Monday, July 28, 2014

Eid Mubarak Makeup Inspiration (With Tutorial)

Hey guys!!

     Im back and HAPPY EID MUBARAK 1435H !! I wish you all the greatest wishes and i hope we'll have a better days ahead of us! In this post im gonna share makeup look that applicable on Eid Mubarak day. I bet you guys who celebrate Eid Mubarak gonna have a busy day visiting relatives and family. Of course, you'll need a nice glowing makeup look :)

     So, to tell you the truth is i actually dont wear makeup on Eid (im too lazy and yes i rarely use makeup daily as well), but here are a inspiration look you can do if you always use makeup on Eid and wonder what kind of natural look you should do this year. :)

     This is actually a really simple and fast makeup tutorial, thats why i guess it's very applicable on Eid, when you dont have much time because it's a busy day hahaha. It's a brown-peach-light gold combination eye makeup, pardon my camera that it doesnt really shows how the color turned out, but it's actually pretty nice and not dull :)
     And i tried to make this as simple as i can because my point is to show your ramadhan glowing face in a natural way. Now let's just check the tutorial! :)

     See, really easy and looks natural right? Here's some tips, because maybe you're gonna want to show your ramadhan glow on this special day but not too much, instead using contour kit, i used shimmering bronzer and it works nicely to make a pretty glowing face. Also add a light pinkish blush to make your cheek looks even healthier. Dont be shy to use some shimmering eyeshadow in with light color cause it makes your eyes looks pretty :)
     Then, instead of using heavy foundation, you can change it into a lighter one, or use bb cream or other things if your face doesnt have too many flaws to conceal. This way you face not gonna look tired easily after a long day visiting families. And one thing that i forgot to mention on the tutorial is "secure your face with loose powder after applying everything". Hahaha. Then dont forget to give your lips a little scrub because i know how ramdhan made the lips chapped, so give a little scrub to exfoliate the dead skin and moisturized it with lip balm like about 15 mins before applying lipstick. Your lips gonna looks softer and lipstick will stick better! ;)

Product Used:
-Sariayu Foundation - Kuning Langsat
-Sariayu Loose Powder - Kuning langsat
-Make Up Academy Bronzer - Shade 1
-NYX Blush - PB28 Bourgeois Pig

-Viva Eye Base Gel
-The Balm Nude 'tude
-Mizzu Pen Eyeliner - Black
-Mizzu Chrome Eyeliner Gel - Black
-Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
-Yukkiyuna Eyelash - Sweet Angel

-The Balm Nude 'tude

-Maybelline Color Sensational - Crazy For Toffee 275

Here are some other pictures! Not much because my camera keep messing up with me -.-

  Thats it, i hope the tutorial helps! And once again i wish you a Happy Eid Mubarak! Wish Allah will always leads our way and i wish a great years ahead of us!



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