Wednesday, July 8, 2015

EOTD: Mesmerizing Blue - Revlon Colorful Affair Challenge (plus Tutorial)

Hey guys!

     I'm back with an EOTD! Yaaaayy! Finally! Hahaha, my hands are pretty stiff since i rarely do an eotd anymore (im somewhat between lazy and busy). But i did it not so badly, hehehe, at least i think so. Especially when i only use eyeliner (plus false eyelashes to complete the look of course hehe)! Let's just check it out!

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      Well, this EOTD also my submission for Revlon challenge, that's why i'm only using the eyeliner from revlon, and the theme is about eyeliner, so i tried not to use any eyeshadow. I only use this three babies! The brown and the gold, Revlon ColorStay Crayon Eyeliner (Brown) and Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (Gold), i got from revlon and bblog id, especially for this challenge and the duo, Revlon Photoready Kajal, is mine.

     I dont have much of the close up photo since i still not used with this new cam that i rarely use. And most of the color wash out, so only a little that i can post. Anyway here's the EOTD!

actually the color even prettier and the glitter is shinier hehe.

     And guess what???? I finally made my very first eye makeup video tutorial!!! Yaay! It's not that great, but i put so much effort for this video in such a hurry, so not bad for a beginner i guess hehehe (i need to cheer my self up hahhaa). I hope this video tutorial is so much easier to understand than my usual pictorial. I didn't have time to make both though.

Sorry, it's sooo amateur. But i hope you get it hehehe. Anyway please dont forget to comment, like and subscribe! Pretty pleaseee, it'll mean a loooot!:*

That's all my post for now, here's some more pics! :P

See you on my next post!
Be colorful, be unique, be you! :)


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