Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: Benefit How To Look Best at Everything (Medium)

Aloha everybody!

     I'm back with a review! Well, today i'm going to review a product by Benefit! Yup, this one is Benefit How to Look Best at Everything in Medium that consist everything i need to have a flawless face (like foundation, primer, and stuff ofc hehe)!

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Blog Label: Red
Brand : Benefit
Name : Benefit How to Look Best at Everything (Medium)
Content : The Porefessional 7.5ml ; Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow ("I'm So Money" Honey) 7ml ; Boi-ing (02 & 03) 2 x 1.5gr ; Hello Flawless ("I'm Cute as a Bunny" Honey) 4gr
Made In/Manufactured In : US & France
Price : IDR 470k (or about USD 47)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

      Let's check out the packaging!

The packaging is so pretttyyy! The design look like a small book and it's super duper pretty! The size is about 15x10cm, quite travel friendly i supposed.

I got the medium one, so the packaging is white and blue. There are also two other shade, fair and light if im not mistaken. But luckily i choose this one, because it's totally a perfect shade for me!

 This is what inside! Porefessional, foundation Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (shade "I'm so money" honey), concealer Boi-ing no.02 dan 03, plus pressed powder Hello Flawless (shade "I'm cute as a bunny" honey)! Perfect for a flawless yet light makeup!

It's soo prettyyy *-*

     Here's the swatch for each of the products~
This one is Porefessional. It's a primer/base for face. It totally make your face softer, less fine lines and minimizing the pores so the makeup can be placed perfectly on the face. You see the swatch in my hand? In the last picture, the right side of the line, you see that my fine line is disappear because i use this primer. So it's totally good for the face. As for my hand, sorry there are still some henna stain left hehhee.

Next, i got Hello Flawless Oxygen foundie! I've been wanting to try this for a quite sometimes, but i haven't, luckily i bought this, so i can try it without buying the real size (incase it's not good for me hehe). But, the thing is i actually like this foundie! The texture is light and totally easy to blend. The coverage is also good, about medium to high if build up perfectly. But i prefer to use small amount for daily as my favorite daily makeup is no-makeup-makeup.

Next the concealer, Boi-ing. Frankly i quite amaze with the texture that melt easily. I normally would prefer other concealer type since pressed concealer like this one hard to melt perfectly at my skin. But this one is lovely! I usually use the no.2 for my under eye because it's lighter and i use no.3 to cover something like pimples or blemishes on my skin because it's my perfect shade, so it's good at covering something like pimple or blemish.

Last but not least, pressed powder Hello Flawless! The texture is nice and easy to use asl well. But i normally use this as finishing and never try to use it alone. This one is a good finishing if you want a matte finish, because the foundation give me the dewy or semi-matte finish. I like to have a dewy or semi matte finish for my daily look, so i normally only use the powder on my T-zone where the oil is easily produced.

Here goes my natural look with Benefit How To Look Best at Everything:

Quite flawless right?
Even some dark acne spot and acne bump are still there because i only put up one layer of foundie to achieve a natural look. But this is flawless for me, because every since a big acne problem came up last year, i rarely feel flawless when using thin layer of so little makeup hahhaa. But normally i would go bareface or bb cream only. So this one is a savior, other than quite flawless, it's also feels so light like i don't use a foundation or concealer layer hahhaa.


     I loveeee this! This is perfect for a flawless face but still light on the face! Well, i doesn't really like heavy makeup, especially for everyday, so this Benefit How To Look Best At Everything is sure damn good! Other than that the packaging is so cuteee and you can reuse the box since the inside part can be pulled out. The size is still travel friendly, and if you don't want to bring the book, you can bring each of the product, expect the powder, since it's quite stuck on the inner part packaging.

+ darn pretty packaging
+ compact and complete
+ quite travel friendy
+ good finish for a flawless face yet feels light
+ the box packaging can be reuse for jewelry box or makeup box
+ perfect shade for my skin
+ good for you who wants to try first
+ easy to find here

- unfortunately the powder can't be separate from the inner part (or it's just me who can't get it out?)

Overall Rating: 4/5

    Well, i should say the product is good and compact! So for you who travel a lot or just want to try Benefit product, you can try this baby. As a budgeting blogger, it might a little expensive for this minis, but it's worth it.

     Well, you can get this baby at any Benefit counter or Sephora or Luxola.

     That's all my review for now! I hope you enjoy reading it, see you on my next post!



  1. I always want to try one of Benefit products, but the price got me thinking all over again :(

    Sylvia's World

    1. hehehhee but it's worth it kok, foundie nya oke soalnya buat daily hehehe :D