Friday, August 8, 2014

Scarlet Witch Comic Version Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

     Miss me?? Hahaha actually im not sure at all if someone waiting for my blog post or no -.- Im just trying to be communicative here hahaha. Anyway finally im back with a makeup tutorial, not just some daily makeup tutorial, but this is a makeup look that applicable for cosplay! Yep, anyone want to be Scarlet Witch?? Here's my makeup look for this awesome character!

     Idk why but suddenly i want to become Scarlet Witch. Hahaha, so i made my own headpiece with cardboard and cover it with red fabric. Unfortunately i have no tutorial for it since it was my first trial and i wasnt sure what i was doing. I wasnt even sure that the headpiece is actually done. Well, it's not done since i only cover the front part with fabric while the back side is still messy as hell! Hahaha, but oh well, im just gonna use it on my room anyway. And for the costume, it's not a costume at all, it's a leftover fabric from my snow white costume, it's very short but i still can tie it up into a cape-like, so it's good. Then i used my red dress because i dont have any red swimsuit kinda like the one Scarlet Witch use. But at least it doesnt show on picture! Hahaha.
     As for the makeup, i made a mess as well actually, i didnt plan what i want the eye makeup turns out, so i spend a quite sometimes doing the eye makeup and im not really loving the result, but oh well, it's hard to make a tutorial without a plan, so i guess it's quite okay. Then, because my face wasnt really in a good condition for the last few days, my face base didnt do very well that it was almost disappear in the middle of photo session (welcome back dark circle), plus i choose the wrong shade of foundation (1 tone darker than my skin), idk what the hell i was thinking. It was already night and i really want this thing done fast, so i continued without fixing my makeup anymore. Well, hopefully i have time to do a second project for Scarlet Witch makeup look, but here's what i got now! Lets check it out!

Im so sorry it's not wow. Hahahaha, but i tried. 

    Like i said, i managed to make a tutorial as well. Well i hope this can be a reference for you guys who want to cosplay as Scarlet Witch! And also like i mention before, it's not that great, but quite okay for a first trial >_<
Click on the picture for larger view if this too small to read.
Product Used:
-The Balm Face Primer Time Balm
-Makeover Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation - Amber Rose 04  

-Sariayu Foundation - Kuning Langsat
-Missha Under Eye Brightener - Natural Beige
-Sariayu Loose Powder - Kuning langsat
-Make Up Academy Bronzer - Shade 1
-Makeover Face Contour Kit

-Viva Eye Base Gel
-The Balm Nude 'tude
-Mizzu Pen Eyeliner - Black
-Mizzu Chrome Eyeliner Gel - Black
-MUA Secret Fashion Gel Liner - Black Fashion Mogul
-Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
-D'eyeko Premium False Eyelashes - Super Full 136
-Exoticon X2 Fame - Brown

-The Balm Nude 'tude

-NYX Lip Liner Pencil - 844 Deep Red
-Maybelline Color Sensational - 645 Red Revival
-Maybelline Color Sensational - 435 Plum Perfect
-NYX Lipstick - LSS530 Penelope


     I use so many lipstick because i dont have the perfect color i want, so i have to mix and match, but perhaps if i have Saleem from Lime Crime, im gonna use it instead. I hope the tutorial isnt confusing and here are some more pictures of me as Scarlet Witch!

I hope you enjoy this post and i hope i can do better next time! :D


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