Hi, I'm Auzola!

Hey adorable!

First of all, my name is Cut Auzola Azalia, or you can call me Auzola, or Ola for more simple. I love Barbie, Disney (mostly Disney Princesses), Monster High, I love to dress up, I love to make a DIY stuff, I love food and stuff, just like normal human being. Hahaha. I have a really annoying but lovable boyfriend husband, Rizky Ramdhany or you can call him Ichi. He helped me building my blog (I love him so much! *even though sometimes he's a pain in the ass).

I love writing since a long time ago I guess, that's why I can make this blog. My blog revolves around makeup and beauty stuff, but i also write about other things, like cosplay, food, travel and stuff. So yes, my main concern is still about beauty hehe. I write so much about beauty stuff for girls of course, but i also write some for men (based on my husband/brother/father comment or experience).

I love makeup, but I’m no makeup artist, even though lately I dream to be one. I’m not a professional for sure, because I’m still learning day by day how to put on the right makeup hahaha, but sure I do love makeup! 
Mostly I learn by myself, I look at the picture for reference and try it by myself. I rarely see a video because I like to learn from the result instead of step by step. It’s because I think my skill is different, their way might not be my way, so I have to find my own way to make something like in reference I have. But if I was stuck and I really want to know how to achieve the look, I will look at the video twice or more before trying by myself. Hahhaa. Everybody has their own way to learn something.
My Makeup Journey History
 I’ve been loving makeup since maybe when im in junior high school. But to be truthful, I already like to put on makeup since I was a little girl, but then I became a tomboy kinda girl on elementary school. Here’s a proof that little me loved to put on makeup hahhaa.

I tried to put on makeup and took pictures of it when I was in senior high school. I love gothic and dark makeup look, so I learned how to put on my cat eyeliner and smoky eyes by my own with my mom’s makeup. Fun times, but trust me it looks so bad now when I scroll back on my old pictures hahaha. I don’t know how to blend the eye shadow, I’m not even sure that eye shadow brush has so many other types other than the sponge ones! 
Although I practiced to use makeup at night in my room, alone, i never used makeup outside as well back then on senior high school, I was kinda shy. Hahaha, I remember the first time I used makeup outside when I was in senior high school was on my year book photo shoot at some cemetery. I gave the idea about the gothic theme, so we need to put on classy gothic makeup hahaha. That was my first time putting makeup on other as well! So some friends thought that I put on a nice winged liner for myself that they asked me to do that on them as well. 

I started to use makeup outside was on my 2nd year. I got my first lip gloss ever (it was Oriflame), like I told you, makeup that I used was my mom’s. Then as the days goes by I started to get my first compact powder, lip balm and lipstick (all from Maybelline). You might find this weird because maybe normal girl will get their first makeup far long before I finally got mine!
I started to join a contest too and asked for a complete eye shadow palette, which later I got Sariayu 25 eye shadow collection. Glad to tell you that I won the contest! After that I starting to practice even more and got things right, like how to blend eye shadow, how to apply foundation (not only powder hahaha), and stuff. And then I decided to create my own beauty blog. 
I did have a personal blog where I share about my life and also a bit about beauty (it’s my tumblr www.auzola.tumblr.com ). But I decided that my tumblr doesn’t match, then I move to www.bowbowdorable.blogspot.com (now it's www.rainbowdorable.com) and if you wondering about my blog’s name and details about my blog, you can visit this article to know more CLICK HERE.
Now I’m quite active on my blog, I like to review things, come to events from brands, I also got makeup tutorial, some DIY and Cosplay thingy! Because I’m quite tight with my budget sometimes (because i choose expensive food over buying makeup), I decided to mostly share about cheap makeup, but still doesn't mean I'm going to always reviewing cheap makeup, because i also have a good expensive makeup hehe.
I also have this tag for cheap and expensive makeup under three labels separated by the price. But because the currency from IDR – USD is fluctuating and gonna be hard to determine, I equalize USD 1 as IDR 10.000 (it might be less or more, if you want the exact currency just check Google). Price also might vary depends on where you live. Mostly prices stated are based on stores in Indonesia.
 You can find products under IDR 100k (or under USD 10) under tag GREEN LABEL. For products IDR 100k – 250k (or between USD 100 – USD 25) under tag YELLOW LABEL and last for product more than IDR 250k (or more than USD 25) under tag RED LABEL
I categorized them so you can find cheap products easily, but doesn’t mean I’m not gonna review a high end and expensive products (because I’m quite lucky sometimes to get this expensive products for free and sometimes i determined enough to buy em my self), that’s why I have this Red Label, hahhaa. But still, my focus is to cheap yet amazing makeup, which I found quite a lot. Drugstore products sometimes are amazing that I think they’re enough to create great makeup. So why always choose the expensive one if the cheaper one is also good? Hahha.
Be adorable in affordable way!
Enjoy my blog! 


For business inquiries, event invitation, comment, question and suggestion you can email me at cut_auzola@yahoo.com

Some of past brand/company collaborations:
Maybelline, Revlon, Bioderma, The Balm Cosmetics, Absolute New York, BYS Cosmetics, Kawaii Beauty Japan, Nivea, Avene, Mizzu Cosmetics, Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Sariayu, Mustika Ratu, Makeupuccino, Silver Swan Lash, Nuxe, Sephora, Fuwa Fuwa Cake, Heavenly Blush, Three Cosmetics, BSkin, Lalawin, Crabtree & Evelyn, Derma Angel, Natur, Kay Collection, Max Factor, Paul & Joe, Benefit Cosmetics, Acuvue, Anna Sui, Luxasia, Pertamina, Gastromaquia, Clozette, PAC Cosmetics, C Channel, Ultima II, Clinique, Real Techniques, Sociolla, MAC Cosmetics, etc. 


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