Thursday, February 20, 2014

Preparing the Blog!

Hello my adorable angels!!

     Welcome to my new blog, well after trying not to be so lazy, i try to fix this blog again. Well, im sorry that the theme or the logo doesnt look so pretty, i didnt know how to use photoshop properly (and dont ask, im to lazy to learn how), so i decided to make this logo doodle on my samsung note, and the resolution is so bad, and im not an expert on designing something, so this is the result. Hehehe, but it still temporary, im going to find a way somehow to make my own pretty design, but maybe not now, i still have so many things to do, review, makeup collaboration, thesis, blablabla, trust me, just to think about it makes me dizzy.

So right now im going to tell you my "to do list" before this blog is officially open!

1. Anyway i already told you guys why the name is Bowbowdorable, so i guess we can just skip that. The point is, i want to tell you, that you're all ADORABLE and never feel bad about yourself (when you starting to feel bad, instead of judging yourself, better find a solution to make yourself a better person and convince yourself that you can do it!). To make sure that you're going to always feel beautiful and adorable, i will from now on call you guys "adorable angels" :)

2. So, right now im cleaning up my room, so i dont really have time to review something (i actually already prepare all the pictures for the review, but oh well), so for the opening of this blog, which i was planning gonna be official on Feb, 27th, i would like to have a GIVEAWAY! Yay!

Why giveaway?
Because i think this quite special to me and it makes me happy, so i just want to share the happiness with you guys! But i cant really afford a super expensive giveaway right now, but for a first time giveaway i guess the prizes gonna be enough :)

3. Then, before it's official, i guess im going to post older post from my Tumblr (, only posts that related to beauty, because i will not gonna post too much personal life in here (depends on my needs later). But for now im gonna copy the post that i already made on my tumblr to my Bowbowdorable!

4. I wanted to tell you why i moved again, not because im gonna delete my tumblr, NO, its because i learned that most of my beauty blogger friends or acquaintance are using blogger instead of tumblr, and only one or two of them who can actually follow or give a comment on my tumblr. So to extend the connection and friendship with my fellow beauty blogger friends and other readers who maybe more into blogger friendly (and not tumblr), i decided to move to blogger too! I actually had a blogger before but i deleted already (never update it anyway). But for you guys who have tumblr, you can simply follow me there !

Hmmm, i guess that's all for now, im gonna try to copy some of the beauty post from my tumblr probably in this week and find the prizes for my giveaway (i actually already have some, but i guess it's still not enough, i wont disappoint you guys with super simple prizes, but its not gonna be super big also, it's just a nice prizes that i can afford in this time).

So dont forget to follow me guys!
See ya in next post, adorable angels!


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