Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: Lash House by San Makeup - Chloe Eyelashes


     Today i want to share with you guys another eyelashes review! Yippiieee! As a makeup addict, especially eye makeup, i can't stand not using lashes when using heavy makeup/eye makeup. So im happy that recently i got to try this new lashes and it's pretty! Let's check it out!

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.
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Brand : Lash House
Name : Chloe
Content: 3 pair of eyelashes (include mini glue)
Made In : -
Price : IDR 85k (around USD8)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     Let's start with the packaging shall we.
     Well the packaging is actually cute with this pastel pink and blue color. But like i maybe have mention on my review before, i don't really like this kinda packaging for eyelashes, i think it's not practical and waste of space. I like a simply normal box better hahhaa.

 Well, this is what inside, 3 pairs of pretty lashes.

 Here's the detail. Looks nice ya! Edit: it's actually a human hair hahaha, that's why it's so similar with human hair. Lash house account mistaken claiming this as synthetic, while when i talk to the owner she said it's actually a human hair. That's why it's soft hahaha.

Look pretty right? For me, this eyelashes is good for daily or for party makeup. 


     Well, it's quite soft for a human hair one and better than synthetic eyelashes of course. For 3pairs plus mini glue, the price is still quite affordable. Especially because it's comfy enough, i think it's pretty much worth it, especially when you got 3 pairs. The eyelashes is also quite light and doesn't poke my eyes, so it's all good. Plus the band is easily bend and easy to use.

+ quite light
+ doesn't look so fake
+ easy to apply
+ i like transparent eyelash band
+ doesn't hurt/poking my eyelid
+ good for natural or party look
+ last quite long (i've been using it for 3 times now and the condition is still good)

- i don't like the packaging
- it came with a mini glue (but somehow mine is not, human error)

Overall Rating: 4/5

     Well, if you're looking for a natural eyelashes but still good for a party makeup, i guess this Chloe is the answer. It's nice, you get 3 pairs and you also get mini glue!

     If you want to know more about this eyelashes or you want to get it for yourself, just check their instagram here:

See you guys for now, if you have any questions just simply leave comment below or ask me on or line me, anything :)


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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