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Review: Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Sample Kit

Aloha pretty!

     Today im gonna review a new local products, which are affordable (i concluded these as Green Label products, which means the price is less than IDR 100k or less than USD 10) Yay! It's Mustika Ratu Simply Stay that i got from Bblog ID! It's a sample kit, but it's quite complete! Curious?  :)

     First of all, let me tell you where and how i got this complete sample kit. So right now im participating in BBlog ID project "Everyday with Simply Stay" blogging competition! This contest is organized by BBlog ID and sponsored by Mustika Ratu. Few weeks ago BBlog ID and Mustika Ratu opened this new project for beauty blogger. All you have to do is simply register and wait, if you're lucky, you're gonna get this kit and you have to review the product to participate on this review contest.

     Lucky me, i was the chosen ones hahhaa.Well, few days ago the package came and i was so happy to see what i got! It's sample size, but it's complete and quite big! SO happy! I couldnt wait to try it and now that i have, i want to share my experience! :)
     Anyway, if you live in Indonesia, you must have known this brand, Mustika Ratu is one of the oldest makeup brand from Indonesia i guess. The price range mostly affordable and the quality is usually good. Even though the brand tittle looks old, actually Mustika Ratu is pretty much updated. Like this one for example, they have this newest products, Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Makeup which is a basic makeup that formulated specially for Indonesian or Asian women who live in the tropical zone.

     This Simply Stay basic makeup is perfect for active women who love simple makeup and love to stay pretty all the time. The formula and ingredients in this products are save to use and could last for 8 hours (and up to 12 hours).With tagline "Soft, Moist and Long-last", this product might be perfect for you guys who love to look pretty but still skin friendly and not needing too much touch up. Simply Stay products that included in the sample kit that i got are Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation, Stick Foundation, and Two Way Cake (Simply Stay actually have Loose Powder as well, but it's not included on sample kit), so im gonna review four of the products as i mentioned! Quite a lot right! Getting more curious aren't you??? Hahaha, okay now lets just move to the review!

     P.s I know it's a blogging competition and a local products, but wrote in English so my international readers (if there's any) could also read about this review. Because this is a good one, it's a shame to miss it, it's also affordable, so just keep reading okay  :)


Blog Label: Green 
Brand : Mustika Ratu
Name : Simply Stay
           (Sample Kit, included: Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation, Stick Foundation and Two Way Cake)
     -Moisturizer: 35ml
     - Liquid Foundation: 35ml
     - Stick Foundation: 15gr
     - Two Way Cake: 12gr
     - Loose Powder: 20gr
Made In : Indonesia
Price :
     - Moisturizer: IDR 15k (around USD 1.5)
     - Liquid Foundation: IDR 20k (around USD 2)
     - Stick Foundation: IDR 50k (around USD 5)
     - Two Way Cake: IDR 75k (around USD 7.5)
     - Loose Powder: IDR 60k (around USD 6)

     First let's check out the packaging. Well, im not gonna say much about packaging, because mine is a sample kit, so it's not gonna look exactly what it's gonna look like in real size. But im gonna put on some picture of the real size product as well, so you'll have the idea what they're gonna look like.
     The front side of my sariayu simply stay set packaging, simple with all the products picture and also picture of the pretty Putri Indonesia, Elvira Devinamara. Plus you can see the label "Halal", so as Muslim, you dont have to worry if you want to use this makeup, it's guaranteed.  

    The back side, you can see all the products and also how to apply plus the function of each products. There are moisturizer, liquid foundation, stick foundation, loose powder and also the two way cake. You can see the full size products version in this picture too, just zoom in (i didnt really find the full size products pictures on the Mustika Ratu site, im gonna update it later when i found it).

    Here also stated that the package only contain four of the products, minus the loose powder and also the available colors.

The closer look. 

Four different shades for each products.

Another side contain some more details.

Tadaaaa, you can just slide to open it.

     Here's what inside, quite wow! You can see, there are 4 different shades of stick foundation on the upper left side, four different shades of two way cake on the other side, two moisturizer and four different shades of liquid foundation.

  Stick foundation and two way cake are protected by a transparent plastic.

     Thats what i get, almost complete set of Simply Stay, just minus the loose powder. Still cool right hahaha.

Let's move to the swatch!
     First the moisturizer Normal to Oily Skin. Because my skin tends to get oily i guess this is the perfect one for me. The texture is soft, but not too watery, so you need to blend it fast on your face because it become quite sticky easily and gonna be hard to blend if you wait for too long. It leaves your skin moist and ready for makeup. I only hate that i need to blend it fast because it's not too watery hahaha.
How to use: Apply evenly on your face and also neck.
Rating: 4/5

     The second moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin, this actually feels a bit the same with the first one, almost the same texture and need to blend fast on your face too. Make my face moist afterward.
How to use: Apply evenly on your face and also neck.
Rating: 4/5
    The first liquid foundation, Pearly White. It might look dark, but once applied it's gonna look white, a bit like bb cream i guess. The texture is also soft and quite easy to blend, but like other foundation, you need to blend it fast to make it evenly. The color is quite good on me and blend quite nice to my skin. For you that have a white skin (but more pinkish than yellow, you might want to get this one).
How to use: Apply evenly throughout your face and neck.
Rating: 4/5

