Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Experience: Royal Kingdom - Cosplay Party

Hey guys!!

     Welcome back to my blog! Today i want to share recent experience of mine! Well, about two weeks ago i attended a Royal Kingdom - Cosplay Party at Valentines Day! Curious what is it all about and did i have fun? Check below!

tagled rapunzel

     I'm just gonna use english today because im to lazy to make two posts. Anyway few weeks before Valentine, i came across one of my friend's post on my facebook wall (Earlene, she's a cosplayer), and saw this flyer about Royal Kingdom event. It looks exciting for me since i didn't have any plan for Valentine because i'm not really celebrating it. But royalty cosplay at Valentines Day surely interesting hehehe.

     To tell you the truth, i don't really care about the event at first, i just want to be a princess and have fun with my boyfriend. Frankly, i didn't even know all of the guess stars hehehe. I love to put on costume and stuff, but i'm not really familiar with cosplayer community, only a few people i know. In fact i love to participate on a cosplay/costume event just because it's the only time i can be any princess or character i want without being judge "crazy" hahhahaa.

     Well, anyway i finally asked my boyfriend to sign up for the event and he was fine with it. The ticket was quite affordable, IDR 100k for 1 person and IDR 150k for couple it's just like paying for meals. I didn't spend so much time on the costume, because i'm using my favorite couple costume: Rapunzel & Flynn! Even my rapunzel's skirt floral design isn't actually done yet (i ain't got time for that), but all i added was a tiara! But it doesn't event took a day, just a few hours of making.

     It was just the wig that confused me, you know, i can't decide whether to use my blonde long wig or the short brown one. After a loooongg thinking and asked my boyfriend like a thousand times, i finally decided to use the blonde one hahaha. 

rapunzel crown
My DIY Rapunzel tiara, tadaaa~ I will soon make a tutorial for this Rapunzel Tiara on my blog! It's super easy but surely a bit tiring :) 

     Anyway the weather was awful that day. It was raining heavily and made us late because some spot was flooded. We arrived a bit late, because we still need to change at the hotel restroom since i couldn't possibly using my wig and my costume at the car like i usually do,because it was still a bit raining. But luckily the event hasn't start yet and it started right after we seated, yay!

rapunzel cosplay

flynn rider

     After the opening they served the food, starting from the bread and soup, then to the main course, steak or salmon. I choose the steak one because i prefer meat than fish normally hehe. The soup was nice and the steak was quite good, but i don't really like the desert, too sweet for my liking.

     Anyway after we done eating we could actually just go to the dance floor and dance! Well, i didn't dance at first because i was still enjoying seating and enjoying the soup. But one of the guess star, Naoya, came to us and had a quite long chat with us! At first of course i didn't know him but after a while talking, i knew that he's a cosplayer from Singapore and he came to Jakarta a lot.
     I was quite amaze that the guest stars were humble, so does Jun and Onnies, even she doesn't talk much hahaha. Well, another thing that quite amaze me was that Naoya asked me to dance with him and it was my real first dance ever hahahha. I feel bad though i didn't know him before the event, because i know his fans are dying to take picture and dance with him, so i was quite flattered, lol. Anyway my boyfriend was fine with it, like he became excited as well that the guest stars were so humble. He even took the picture of me and Naoya dancing plus he recorded it. What a weird boyfriend.


rapunzel cosplay

     Frankly i was a bit awkward hahahha, because i never dance before and it was just weird, lol. Anyway if you see the video, i accidentally got hit by Jacob, assassin creed hahhahaha. Well pascal got most of the hit though hahaha.  
     Anyway after danced with Naoya i came back to my seat and eating my steak hahaha. Well, suddenly the song "I see the Light" was being played (thanks to Earlene hehe) and we couldn't help it but join the dance floor, after all it's Rapunzel & Flynn's song! Even though im not done yet with my steak but my boyfriend said we shouldn't miss the song hahaha.
     Well, they also got games, but my boyfriend and i didn't play, we're a bit tired and my boyfriend was a bit sick because of the rain i guess. But after taking his medicine, he was getting better. After the game, they announced the best female and male costume of the day! And i was happy to tell you, that my boyfriend became the winner of the male costume and choose by Onnies herself! Yippie! And if you're wondering, no, i didn't win the female costume lol, but i was totally happy that my boyfriend won! Because im putting quite a hard work to make his costume presentable and his hair too (without have to put on a wig), so i'm sooooo freaking happy that he won hahahha.

rapunzel cosplay

flynn rider cosplay

flynn rider cosplay

Well after that the event was done!

Some more picture of me, hahaha:
rapunzel cosplay

rapunzel cosplayrapunzel cosplay

     That's it! I hope you enjoy reading this post hehehhee, i'm exciting at writing it because it's my first ball dance ever! Anyway i do hope next time they have a bigger place with more royalty decoration hehehe. But the even was already fun :)
     Anyway see you on my next post!



  1. cuteeee XD
    g tau mau komen. soalnya senyam senyom daritadi bacanya. lucuk beneran...

    1. hahahha thank youuu, yes ini eventnya lucu banget emang, hohoho xD

  2. Punjelllllll...

    1. Awas ya klo ga bikin DIY nya hahahhahahahha
    2. Dansaaaaaa hahahhahah kenapa kaku amat non. "Pegang pinggang abang, dek" hahhahahahha

    1. buahahahhaa siap tar di bikin tutorialnya soon xD
      btw itu gw takut, g pernah dansa, sama takut terlalu nempel, ntar di abang naksir ma aye kan bahaya :P