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Review: Anna Sui Protective BB Cream

Hey guys!

    I'm back with a super duper new product review! Well, it's also quite a brand new item from Anna Sui, especially in Indonesia, it just launched maybe few weeks/months ago. Well, if you're a fan of light makeup, or BB Cream, or Anna Sui, or you just like a really cute packaging, you need to read this!

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Brand : Anna Sui
Name : Anna Sui Protective BB Cream
Content: 21ml
Made In : Japan (US Product though)
Price : IDR 280k (around USD28)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     Available in two shade, no.1 and no.2. This Anna Sui Protective BB Cream said that they not only offer a normal BB Cream, but a formulated BB Cream that perfect for spring or summer. It also offer a multifunctional BB Cream that can also be primer, foundation, UV Protection and Skincare.
The features are:
- No powder necessary, one wipe yields a soft, semi-matte finish
- Polished and poreless, that the pore focus gel will absorb on your pores and can camouflages your big pores into a smaller pores.
- Ultra lightweight yet perfect coverage with a translucent finish.
- High UV Protection & High Spread ability
- Semi matte and lasting finish.
- Contain lychee extract which can help maintain your skin collagen and moisturizing your skin.
- Contain peppermint leaves extract that can help refreshing, soothing and as an anti-inflammation.
So it's not just covering the imperfection but can help your skin too!

Is that true? Let's see my review about it hehhehe

     First, let's see the cute elegant packaging!

 The box is as always sophisticated and elegant, like normal Anna Sui products! Me? Love it!

 and this is what insideeee!

 This may look normal to you, but i imagine at least if a princesses use BB Cream, they would like the design to be like this hahahaa. Plus you need to see the cap, it's sooooo pretty!

Whatever i do, i will not lose the cap lol.


Anna Sui Protective BB Cream texture is quite light but not too watery. I got shade no.2 and it suits me pretty much! You see it on my hand? When i blend it the color absorb perfectly and really resemble my skin. Of course it's a bit lighter for my face, but after a few moment the shade will adjust and perfectly fit the skin! Especially when i add shading or bronzer hehehe. 

This is the swatch on my face.

     I take a picture right after i use it, so it might still look too white and my camera doesn't really do justice like usual hehehe. Because it's a bb cream, you can see that the coverage it's not full, especially it can't really hide the bumpy acne face. But it covers my uneven skin quite perfectly. It feels quite light on the face and the best thing, it can covers my panda eyes quite good!

I recorded a video on how to use this BB Cream:

     Basically all you have to do is apply it by dotting it on your face and blend. As for the panda eyes, i put some amount under my eyes and wait for a moment before blending it by dab-dab the bb cream. The result for panda eyes? Amazing, as i didn't use any concealer or base but it can covers my panda eyes pretty good :)


     The texture is not that light, but not thick also, and it's not too watery, just perfect i guess. When applied on the face, it's also feels light, but still, you can tell that you're wearing some cream, but it's not heavy even after a few hours. Plus, it feel a bit cool when i apply it, i guess it's because the mint (back then i haven't read that it contain mint hehhee).
     Well, about the coverage, i should say it's not as good as when using foundation (like ofc), but it's quite good hiding the uneven skin tone or acne redness, it just won't hide the bump or dark acne color perfectly. The finish is semi matte, so yes, you don't need to add more powder actually, because it's last quite long even without powder. Hmm, normally i could stay up 3-5hrs on my skin, it might be a bit oily after a few hours, but not much, which makes my skin looks dewy and healthy. If you prefer matte all the time, you can always fix it with a little powder.
     Last but not least, i'm in love with the simple yet sophisticated scent and packaging.
     Like all of Anna Sui product it smells like rose and i love it!
     Oh and it does makes my pores look smaller hehehe.

+ quite light in the face
+ doesn't look cakey
+ semi matte finish
+ last quite long
+ has extra purpose like as primer and skin care
+ has a little cool feeling when applied
+ smells so damn nice
+ cute packaging
+ easy blend
+ light-medium coverage
+ perfect for daily
+ smaller pores look
+ high UV protection
- a bit pricey for a bb cream (but for this i guess worth it tho)
- contain too little bb cream, only 21ml hahhaha

Overall Rating: 4/5

     I love Anna Sui Protective BB Cream! I mostly use this when im out if im not using my cushion. :)

I use Anna Sui Protective BB Cream in both pic :)

Anyway that's all my review for now, well my advice is go get it (im a sucker for cute packaging and nice smell hahahhaa).


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