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Chit chat: Disney On Ice "Dare To Dream" - April 12th, 2015

Hey guys!

     I miss to write, but got so many things going on this several weeks that makes me super lazy to update the blog (broken laptop, broken camera yada yada). Anyway i just want to share a chit chat about my experience watching Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream at Istora Senayan this year! It's not really an ordinary experience like the other year (i always watch Disney On Ice or Disney Live every year), it was a really fun experience actually! I dressed up as Rapunzel!

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     So after being absent last year, finally Disney On Ice is back! Even better, they're back with one of my favorite new character, Rapunzel. I've been waiting for Disney On Ice that has Rapunzel in it since i first watched tangled. Too bad, sometimes Indonesia is not really as fast as other country in bringing new character. So i have to waited years!

     That's why i was freak out when i realized that Rapunzel is finally here! I was so happy that i want to be Rapunzel when i watch it. At first i was thinking of using inspired dress only, because no matter how much i want to dress up as a princess, i remember i'm an adult and adult doesn't really watching a show with costume.
     But then i though, "whatever, i want to be rapunzel, i don't care whether i'm an adult or no, it's my dream!". Well, as weird as it seems, this year disney on ice theme is Dare To Dream, so why not? So with only one week, i managed to finish the costume on time. Three days for painting all the fabric for the top and 5hr to paint the middle part of the skirt (i haven't got time to finish all the skirt painting though, the side painting is still zero percent).

     I can't really sew, so i have to ask the nearest tailor, he doesn't really good at sewing dresses, so i need to be extra careful as i watch he made it. Some mistakes do happen and it takes time to explain to him what's missing or wrong. Even actually he already made this kinda costume before (i had another rapunzel costume, but the fabric got broken and need to be fix, yet i can't seems too find the exact same color, that's why i asked to make a new one). So it's pretty stressing me out that i need to explain so much, if i can sew, trust me i'll do it myself. Anyway, the costume was finish on time.
     Then i got confused, whether to use my long blonde wig or the brunette Rapunzel one. I tried to braid it and it failed, so i was kinda hopeless, but i don't want to wear the brunette one since i already been that. So i said to my self "whatever, i don't need to braid it, i just have to pretend i'm Rapunzel that just went out from the tower, no kids to help me braid the hair, so whatever."

     I REALLY USE THE WIG AND THE COSTUME. I got so nervous when it was time to get out from the car and watch the show. But, luckily my boyfriend, Ichi, cheered me up and said i don't have to be scared, if it's my dream i should just do it, i don't have to listen to other people bad response. He's right. So i put my self together and be brave.
     I put on hoodie to cover my head and my costume. Then walked in. As i arrived on my seat, Ichi demanded that i need to open the hoodie. I was having a second thought, but Ichi calm me down. So i open the hoodie.
     OMG, kids are freaking out! I mean in a good way. People (parents and kids there), starting to asking me to take picture with them! I was so happy. I mean i was scared that people think i'm a total freak, but when i saw so many positive responses i started to feel happy!

     The seating is free in Gold section, a.k.a there is no order, so who's faster get the better view. I got a quite good place and everyone near me continuously asking for picture for like about 15mins. Kids making line to take a photo with me. Cool right?
i always seat on that area if i get a chance to buy the gold ticket. But on Disney Live i'm gonna buy the cheapest one. So if you want to see me maybe on the next event you can just ask me to be exact hahaha. 

     Ichi said that he noticed people from other seating place, not in my section, also starting to pointing at me and some people (who sat in the most expensive section) even talked to the Big Daddy's staff (Big Daddy is the promotor), which Ichi conclude as: they asking whether they can move for a while to take picture with me or no. Some kids raise their hands and smile at me, so i responded when i see them. It was so much fun really!

     Then after that i spend my time taking picture with Ichi while waiting the show to get started. Some kids still staring at me, smiling and stuff. While some other kids, who sat near me, then moved and sat beside me while continuously poke me and then do nothing but smile, so i smiled back. Other playing with my hair. I feel like a real Rapunzel for a moment. My only regret it, why i don't have a better wig? Hahaha, it got tangled to the button behind my back over and over again.

 I don't know the kids, but they're the one who play with my hair and poke me over and over again.

     Well, finally the show started! I loveee it! First there was Princess and the Frog, Snow White and part of Cinderella. Then we had this break. That was when my camera got broken suddenly. The lens error so suddenly and that's the end of my camera.

     Anyway while taking a break, one Big Daddy's staff asking me to get interviewed by Berita Satu. I don't know why i said yes. I started to get freak out again, but Ichi reminded me that i already said yes so i have to be brave. I hate my face on the camera, i hate my voice. I guess i made a really stupid responses back then. Idk, i haven't watch it, i don't even know where to watch this Berita Satu. Hahahha. But i'm shy to watch my silly face on tv for sure. So i might just want to forget about it hahhaha.

omg, i'm so fat >_< 

     Then after the break, the show continued with Cinderella part two and then Tangled! Finally! I love Flynn Rider there! He's perfect to play Flynn! It's so fun and i sing along of course! Then i remembered something, if people say something bad about my dream being a disney princess, i could just say "haven't any of you ever had a dream???" Hahahaha.

     After the show people still trying to take picture with me, well, it was fine with me! I'd love to taking picture with kids that think that i'm really Rapunzel hahahha. When i walked out the studio, some people are actually waiting there too to get picture with me, gaaah! I'm so happy with my self, hahaha. I mean i'm so happy that my silly little dream could actually bring happiness and maybe make some little girl's dream come true (meeting their favorite princess). Hahaha even though i'm just a freak on a costume who's trying to make the dream came true.

     In the end i went home with a happy smile on my face! Next show i'll sure try to be another Disney Princess again! Hahaha, last time i was Snow White on Disney Live, maybe next time, Aurora, or Cinderella ;)

     Well, that's the end of my chit-chat! This is one of the experience i'll never forget! Oh, just for your information, i also available for party if you want to hire me! Just simply contact me if you need a princess for your party! :)

See you on my next post!


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