Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Event Report: Female Daily Beauty Workshop ft. YSL - August 30th, 2014

Welcome September!!

     How are you guys?? Been quite lazy last month, idk whats going on, but i was super tired all day, not in the mood to do anything, didnt want to get out from bed...Oh well, actually still do till now, plus im sick, 2 weeks already with this cough and flu. I really want to disappear or just stay in the sea for like hours to gain my mood back. trying to get a life now (a.k.a back to blogging, do review, and doing thesis of course). Wish me luck!
     Sorry for a quite long chit chat, now back to business! Anyway, i want to post last Saturday beauty workshop that i attended. It was Female Daily Beauty Workshop featuring Yves Saint Laurent with their newest eyeshadow, the couture palette!

     So, in this beauty workshop, we learned how to put on eye makeup, especially how to put on 3 different eye makeup look with one couture palette from YSL. Nice right! This couture palette has 11 different palette with different colors in each palette, but all of them are really pretty! I really like the one Cara Delvingne used (like in the banner), couture palette number 10, with totally cool pop colors inside the palette. Unfortunately that one palette is sold out and not even the sample available, so hahhaa havent try it yet :P
     Anyway the design of this couture palette is inspired by Mondrian Dress, also from YSL in the 1960's. It has 5 different colors in each of the palette. Well let's just check out the palette here!

     So, it was morning, at about 10am on Female Daily base at Kemang . That was my first time to visit FD office. Since, seriously im not that kind of person who love to stroll at Kemang street, which is very crowded and often jammed by the traffic. 
     I came with my bf, at first i wanted him to take picture of me while doing the makeup, but he was so shy that he choose just to stay at the car. Oh well. When i arrived, the room was almost full by participant, but the event hasn't started yet. Luckily, they offered snacks and drink, like coffee break, so i could fill up my empty stomach! 
     About 20mins or so after i arrived the event was finally starting! I sat on the back table with three other ladies, which at first felt a bit awkward since no one start a conversation, hahhaa. Im shy actually, im not good at starting a conversation, but after a few minutes i tried to be brave and asked their name. Phew! It was awkward at first but as the event goes by, we became the most noisy group ever! Hahaha. Seriously people thought that we were already friends before the event. Anyway, the ladies i met were Namira, Lova, and Yudith. They're lovely and super nice! 
 The event finally started!

Some snacks and drinks, yumm!

Here's the couture palette that my table got, it was number 7. It may look a bit brown here, but it actually more to purple shade.

 Some other products, lipstick, makeup remover, lipgloss and else.

 My bare before face. 

 Tadaaaa, after the makeup using couture palette and other products from YSL!

Tadaaaahh.. it's a bit purple-brown shade, weird, but i like the color.

 We surely wont forgot to take a picture together! 
From left to right: Yudith - Lova - Namira - Me - Mba Ipong

Four of us in action!

Well, SURPRISE! Turned out, three of my fellow beauty blogger friends were there too! Omg, how can i missed them?? Seriously i didnt see anyone except Putri, it was even Putri who approached me first or else seriously, i wouldnt notice until the event done. But im so glad i met them! :)
Anyway, oh god why, im super short -.-
From left to right: Hani - Putri - Me - Alfia

 Another picture of us! (P.s Yudith was in the toilet so she wasnt in the pic haha)

Last but not least, my picture with Mba Hani. She's very sweet!
     That's a wrap! Well, i did get a goodie bag, it was one heavenly blush yogurt and YSL lotion sample. But i accidentally left it on a table and went straight out. Since i wasnt head back home already and i was eating right outside FD office, i suddenly remember i forgot my goodie bag. Therefore i came back, but when i back the tables were already cleaned up and i ask a lady near the table but she said she didnt see anything. So oh well, goodbye goodie bag -.-
     I told this incase you ask me why i didnt post any goodie bag picture like i usually do. Hahaha. Quite a lost, but oh well, it's just sample (but it still YSL sampleeee hahhahaha). Not my luck! Hehe..

Thats my Female Daily beauty workshop ft Yves Saint Laurent experience, i hope you guys enjoy! 



  1. Wah cakeeeeeeuppp Ola. Aku juga lagi flu berat nih. Get well soon Ola :*

    Sweet Therapy by Ririe Prameswari

    1. hahhaa thanks ririeee!
      Iya nih flu uda hampir 3 minggu lebih T_T
      get well soon juga buat mu :)