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Review: Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set & Eye Enhancing Duo Set

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     It's been a quite long time that I actually wanted to review makeup brushes, but well, one thing to another, it never make it to my blog, LOL. Anyway the makeup brushes I've been wanting to share to you guys are from Ecotools! I bet you've heard of them right? I tried two of their set and I think I just need to share the review because I like them so much. So, let's check out my review of Six Piece Essential Eye Set & Eye Enhancing Duo Set from Ecotools!

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Brand : Ecotools
Name : Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set & Eye Enhancing Duo Set
Price :
  • Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set: IDR 150k (around USD 15)  
  • Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set: IDR 99k (around USD 9) 
Price based on stores in Indonesia. Might a lot cheaper if you're in US.
I got mine at Makeupuccino.

     I guess most of you guys have heard about Ecotools, it was quite a bomb on my early days a a beauty blogger. EcoTools produces 100% cruelty-free and vegan synthetic makeup brushes, sponges, applicators and bath accessories that are both stylish and eco-friendly.

     It started out when two sisters, Jen and Stacey, set out to create a brush collection that was not only environmentally friendly, but chic, high-quality, and affordable too. After sourcing recycled materials, renewable bamboo and better manufacturing processes, in 2007, EcoTools was born. 

     Anyway, the products I'm going to review today are Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set & Eye Enhancing Duo Set. But since they're have a new face, the names & packaging from both of this products are also changing. Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set becoming "Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Collection", while Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set becoming "Ecotools Enhancing Eye Set".

     To tell you the truth, I really like the new look of the packaging more than the old ones (the ones i have), it's looking even fresher, clean and nice. But I'm already super happy with what I have because the quality that matters and I bet the quality is the same (or maybe the new ones are even better, but mine is already great).

      But I just noticed that my Six Piece Essential is kinda different from the new one, well it's only one brush different though. The new one doesn't have the Highlighting Brush, but has Detail Eyeliner Brush. I guess hahaha. So let me say that I'm happy with what I have, because I love that Highlighting Brush so much! Hehe.

     Anyway, let's just check out my review!

(Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Collection)

      Let's see the packaging first:

     The packaging is cute and simple. Reminded me of nature because of the colour and of course because the brushes handle made of bamboo. The company logo and name of each brush printed on the bamboo handle, so you can easily check which brush is which. It came with small pouch that easy to bring anywhere if you need to. 


     It's small and short, but it's still super easy to use. Plus, because of the size, they can easily be put anywhere on my makeup pouch. Doesn't take up space. Super convenience. There are 6 pieces of items and this is how I usually use it:

1. Large Eye Brush - this brush is big, dense enough and can cover my entire eyelid. So I usually use it for base or when I need to put on massive amount of eyeshadow. But be careful when using it, you don't want eyeshadow ended up everywhere haha. 

2. Angled Crease Brush - like the name, it's angled and easy to use on your crease. It's dense but just perfect for me. It pick up eyeshadow color really nicely, so you might want to be careful as well if you want to build up intensity, use it little by little. 

3. Petite Eye Shading Brush - smaller version of large eye brush I guess, so you can work up more details with this one. 

4. Highlighting Brush - even though it's called a highlighting brush, but I prefer to use it to blend my eyeshadow. It doing a nice job as a blending brush for me. 

5. Smudge Brush - well, I'm not exactly using it as smudging brush. Since it's small, I usually use it to put some highlight on my inner corner, lower lash or outer corner. 

6. On the go Travel Bag - I still use it to bring my Eco Tools Essential Eye Set, but usually i just put the brush on my big pouch when I'm in hurry. You can actually put money and coins in here if you're too lazy to bring any wallet. 

     My favorite, that always on my makeup pouch, are highlighting brush, petite eye shading brush and smudge brush. But my super favorite is the highlighting brush. I can actually just use that one brush to make entire eye makeup on the go (hahaha, talk about lazy bringing too many brushes). Anyway some people might not like the handle because it's short, but for me, it still fits my hand nicely, I still have a good grip and it doesn't bugged me. 

(Ecotools Enhancing Eye Set)

      Let's see the packaging first:

     Well, I don't have the packaging anymore, so I just put the picture of this set from Makeupuccino's Instagram (upper left). My cat peed on the packaging and I disposed it a long time ago. I don't event remember what it made of hahaha. Anyway, for the brush basically it's the same with the Essential Eye Set, with bamboo holder. Ecotools logo & type of the brush printed in each brush. But, it has brush head on both of its points. Basically you get 4 type of brush in 2 different brush!


     Here's the brush and how I usually use it:

1. Shade & Define Brush - the shade brush quite dense and I use it mainly to put eyeshadow on my lid (base) or my crease for depth. But I also love using the shade brush to shading my nose, it does the job nicely. As for the define brush I use it to put eyeliner or usually when doing my eyebrow with powder eyebrow (or eyeshadow). 

2. Blend & Smudge Brush - i love this brush. The blending brush is so nice to make whole eye makeup (I'm the lazy one who happen to love using one eyeshadow for my whole simple eye makeup look). Meanwhile I usually use the smudge brush to put eyeshadow on my crease or outer v.


     I love both of the set! The brushes are so soft, doesn't poke my eyes at all and super comfy to use! The other thing that I like is the brush is not easily fall out (in fact mine never fall out yet) even though I wash it soooo many times, I'm so happy about it. The brush doesn't smell and the handle is easily to grip, even the short ones (essential eye set). When going out usually I only take a few of this brushes with me and it's super convenience not to bring too many brush.

+ soft
+ doesn't have fall out yet
+ doesn't poke my eyes
+ easy to clean
+ essential eye set is super travel friendly because the brushes are short
+ enhancing duo set is also travel friendly because you don't have to bring too much brush
+ don't have to bring a lot of brush as they already enough to do a full nice eye makeup
+ affordable
+ cruelty free and environmentally friendly 

- none that i dislike yet

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

    I think it's one of the nicest brush I've tried. plus it's still super affordable. With this quality, I think Ecotools has done well. I actually curious about the other brushes from Ecotools, but I still have so many brushes. So maybe next time I'll try the other type as well!

     That's all my review for now. Have you ever tried Ecotools? Do you love em? Let's share below! Anyway, see you guys on my next post!


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