Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!


Im Auzola, Welcome to my new blog, Welcome to Bowbowdorable :D

    First thing first, im gonna tell you guys why i pick "Bowbowdorable" as my blog's name.

    So here it goes, i got it from my Sunshine, why bowbowdorable? Well, im his rainbow, he gave me this nickname because he said i make his days colorful, while back then before dating me, he said his life pretty much dull and not as colorful as today (i can be cheerful and as bright as yellow, i can be sad and be blue, i can be mad and be red, i can be black on my gloomy mood, so he said i consist of so many colors and somehow it brighten his life). Okay, that's where the Rainbow come from.
    Now how about Bowbow? well, it's kinda embarrassing to tell, but it came few years after we first dating; first i called him sunshine (he totally brighter my days), but sunshine is too long sometimes, so i called him sun only. Then i ofter call or say his nickname "Sun" and when i call his name, i will do it more than just once, so it became "suuunnsuuuun" and now it Sunsun. Because he heard me saying sunsun and he said it sounded cute, he started to call me "Bowbow" in return.
    See, stupid right, but yeah, it's Bowbow, and why dorable? It's from adorable, as you know it. Maybe it embarrassed him, but let me tell you where this name come from. One day, he wanted to text me (he was at work and suddenly missed me), so he text something like this:

"Boowboowdorableee :* :* :* Stay cuutee until foreveer :* "

   And the best part is, he sent it to the wrong person, so usually my name is in the top of his chat list, but not that day, his friend was. So he sent it to his friend (a man) and his friend was laughing at to his text and he captured it and post it on his Path. Hahaha. All of his friends were so happy that finally they had a really big chance to make him as a joke. He was so embarrassed but he laughed at his own stupidity too. And yeah, i laughed so hard it made my tummy hurt.
    But then i thought, hey "bowbowdorable" is actually kinda cute. Since i've been confused about the name im gonna put at my blog. I saved it in my mind and told him my idea, he loved it! He said he's going to help me modified my blog sometimes later. So yay! This is my new blog and it's Bowbowdorable!



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