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Review: Max Factor Lipfinity - 006 Always Delicate


   I know i've been way too lazy for this past few weeks (all i do is reading Darren Shan - one of my fave book series- watching movie, eat and sleep, im not even doing my thesis or thinking about my blog) hehehe, so, if you're really looking forward for a review from my blog, i'm really sorry! But here I am! Hehehe, now I'm going to share a quick review of Max Factor Lipfinity no.006 (Always Delicate)! I got this from Max Factor Makeup Demo at BBMeetUp last month! So here goes the review :)

Lihat postingan dalam Bahasa Indonesia DI SINI
Blog Label: Yellow
Brand : Max Factor
Name : Lipfinity (no.006 - Always Delicate)
Content: 1 lip colour (2.3ml) and 1 lip clear moisturising balm (1.9g)
Made In : Ireland
Price : IDR 130k (around USD13)
Price based on Indonesia store.

     So this lippy claimed to stay put up to 24hrs!

     First, let's see the packaging!

Well, the packaging is quite simple yet eye catchy with gold and pink colors. Anyway each packaging has a different color, so i notice, it depends on what shade the lippy is. Mine is no.006, Always Delicate which is in a salmon pink color.

Here's what inside, two lippy, left is the lip color and the right one is the moisturizing balm.

Step one: the liquid color just look like normal liquid matte lipstick with smooth applicator.

Step two: the moisturizing balm. Just look like any other normal clear balm. It does moisturizing.

     Let's see the swatch!
So, when you apply step two (the mostirizing balm), the finishing will be semi-matte. But as the balm wore of (3-5hr i guess), the liquid lippy will stay put on your lips, you can just add more balm if you want it to be semi-matte again (or more moisturizing). If you only use step one, it'll be totally matte and quite drying up the lips. Here goes the swatch on my lips:

It's really light on my lips, and the cam flash make it even brighter. But it' not that quite different from real life, only a bit darker, but still, waaayyy to bright for my face. I look ill when i use this kind of color. Totally need a massive smokey eye to make this color look nice on me (at least that's what i think). I don't really have a picture of full face me using this lippy, but i'll update soon, so you'll know how it end up on me!


      Well it does stay really long, i haven't really use it for 24hr, but 12hr or so and it still on my lips, even after heavy eating and drinking. I have to say, i'm amazed. I have to clean it with oil base cleanser, because water or something like Bioderma just won't get rid of the lippy. I tried using water once, and it took me a long time plus it hurt my lips because i over-scrubbed it, so oil makeup cleanser is the best choice for cleaning the lippy from your lips.
     The texture is not that thick, quite light and easy to apply on the lips.But don't put too much as it will never dry and gonna be really sticky. Well, the bad thing is, it's quite looks like it drying up my lips since i first use it and it flakes a bit, especially on the inner lips part. But it does stays all day and even water can't washed it out. You need to use baby oil/oil cleanser like i mention before. But it looks quite dry on my lips (even actually it doesn't feel so dry, only look that way) and i don't really likes how it looks on my lips.

+quite easy to apply
+texture is fine
+great staying power
+only dry up a bit when it turns matte
+can be use as matte or semi-matte
+doesn't stain

-create a bit flakes in the inner lips after few hours
-looks like drying up the lips
-the color is too light, i prefer darker one hehe

     In conclusion i like find this Max Factor Lipfinity quite so-so. I like how it stays all day, but i don't like how it makes my lips look really dry in few hours (it doesn't really dry the lips though, only looks really dry). Well, if you a matte lover and doesn't mind a bit dry up, you might want to try it as it stays all day, literally can stay up to 24hr.

Overall Rating: 3/5 
     Well, that's all, if you want to try Max Factor Lipfinity, you can just look it up to any dept store i guess! Thanks for reading my review!


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