Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chit chat: My Cinderella Moment (Cinderella Makeup Inspired and Cinderella's Date Night Experience)

Hey guys!!

     So today i want to share a bit of chit chat, a.k.a something about my daily life experience! So two weeks ago i won this amazing chance to watch Cinderella for free from Disney Studio Indo! Check out more below and also find some easy tips to dress up as movie Cinderella, of course all you need first is a nice blue dress!

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     So, i've been dying to watch this new cinderella movie when it first came on the cinema. But i don't like to watch in too much crowd that i tend to wait a week or two before actually watch the movie. Well, magic do happen, i was like randomly answered a quiz from Disney Studio Indo's facebook page because i saw that the prize is free to watch Disney Cinderella (means i don't have to queue for a long time only to get the ticket), i wasn't really paying attention the other details though hahhaa, which in complete was a Cinderella's Date Night: watch Cinderella and dinner with Disney Cinderella's Brand Ambassador from Indonesia, Sandra Dewi. She's an actress but i don't know much about her (she's famous actually, but i don't really pay attention to Indonesian actress and actor, sorryyy).
     Anyway, luckily , i won! They just sent me message and told me that i won! Hahaha, i was totally happy that i could watch Cinderella faster than i thought! Well, i got two tickets and of course my prince, Ichi, that accompanied me (as usual).

       Hehehe, so it was held on Kota Kasablanka and guess what?? I managed to finish my Cinderella inspired dress in time! Well, as i heard, even magic takes a little time hehhee. I'm so shy at first but Ichi told me to have courage to use the dress, after all i really love to dress up as a princess. Anyway, when it got to Kokas, i was double happy that they have this super big Cinderella's carriage! I had to queue for a while before i could take pictures there. Unfortunately i only use my phone to take picture and the result is ugly. Really bad quality :(

     I was totally shy to go up there using my Cinderella inspired dress. Ugh, i have this really low self esteem actually, even more after i get fatter and fatter hahhahaa. Thank God, i have a totally cool and lovely boyfriend that keeping me calm and have courage. Anyway at 8 we ate dinner and then at 9 we finally watch the movie on premiere studio!

Cinderella shoeee!!! How i really wish i could get one :( 

 Me after dinner. I even styled my hair just like Cinderella in the movie! Too bad my hair is not long enough and no curl last long enough hahaha.

 And here my super boyfriend!

So, in premier studio, the seat is very comfy and each seat has a blanket! Perfect for watching~ 

   And this is Ichi with Sandra Dewi, hahhaha, he's quite happy to take a picture with beautiful lady. Oh yeah, Sandra is actually really nice and pretty, just like a princess!

 This is me trying to look like Cinderella, but of course failed, big time! Hahhaha, i'm fat cinderella :P

Right after the movie, my lipstick is already gone hahaha. I totally loveeee the movie! 

     Well, unfortunately the Cinderella is not really what i expected (i mean the face structure and eyes, it's not blue!!), but i love how Lily James could bring out Cinderella's personality so well, that is Cinderella may be kind, but she's still trying to do what's right and defense herself. 
     Plus, i love the Dilly Dilly (Lavender's Blue) version in Cinderella movie! I could sing it all day~ 
     Anyway, while i'm at it, i have some tips about movie Cinderella makeup inspired. Well, it's not really the same because i though she's using a really natural eye makeup, which in the movie i realize that the eye makeup is darker than i thought, even they wrapped it in still a really natural look.

But here goes my eye makeup back then:

     I used brown eyeshadow for this eye makeup. I made it darker on the outer v to make my eyes appear bigger. If you notice, movie Cinderella doesn't really use a bold eyeliner, but i used black to make my eyes pop. I also add a falsies to make my eyes looks even better (my lashes way too short). I don't really have a tutorial, but basically i applied lighter brown on my eyelid and darker brown on my outer v and up to the outer crease, then i put on some eyeliner, mascara and falsies.
     But, after i watched the movie, i say you can go even darker with the brown eyeshadow, maybe something like color "Sophisticated" and "Silly" from The Balm Nude 'tude combination. As for the lips, you might want to try something coral. I used my PAC matte lipstick in Indian Red, and i think it's perfect, so you might want to try it when you want to do your makeup like Cinderella.

 After the makeup done, just style your hair like her and put on your blue dress! And tadaaaa, you're ready to be Cinderella! 

So here's one more pic! Hehehe. 

Anyway, have to watch the new Cinderella?? What do you think about the movie?
Last but not least, have courage and be kind! :)


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