     The second liquid foundation, Smoothie Yellow, this is perfect for you guys who has a white skin with a yellow tone, i quite prefer this one out of the first one because i feel that my skin is more yellow tone than pink. The texture is the same and you also need to blend it fast.
How to use: Apply evenly throughout your face and neck.
Rating: 4/5
     Third, is Caramel Latte, the texture is also the same, soft and quite easy to blend. The color is perfect for you who have a darker skin tone, it's not too dark that i guess i still can make it blend quite well with my skin with a proper amount and a lighter powder afterward.
How to use: Apply evenly throughout your face and neck.
Rating: 4/5
    Last but not least, this is Sweet Choco. The color might look way too dark, but once applied i guess it's not that dark. Well it surely not really match with my skin and it makes my skin looks grey once applied. It might be perfect for you who has a darker skin tone (or Sawo Matang skin tone perhaps). Dont worry, it's also applicable as light shading, so i love it too. The texture is also soft and easy to blend as long as you do it fast.
How to use: Apply evenly throughout your face and neck.
Rating: 4/5

     This is each of the liquid foundation together, you can see the differences. Left to right: Pearly White, Smoothie Yellow, Caramel Latte, Sweet Choco. The texture are all nice and quite easy to blend, but you need to hurry, it dries quite fast just like other foundation. The coverage is medium, it can cover blemish but not really a big pimple hahaha, as you can see on all of the swatch pictures above, my big pimple is showing hahhaa. Anyway, which color is your choice??

    Then, lets move on to the Stick Foundation. It's also easy to blend and i guess gonna be perfect for contour and highlight better than the liquid one because it's so easy to apply. You can see the difference on the pictures, the last shade is way to dark like usual that makes my skin looks greyish. The coverage is better than the liquid one, but my big pimple is not going anywhere. I guess it's my pimple that impossible hahaha.
How to use: Apply evenly on your face using hand or sponge.
Rating: 4/5

     Last but not least, here are the two way cake. Also have four shades and it's not too powdery, blend easily and can be use alone with puff or brush (for daily if you dont want to use heavy foundation), or you can use it as a finishing with a brush (not puff) so you can apply it light and nicely. You can also use the darker shade for shading and lighter one as highlight.
How to use: Apply evenly throughout your face and neck with puff.
Rating: 4/5
Here, i also have a tutorial using these Mustika Ratu Simply Stay products for complexion :

1. Clean and moisturize your face with Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Moisturizer evenly (i used normal to oily moisturizer).
2. Apply light amount of Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Liquid Foundation all over your face (i used Smoothie Yellow).
3. Conceal parts that need special attention with Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Stick Foundation (i used Smoothie Yellow).
4. Contour and highlight your nose, cheek, forehead and also jaw with Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Stick Foundation (i used Sweet Choco as contour and Pearly White as highlight).
5. Blend it evenly throughout your face.
6. Apply light amount of Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Two Way Cake evenly on your face using brush. You can use Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Loose Powder for even a lighter finish. (I used Two Way Cake Smoothie Yellow).

And tadaaa, this is the result with blush on, eye makeup and lipstick :)

     Because i used liquid foundation before the contour and highlight with stick foundation, the result gonna be a bit thicker and im not suggesting to put that much makeup for daily use. Instead, i have another way for daily use, get rid of the liquid foundation and only use stick foundation directly for highlight and contour. Check another complexion tutorial below, plus i have this contour map as well (which i used for my independence day makeup inspired, CHECK HERE).

1. Contour and highlight your face using Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Stick Foundation right
after you apply Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Moisturizer. You can use my contour and highlight map as reference or anything that suit your face shape more. I used Sweet Choco as contour and Pearly White as highlight.
2. Blend them all evenly. And you can see that the shading is enough and perfect for daily, not way too much.
3. Apply Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Two Way Cake (or Loose Powder) with brush all over your face for finishing. I used Smoothie Yellow.
P.s If the shading is not enough for you, you can always thicken it with the darker shade of Two Way Cake (like Sweet Choco perhaps), it's also good for shading.


      Well, i think i dont have to say much in here, because i already tell you each of the product rating in Swatch section. Hahaha. But i need to tell you that this are nice for this price range and im proud that Indonesia product is became better and better each day! It does stay long on my face. Once i used it on August, 17th, it was from 1pm up to 10pm and i think it does stay well. I dont need much touch up and i love how it doesnt makes my face oily. Im quite happy with the oil control!

     The left picture is at about 1pm, not long after i put on makeup and the right picture is about 9pm (sorry for the lack of lipstick, i was too tired to put on lipstick hahaha). But as you can see that even though my puffy eyes already showed up, the fact that my face lack of oil makes me happy hahahha.

+ affordable
+ easy to get in Indonesia
+ last long
+ good oil control
+ perfect set for complexion
+ can be used in many way

- the coverage is only medium especially when there's a big pimple (but it's perfect for daily though, so it's not really a cons or pro hahha)
- must blend it quickly
- the packaging is soooo simple (dont blame me, im a sucker for cute packaging)
But overall i love this package and these are perfect for daily, you should go get it! :)
Overall Rating: 4/5

     Anyway i hope you enjoy reading this review and find this useful. To keep in mind, even though these products i got for free and for the sake of competition, i hereby decree that all of the statement above are based on my own experience and i dont fake it.

Thanks for visiting and wish me luck! :)


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