it carefully. I think it's really nice for daily makeup or kawaii makeup look.

Full face swatch:


     I seriously love this lippy! This is great if you're bored with matte lipstick. To tell you the truth this past few weeks i kinda had it with matte lipstick because it makes my lips dry if you use it too much. And sometimes i feel it kinda dull you know, matte lipstick, if you don't use full makeup. That's why recently my favorite lipstick to use is this ULTIMA II ProCollagen lipstick shade Pink. Hehehe it doesn't dry my lips and the color are totally pretty for daily. Good pigmentation and it's buildable, so you can choose, sheer or full.
     The lipsticks are nice for daily because it can make you look fresh and alive without using any other makeup. Plus, it's also nice to use for party. So i guess it's really nice. Plus, it's easy to use if you want to create an ombre lips! I also like this because it can be a nice blush on as well, especially the shade Pink. Hehehe. 

+ 12 shades
+ i like most of the shades
+ Pink is totally nice for daily
+ GlamBerry perfect when i need to appear sexier or sensual lol
+ easy to create ombre lips
+ staying power is good (around 3-4hr without drinking or eating)
+ the color still stains on my lips even after eating a lot
+ SPF 15
+ moisturize the lips
+ good pigmentation
+ creamy and glides perfectly on lips (ultra soft feeling!)
+ a bit glittery (subtle but nice)
+ luxurious packaging

- stains like most of creamy lipstick

Overall Rating: 4/5

    If you want to try this lipstick you can go get it at Matahari Dept. Store, AEON BSD, Metro, Centro, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City dan Star Sumarecon Bekasi. Or just find it online!

Even Draculaura is excited to try these new lipsticks!!

     For more you can check ULTIMA II social media:

http://www.ultimaii-indonesia.com/ |
https://www.facebook.com/ultimaIIindonesia | 
https://twitter.com/ULTIMA_id | 
https://www.instagram.com/ultima_id/ |

     That's all my review for now! Stay tuned for my other review! See you!


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