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Review: Bulgari Goldea The Roman Night

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     As promised, I'm back with another woman fragrance review! Today, i want to share the review of the newest product of Bulgari (or Bvlgari) Goldea line; Bulgari Goldea The Roman Night. If you notice, i have reviewed the first eau de parfum or Bulgari Goldea line, you can check it HERE. Now let's move on to the new fragrance!

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Name : Bulgari Goldea The Roman Night
Content: 75ml
Made In : Italy
Price :  IDR 1.790k (around USD 170)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     If two other Goldea fragrance inspired by the golden goddess of beauty and sun; Cleopatra, the newest Goldea The Roman Night inspired by the idea of a mysterious goddess of the night, in the eternal city of Rome. At midnight, the Eternal City is an enchanting sight, inspiring Bulgari to create Goldea The Roman Night, a fragrance for the nocturnal Roman goddess. A night-time fragrance that is joyful, unbridled and dazzling, with a seductive, ultra-sensual core. The precious Goldea The Roman Night itself still inspired by the same powerful symbol of "Serpenti" - snake, as you still can see in the neck of the bottle.

      Composed also by Alberto Morillas -- one of the most iconic signatures in perfumery -- crafts it into a modern, ultra-elegant fragrance.

"When i first imagined a Roman night, the idea of the chypre-infused signature came to me instantly. Meanwhile, the radiant sensuality of black musk is haunted by an intoxicating patchouli heart and noble vetiver roots."
- Alberto Morillas

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     Powerful and hypnotic, Goldea The Roman Night embodying the queen of the night, Bella Hadid capturing glamour itself in her supermodel gaze. Goldea The Roman Night woman, whose scent reveals a touch of mystery, highlighting her figure, accentuating her features and enveloping her in glamour.

Here's the video campaign:

     The pretty packaging:

      Like always, the packaging is beautiful and elegant. Never ceases to amaze me. Even tho i still like the previous Goldea packaging better. This one is slightly different but still beautiful and this one looks mysterious. Hypnotic and symbolic, Bulgari's Serpenti is the enchanting spirit animal of the Goldea collection, its scales winding around the bottle top, like usual. Representing seduction and life, a royal sign of strength for ancient queens.

     Recalling the Roman sky, Goldea's silhouette conjures those rare and precious moments when the sun, moon and earth are perfectly aligned. Its perfume box inspired by tactile nature of Serpenti scales and glittering with golden accents, it features sparkling diamond. Subtly evoking the game of seduction, the bottle embraces contrast to reinforce a mysterious allure, playing on light to express a woman's inherent dualities -- she is strong yet intuitive, empowered yet playful. Encircled by a black line, the transparent cap tops the enchanting elixir.

Now the scent:

Head notes: Luscious Mulberrry, Black Peony -- Juicy, Sparkling, Addictive. 
Delectable notes brim with luscious ripe berries to suffuse the heart with floral energy.

Heart notes:  Night Blooking Jasmine, Tuberose Absolute -- Floral, Contrasting, Mysterious.
Beautiful, mysterious, nocturnal white blossoms add their olfactory radiance to the hypnotic character of the fragrance.

Base notes: Black Musk, Patchouli Heart, Vetiver -- Enveloping, Luminous, Sensual. 
Musk cloaked in black and textured woody scents infuse the identity of the fragrance, while they add feminine strength and charisma. The thrilling patchouli heart combines with the vibrant allure of vetiver roots.

     While not as strong as the first Goldea, Goldea The Roman Night still has a stronger scent rather than Goldea Rose. It smells warm, mysterious, powerful, masculine yet feminine and elegant. Like you still can use it daily, but it's even better to use occasionally as the smell is powerful and elegant. Suit the inspiration real well: the Goddess of  the night.

     For me the scent is still a bit powerful to use daily, so i prefer to use it occasionally, especially when the event is an elegant event, totally match the ambience.

Rating: 4.5/5
     Maybe kinda expensive, but still worth it as it captures the scent really good and make you feel elegant when using it. The scent doesn't smell cheap. And oh since it's an EDP you only have to spray a small amount to few points of your body because the smell is already strong and last long.


     Thats the review for now. Hopefully will be back again with another fragrance review. See you guys on my next post!


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