Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review: Bulgari Goldea Eau de Parfum

Hello adorable!

     I'm back with another fragrance review! Yay! So this is the new Eau de Parfum from Bulgari (a.k.a BVLGARI) for women which is really nice, especially the packaging. So say no more and let's just check my review of Bulgari Goldea Eau de Parfum below :)

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Name : Bulgari Goldea Eau de Parfum
Content: 25ml / 50ml / 90 ml
Made In : Italy
Price :  IDR 810k - 25ml / IDR 1.615k - 50ml / IDR 2.225k - 90ml
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     So before i start with my review, here goes some knowledge about this new beautiful Bulgari Goldea Eau de Parfum that you should know! So Goldea is a tribute to gold and femininity inspired by the golden goddess of beauty and sun. The ultimate icon of light, sensuality, and gold in history, literature and cinema for over 2000 years: Cleopatra. Here's the teaser video:

 Pretty amazing right? <3
     The precious Eau de Parfume itself inspired by the powerful symbol of "Serpenti" - snake, as you can see in the neck of the bottle. The jeweled bottle also incarnates the gold and the sun. The bottle that contains Goldea is a true manifesto in which Bulgari has chosen to assert its identity of a jeweller-perfumer. Bursting with multiple symbols, this miniature work of art is much more than a mere bottle. It makes you feel as though you were gazing into the heart of a gold drop in which light is reflected.

      Composed by Alberto Morillas, Goldea is first a sumptuous hymm to the musk which have always been a characteristic of Bulgari's style in fragrances. This Eau de Parfum - a cascade of resonant musk echoing one another - is electrified by surprising chromatic effects verging on the tactile. This amazing bright golden musk that can compare to the sun and its sensual warming mixed with oriental floral scent. The whole creates an addictive Eau de Parfum with a luminous style which "transform" sun light into essence. Like a precious ornament which saturates the skin on contact.

      The campaign shows Isabeli Fontana who's embodies the bright sunny intensity of the Goldea woman. Everything in her evokes the mysterious birthplace of this perfume, the cradle of sacred femininity, radiating voluptuousness and charisma. Audacious, elusive, fascinating.

Here's the video campaign, it's awesome :)

     Before i go on with my review, let's start with the packaging like usual.

      Like always, Bulgari always know how to make my jaw drop. The packaging is amazing and so beautiful! I'm in love with the bottle right away. It's sooooo elegant and looks expensive as hell. Plus the gold color is killing me, it's so beautiful! The box is also nice, but the bottle that i really like the most.

      So the purity and the perfection of its shape, molded, polished and expertly cut like the unique stones that the Roman jeweler exalts in the secret of his ateliers. Goldea shines with the brilliance of a precious stone set in gold, Bulgari's signature. The cabochon shaped bottle top recalls the myth of divine creation that have celebrated the sun since ancient Egyptian times. When depicted in two dimensions, the sun is represented as the most perfect of shapes: the circle.

      Symbolizing the sun's rays reaching Earth with the abundance they give rise to, the golden ring enhanced with scales which encircles the bottle top also features the divine and magical power of the snake that Bulgari, with the Serpenti jewels, has turned into an iconic motif which now takes its place withen the universe of it's perfumes. The two indissociable round halves of this talisman conceived as a tribute - ornament to the radiant beauty of contemporary goddesses - enhance the full curves of a dazzling and timeless femininity.  I like the bottle because it's not too heavy.

Now the scent:

Head notes: a sublime radiant top of solar crystal musk - orange blossom absolute, bergamot absolute, sun-filled raspberry.

Heart notes: a magnificent floral heart of sublime addictive musk - precious Ylang-Ylang from Comoros Islands, golden jasmine petals, luscious sweet sparkles.

Base notes: a trail of pleasure with royal ambery musk - golden pathouli, papyrus from egypt.

     I think the scent is a bit complicated to describe. It actually smells warm, strong, sweet and fresh at the same time. Normally i wouldn't like to use this kind of scent because it's strong, but i think Goldea is really nice for a special occasion or event, especially at night. The scent brings out the elegance in you and somehow powerful. Idk, but it boost up the confidence in me.
      I totally think this EDP catch the sun in a perfect way, because it does smell so warm. If you're an elegant lady, i think you'll gonna love this Goldea EDP. But since scent is a hard thing to describe, i totally recommended you to visit department store or Sephora to try this EDP yourself. If you love a warm and a strong scent, you'll love Goldea.

Rating: 4.5/5
     It's expensive but worth the scent i guess, because you'll totally feel elegant and goddess like when using this. That's why i recommend to use it only on special occasion, the scent makes you feel amazing :)
     Oh, plus you don't need to much of it as it's EDP, so you only need to spray this Goldea on few points of your body and the smell is already great and last long.


     Unfortunately this one is not gonna be on my room anymore, because my mom already asked the Goldea for her to use. Yep, she knows the one that's good and expensive, lol. But i might use it when i have a party or other special occasion that needs the powerful scent like this one for sure!


     That's all my review for now, i hope you enjoy the review and hopefully i'll be back with another fragrance review in the future. Tata for now!



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