Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Dove Volume Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner


     Today's im back with a new review! Well not just any beauty review, but this one is a hair related! Not just one item, but im going to review two! New shampoo and conditioner from Dove! They said it's perfect to make your hair looks healthy, is that so? Check out the review below!

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Brand : Dove
Name : Dove Volume Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner
Content: 70ml (shampoo) & 160ml (conditioner). They also have some other size as well.
Made In/Manufactured In : Indonesia 
Price : It's less than IDR20 for the smaller one and about IDR25 or so for the bigger one. (Range: $1 - $4)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     First, the packaging~
 1. Shampoo
 The packaging looks fresh in my eyes. With white and transparent light blue cap. Well, basically it looks like another dove packaging only with different color.
 The cap. 
 And here's the shampoo. Transparent and nice consistency. Can easily produce bubble on hair and can be wash easily. What i like is this shampoo doesn't dry up the hair after i wash it. Some shampoo actually make hair a bit coarse and dry after washing, i don't really like it. But this one is nice! Because it makes me doesn't need to apply conditioner anymore actually hahahha.

 2. Conditioner
 The conditioner also have quite the same packaging with the shampoo. Only the cap is in the bottom part of the bottle. 

 The cap.

Here's the conditioner. The texture is just perfect, not too thick but not too light. Can be easily spread on the hair evenly without needing too much of it. The result? It makes my hair even shinier and soft! It makes my dry hair (because of constant coloring few months ago) getting better!


     Well, this does makes hair softer and doesn't make my hair looks oily easily. Sometimes when shampoo makes my hair soft, it tends to make it look oily faster than usual. So this Dove Volume Nourishment is good! Also, my hair still look thick with good volume and doesn't make it totally straight. That's good for me. Plus, it feels refreshing and the smell is nice :)

+ easy to use
+ soften the hair
+ does not leave hair dry
+ smell nice
+ feel fresh on my hair and scalp
+ cheap
+ easy to find
- nothing yet

Overall Rating: 4/5

     Even though this shampoo and conditioner are good for my hair, unfortunately it doesn't really get rid my dandruff or help with hair fall so far. But maybe if i keep on using them, they will eventually help getting rid those two thing because this products feel nice of my hair!
     So this is my natural dried hair right after shampooing with Dove Volume Nourishment. As you can see, the hair looks having more volume, no tangled hair and it's sooofft! I just comb it and no styling whatsoever, so pardon the messy hair style. I haven't trim it as well this few months so it's totally messy and no style.

--- That's all my review for now, if you want softer hair but doesn't look oily, this shampoo and conditioner are a good choice! See you!


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