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Review: Silver Swan Handmade Lashes (Zemire, Aponi & Gaura)

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     Welcome back to my blog! Today i'll be sharing about false eyelashes review. It's one of my favorite brand of eyelashes lately and i use the lashes really often, so why not sharing the pretty lashes review with you guys? Curious? Check out below!

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Brand : Silver Swan
Name : Silver Swan Lashes in Gaura, Aponi & Zemire
Content: 1 pair/box
Made in: Indonesia
Price : IDR 39k (around USD 3)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     So, if it wasn't for my friend, Cath, recommendation, i maybe still haven't try Silver Swan Handmade Lashes up till now hahahha. I always curious about this Silver Swan since i first saw them because the packaging is so cute, but i still have tons of eyelashes that makes me haven't try them. Anyway before that, i want to tell you little bit about Silver Swan!
      "Silver Swan was established in 2013 and has been a specialized in producing human hair handmade lashes. We proudly produce our high quality products locally in Indonesia, with an exciting mission in creating a new focus to derive women’s power and inspiration for their beauty."
     Yep! It's another Indonesian eyelashes brand! How excited right. Anyway i took sometimes before i finally choose the lashes that i really want to try because all of them look so pretty. So in the end my curiosity landed on three pair of beautiful lashes from Silver Swan, which are Gaura, Aponi and Zemire. So let's just see how good they are :)



     The packaging is so simple yet elegant! I really love the packaging. It's not too big or take too much space, making it easy to store. The only thing that i dont like is the packaging doesn't have that transparent plastic to protect the inside part. As you can see, the lashes could easily fall of its packaging if i don't place it properly. It would be nicer if they put those transparent plastic on the gap just to make it more secure. Other than that it was a really nice packaging.

     It also came with the glue and the glue work really nicely. Plus even thought it's small, it could last quite long. Oh it also really easy to apply the glue because we don't need to squeeze the glue out, but it has a little stick applicator attached to the cap. Easy peasy.

     Now let's check out one by one!

1. Zemire

     Zemire giving you the thick but still natural looking eyelashes. It looks really well on my eyes, since it's thick but somehow still quite natural especially if i want to use it for daily look. I personally really like Zemire since i can use it on special occasion or daily. Plus, even though the band is looking thick, it's actually still bendable and really nice on the eyes, not heavy or disturbing. So, it's nice.

2. Aponi

     Aponi giving you a full, luxurious looking lashes. It's thick and long, makes your eyes really glamorous. I personally doesn't find it nice to use daily as it is feels a bit heavier because it's long and thick. But still comfortable though, just i prefer to use it when i need a dramatic looking eyes. Really nice for making EOTD or when i want to apply full makeup look. This easily became one of my favorite thick and long eyelash.

3. Gaura

     Last but not least, Gaura giving you a really natural looking eyelash. The length is quite normal, a little bit longer that Zemire but waaaay lighter. I really love this for daily look, as it makes my eyes nicer without looking too much. But i can't use it for party look, because it looks so natural on my hooded eyes, just like im not wearing a lashes. Totally love it for a daily use!

Side by side comparison:


     First i do love the packaging and i also love the eyelashes. The hair is soft, also quite light (even for the thick one) and doesn't poke my eyes, so it's all good. Plus the band is easily bend and easy to use. I like all of the eyelashes type that i choose, but my favorite for daily is Gaura, because it's not too much but still giving your eyes the nice touch. Zemire is good for both daily and party look. Then Aponi is also great if you want a heavier look. I can't decide, i love all three of them! Oh, plus the glue work nicely and last all day.

+ quite light
+ doesn't look so fake (the natural ones)
+ easy to apply
+ the band is comfy and quite bendable
+ doesn't hurt/poking my eyelid
+ good for natural or party look
+ last quite long (i've been using each for more than 5 times now and the condition is still good)
+ the packaging is super pretty and convenient as it doesnt take too much space
+ good glue

- i wish they have those transparent plastic thingy on the packaging so the eyelashes is protected from dust etc

Overall Rating: 4/5

     That's all my review for now. I totally recommend you to try the lashes from Silver Swan, especially if you love to use lashes! You can check more about the lashes at their social media or website!


     So, see you guys on my next post!


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