Thursday, February 27, 2014



My adorable angels, it's 27th! My blog is officially open, hahahaa, i will write new post soon!

Of course first im gonna post my event report from Estee Lauder event with William Kim last friday and also Makeover makeup class with Lizzie Parra! Yuhuu, im so happy that i finally have a official blogspot hahhaa, i still love my tumblr though (pss visit it at but im going to be happy posting about beauty things in here, because it's not gonna messed up with my daily life problems hahhaaha.

Well, but still, im not promised that i can write everyday, i have this thesis to be done and yeah it kinda makes me lazy to do anything else while thinking about it, it stressing me enough, so im so sorry the post is only once in a while or the event report is on after a week etc, sadly being a beauty blogger is not my only thing to do right now, i have tons of activity (gym, thesis, rest, checking my costume, etc). But still, i will try my best to make this blog fun and keep update!

Hehehe, you can follow my instagram too!  That's the easiest way to updating something, i sometimes post my eye makeup tutorial there or anything beauty related or simply daily life events, which sometimes not going to be posted in blog, so follow me there! And if you are a beauty blogger too, you can ask me to follow you back, i will be glad! It's always nice to make new friends :)

Okay, for those who asking deep in the heart, why have to be 27th? you can just make it official since yesterday or a week ago? blablabla

well, the answer is because 27th is a special date for me, so i want to make this blog to be something special too, and that's why i choose 27th and didnt make it official since days ago, thats all.


Okay enough of the official thingy, i writing a post right now, stay tuned!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Collaborative Project | SeoHyun SNSD - I got a boy MV Look Makeup Tutorial

Hey my adorable angels!!

Right now im going to post my first makeup collaboration ever! Yay! I know im not supposed to post a new post until 27th or at least until im done moving the old posts, but this one is special hehehe, so yeah i will post it on here too (you can also check it on my tumblr though

     So, im doing a makeup collaboration with 8 other adorable beauty bloggers, and yes, we have to create SNSD look in their "I got a boy" music video!


PAC Brush Cleanser Review

Aloha adorable angels!

Yay! My last post that i should move from tumblr! Yayayayay finally it's done!!
Anyway here's another review that i made, enjoy!

Find it on tumblr


CNY makeup look!

Hey adorable!

So here's my makeup look for CNY! ( i know it super late, but it can be use for next year hehe)

Okay, lets just check it out!

Tumblr view can check here

Right now i want to share about my makeup project inspire by Chinese New Year! Yippie, i know it’s pretty late to post about it, but hell yeah, i guess this makeup look can be use to any event too, so lets check it out :)

So this is the look!

Giveaway prize from Lalaluna!

Heyyyaa adorable!!

It was my post when i won a giveaway! And the prize i huge! I loveeee it!
I dont know what else to say so lets just check it!

Tumblr view check here

Queen Elsa from Disney Movie Frozen Makeup Inspired

Heyya my adorable!

Now im going to post my makeup inspired by elsa! Icy eyes!
Hahaha just read it bellow :)

Find it on my tumblr


Review: The Balm Nude ‘tude

Aloha adorable!

Now i want to share my review of The Balm Nude 'tude eyeshadow palette!
You can find it on my tumblr too


(Daily) Outfit Inspired by Anna from Disney Frozen

Hey again, my adorable angels!

I hope you're not bored yet because i still have few more posts coming up.
Now im going to share my post about how to go out as Anna from Frozen (i got a lot of kid gasping "Aaah Anna" or "Mom, she looks like Anna" etc, it really made my day). I loveeee Anna! And i hope this post can help you to go out as Anna on daily basis, seriously it's not a costume!
Lets check it out!

   Hey guys, so right now i want to share what i’ve been doing for quite a while (with first purpose: to watch Frozen in Style). Hahaha. So like the title of this post, i made an outfit (mix old and new stuff plus added some details), based on Princess Anna’s winter outfit.
    What i mean is; i made an outfit that looks like anna’s winter outfit in the movie, but the thing is, this outfit is not a costume, i can really use it daily. I can use it when i go to the mall, the park, school, just hanging around, anywhere really. Well, it’s hard to say, so lets just check it out ;)
Here’s a picture of Anna’s winter outfit

IBB Make Up Challenge December 2013

Hey adorable angels!
 Well, im sorry that i will post few articles in the next few hours (or less), because i want the old posts all moved by today.
   This post was when i joined a MUC by IBB, it was my first time, i didnt win though, but i got in the big 5! That's something for a beginner :)
So enjoy the post!

