Friday, March 9, 2018

Chit chat: 5 Fruits for Hair Treatment

 Hey hooo adorable! 

     How are you guys? Since it's still hard for me to take pictures / edit and review products (super low energy level daily), so, I'm just going to share another chit chat! This time is about hair and you maybe want to check it out if you're looking for natural hair treatment!

      Just so you know, even since I'm pregnant, I rarely take care of my self, I barely use any skincare, or even wash my face daily with cleansing foam (I literally only use water). Well, I also rarely wash my hair (mostly because I always feel cold), but well, sometimes my hair feels really gross and ugly. I wanted a creambath or other hair treatment without have to go outside (thank husband to do all the work like my personal hair therapist, all I have to do is lay in bed/chair while enjoying the treatment).  

     But while being pregnant, I realize it's better to minimize the usage of chemical product. In the other hand, most of my hair care are not that natural and I kinda want to try some natural things for my hair. So to past the time, sometimes I search about natural ingredients that my hair would love, and I found some! While I'm at it, I thought it's better to share on my blog as well - to share information with you guys what I found and also as a reminder for me to try them, because it's still an idea but I haven't try it my self hehe. So, by that thought, here are five different natural hair treatments suggestions I gathered that are from fruits you can easily get in a market nearby:

1. Avocado

     This fruit is good for you who have dry hair. Avocado contains vitamin E, C and B and also omega 3 fat acids that is good for your hair to be moisturized. Besides eating this delicious green fruit (which I actually don't like but my husband said super tasty), you can also use it as a hair mask. Crush the avocado and apply it on your hair. Leave it on for about 10 to 20 minutes. When that is done, just rinse it. Do this daily and you will have a soft hair that you can show off to the world! Might not going to try this anytime soon, not only because I'm not really fond of avocado's smell, but my hair is not exactly dry at the moment.

2 . Tomato

     Tomato is a good resolution for you who have fall outs and dandruff, who knew right? Tomato contains vitamin A, B, C and E which is an important stimulant for maintaining a healthy hair. Tomato is also said as a good source to clean up dirt that your shampoo does not pick up. You can use it for a hair mask which will also meet the needs of your hair and scalp against keratin. Besides using it on your hair, consuming tomato is also a benefit not just for your hair, but also your health! I don't like eating tomato, but since it sounds good for fall outs and dandruff, for my next hair treatment perhaps I'm going to ask my husband to use tomato haha.

3. Banana

     Besides having banana for meal or snacks, did you know that you can use banana for hair treatments as well? You can easily do so! Just smooth the banana into a paste and just smother it into your scalp. The banana will treat hair loss and help restore your shiny hair! Easy right? Will definitely try this as well, since it's for hair loss.

4. Papaya

     This healthy fruit contains vitamin A, B and C. Papaya is a good source of food (I admit this even though when I grow up i tend to hate Papaya because of the smell), but did you know that you can use papaya for your hair treatment? Yes, you can use it for hair mask and even conditioner! Papaya helps your hair with dandruff, darken your hair, and strengthen your hair roots. Ugh, the benefits are so interesting, but I do hate the smell, so we'll see.

5. Pineapple 

     Pineapple is a fruit that is well known all over the world, especially in countries that are located in the tropical area. And just so you know, it's one of my favorite fruit! Too bad since pregnancy people tend to make me avoid this fruit, so yeah, it's been quite sometimes since I taste this tasty fruit. Anyway, this fresh fruit has many content such as vitamin A, B and C, iron, calcium and phosphor. Pineapple can resolve hair fall and dry hair, thicken hair volume, and even prevent gray hair! Besides, eating it you can also use it as a hair mask! To make a hair mask, you blend the pineapple until it turns into a juice. Pour the juice into a container and leave it overnight in an open space. When tomorrow comes, you can use it as a hair mask and leave it on your hair for approximately 30 minutes. After that you can just rinse your hair or apply shampoo if you need to. Definitely will try this tasty fruit for my hair, if my tongue cannot taste it soon, at least my hair will, lol.

    I will read and find other fruits to use for my hair, but for now, these are 5 interesting fruits (which some I don't even eat) for hair needs. What do you think? Will you try it? Or have you try it? Please do share if you're interested or have experience with these natural hair treatment before! That's all for now, see you guys on my next post!



  1. So far blm prnh sih nyobain pake buah2 asli gini utk hair mask. Yg iyanya sih, aku males dan ga mau repot :p. Jd lbh milih yg udh jadi ato ke salon sekalian. Pas hamil, aku termasuk yg malah makin sering mandi dan keramas, krn ngerasa gerah trus. Seringnya lgs pake produk2 rambut yg aku pake sebelum hamil jg

    1. huahahhaa, masalah utamanya emang mageeerr. Pake yang produk jadi aja suka mager haha. Hebat jadi rajin mandi, aku sumpah maleesss, kalau kepaksa keramas itu pas rambut bener-bener lepek parah dan aku mandi ya mandi-mandi kucing doang, itupun ga tiap hari hahaha..mungkin karena kemarinan cuma nongkrong di kamar aja, ga keluar2, adem xD