Monday, August 31, 2015

Experience: Hair Coloring With Beautylabo (Review and Video Tutorial)

Aloha everybody!

     So, today i'm going to share another hair coloring experience at home, by my self of course. I just did it actually like few hours ago and i use Beauty Labo in Raspberry Pink color that I got it from Kawaii Beauty Japan! Well, let's just check it out shall we!

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First thing first!
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Brand : Beauty Labo (Hoyu)
Name : R7 Raspberry Pink
Content: - 1 Cream Colorant
              - 1 Cream Developer
              - 1 Nozzle
              - 1 Pair of Protective Gloves
              - 1 Instruction Leaflet
Made In : Thailand (although supervised by Hoyu CO.,Ltd., Japan)
Price : about IDR 50k (around USD5)
           P.s last time i went to the mall, i saw this Beauty Labo was on discount for like IDR 30k something, around $3, so grab it fast! hehhee.
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

Available in 6 colors

     Now let's check on the packaging!

The packaging is actually cute because it's pink! Hahaha the box designed in a kawaii way :P
Anyway you can see the instruction, caution and also ingredients on the box. 

Let's proceed to next step! "How to use it!"

 So this box contain 5 items to be exact. 1 Cream Colorant, 1 Cream Developer, 1 Nozzle, 1 Instruction Leaflet and 1 pair of gloves. Too bad they don't have the protective conditioner, but you can use your own conditioner when washing it. So your hair will not be too dry.

 Don't forget to read the instruction and do the allergy test! It's really important. At least do the allergy test for 24-48hr. 

 After you do your allergy test and no allergy appear, it means it's safe to continue. But if any rash appear, do not use it. To continue all you have to do is mix the cream colorant into cream developer bottle and shake-shake until it changes color.  Then you're ready to use it!
Do not forget to use your gloves or it'll stain your hand!

For more how to do it, check on the video bellow! 

     Sorry if the video is kinda bad hehhee, it's my first time talking on my video and i only use my phone to record it. Since recording on my pocket cam took more memory and sometimes the windows movie maker just won't process it, like wth. 


     Well, for a really cheap hair coloring, it's not bad really. The color is good, especially when im outside, inside lighting just won't do the justice hehehe. The color might not really look different in my camera or video, but it's actually redder than before. Like i would have imagine, the color is not the same as in the box because i started with a dark hair color with no bleaching at all. So the result it more like reddish brown. But i quite like this color as it look like my last shade as well.
     The disturbing thing is that they don't have the comb nozzle. so it's quite hard to apply the color without brushing it. At least i felt that way hehee, but no biggie since i can use my own comb. The other thing is, they don't include the protective cream/conditioner in the box, which can makes your hair a bit dry (not that much though, but still), so make sure you use conditioner right after you color it. 

+ easy to use
+ simple instruction
+ pretty color
+ cute packaging
+ easy to find
+ 1 bottle enough for my hair
+ cheap

- no comb nozzle
- no protective cream/conditioner

Overall Rating: 4/5

     For it's price i should say i love it. Now i wonder how the lighter color would look on me hahahhaa. :)

Anyway that's all my review for now, see you on my next post!



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