(You can check it on my tumblr too

(Sooooo, this is my first time participating Indonesian Beauty Blogger makeup contest sponsored by D’eyeko! (im so exciting!)
Ehem ehem eheem, tadaaa~~

DIY Easy Sugar Lip Scrub

Hey adorable angels!!
I want to share another post of my other blog, it's a DIY and it's really easy!
If you own tumblr, you can find the post here
    First of all, gah, it’s been a quite long time i didnt really post something more than a paragraph because im way too busy with my university life, task, thesis and else. That’s why mostly i only post pictures on instagram that sync to my tumblr.
   So while i have time today, im gonna write a post about DIY Sugar Lip Scrub. It’s easy and works out well! Lets get started~

What you need is:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

I've been thinking...about this giveaway

Hey my adorable angels!!

Soooo, i've been thinking about the giveaway im gonna held to celebrate this blog opening! I cant afford much, but i want it to be pretty much nice. Yesterday all i think was giving you guys few items from different brand that i can afford, but thennnnn, i have this thought:

"How about the prize is from local brand?" 

But just one local brand im gonna choose though. I mean im thinking that local brand products are also good, so what a shame that we always stuck using foreign brand products without noticing our local brand (of course foreign brands are GREAT, im not lying, i love lots of foreign brands also, but maybe we should give local brand a chance too once in a while, hehhe)

But, im gonna need more time (a month perhaps) to save my money in order to get the giveaway prize, i hope you guys dont mind. Hehehe i want it to be nice, i told ya, and i actually like giving people stuff, so yeah, i dont want it to be ordinary (but sorry, its not spectacular also hehe).

So, i already have something in mind what the local brand is and what the prizes are, but i would like to ask you guys, which one of this local brand i stated down here you want to get?

- Sariayu
- LT Pro
- Makeover
- Viva
- If you have something else in mind, you can tell me the local brand name (but make sure it's easy to find)

The most voted brand is what you're gonna get if you win the giveaway. You can vote it on my blog front page, i added polling on the upper left of the side page! If you choose other local brand that is not listed above, simply leave comment on this blogpost, i will consider them too!

I wish you can participate on choosing the brand and also participate in my giveaway later when everything is already fix (hopefully next month).And im sorry that this is weird, that i need to ask you guys first about the prize, but trust me, im not good deciding something, so im gonna need a lot of help hehhee.

Thanks for reading this and helping me decide


P.s this giveaway is open to blogger or non blogger, so feel free to vote and join later! Right now im thinking this only open to Indonesian resident only, but if you guys want this giveaway to be internationally, just leave comment so i would know and consider it!

Dove Hair Fall Treatment Rescue Serum Review

 Hey my adorable angels!

So today was fun! I went to Estee Lauder Event, but i will post about it later, since i will not post any new article until i finish moving the old posts from my tumblr :)

Well, this is my review about Dove hair serum, enjoy!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Makeup in the 20's (Pygmalion Land ft. The Balm ID MUC)

Aloha adorable angels!
Here's another post, it was when i joined a makeup contest held by Pygmalion Land and sponsored by The Balm ID. It was my first MUC ever and gladly to tell you that i won! Here's the post :


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Review

Hello my adorable angels!

Just like i told you in the last post, im gonna try to copy beauty posts that i already made on my tumblr! It's not much, since like i told you, im lazy, so it's gonna be easier to move it one by one, rather than connected my blogger n tumblr and move all the post (way too many personal posts, been there and i deleted the blog). Hahaha.
So it was my first review ever, and i dont want to edit the content, so if you ever read it before, you dont have to read it anymore, it's the same like my tumblr :)
----- Here we go~

Preparing the Blog!

Hello my adorable angels!!

     Welcome to my new blog, well after trying not to be so lazy, i try to fix this blog again. Well, im sorry that the theme or the logo doesnt look so pretty, i didnt know how to use photoshop properly (and dont ask, im to lazy to learn how), so i decided to make this logo doodle on my samsung note, and the resolution is so bad, and im not an expert on designing something, so this is the result. Hehehe, but it still temporary, im going to find a way somehow to make my own pretty design, but maybe not now, i still have so many things to do, review, makeup collaboration, thesis, blablabla, trust me, just to think about it makes me dizzy.