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Review: Shinzu'i Ume Body Scrub Adzuki Beans - Iseiya & Keiko

Konnichiwa guuuyss~

     I want to share about my favorite body scrub at the moment from Shinzu'i Ume! Why it became my favorite so fast and what's so good about it? Read more and you might be surprise!

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Blog Label: green
Brand : Shinzu'i Ume
Name : Shinzu'i Ume Body Srcub Adzuki Beans - Iseya & Keiko
Content: 100ml
Price : around IDR 18k (or about USD 1.8)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     I guess you already know what Shinzu'i is, don't you? Well Shinzu'i launched in 2002 as a whitening soap that can make your skin even brighter and naturally whiter. Right now, Shinzu'i already has so many product range other than soap, like face wash, body lotion, and also body scrub. Shinzu'i targeted adult woman buyer (24-35), but finally Shinzu'i has their own product range for teenage girls, Shinzu'i UME!
     Shinzu'i Ume has the same formulas that's good for you skin, like Herba Matsu Oil Japan and also Sakura Flower Extract for lightening healthy skin and keeping your skin's natural moist. Herba Matsu Oil transform the melanin pigmentatiom into leuko-melanin to lighter your skin tone, skin becomes fair and moist. Sakura Flower Extract regenerates epidermal cells to prevent dull skin, skin becomes brighter and supple. Shinzu'i Ume has this 5 variant: Iseiya (red), Keiko (purple), Hatsune (green), Ayumi (pink), and Yozora (orange). Each has different fragrance that's given a young and fresh feeling, so you can choose which suit you the best!
     I already review the body cleanser yesterday, if you want to check more about it, you can visit HERE. Now, i'm going to review the body scrub, Iseiya and Keiko variants, that totally amazed me. Want to know what so special about this body scrub? It's a dry body scrub! What it's it?? Check below, you won't regret it!


      Let's check on the packaging:

     If you read my review about Shinzu'i Ume Body Cleanser earlier, you'll notice they have the same theme packaging; simple with sakura floral details all over it. Keiko and Iseiya body scrub also have the same small round packaging, with different color, Keiko is purple and Iseiya is red. But both are cute and looks kawaii in my eyes. Oh, i bought the Keiko one few days ago and it's extra 20gr! So more to use hehehe.

     Details about the product, you can zoom and read it by yourself. Don't forget to check all the ingredient, despite it's already a safe product according to BPOM, but sometimes we can allergic to something, so better check twice. Anyway the packaging is quite small, only 100gr, so you can still easily slip it in your bag or suitcase :)

     What so special about this? Well, Shinzu'i Ume Body Scrub Adzuki Beans is a dry scrub, means you can use it without have to rinse it! It's amazing or what? Plus it has a different from the usual body scrub from Shinzu'i Ume, which this one contain Adzuki Beans and Japanese Rice! Adzuki Beans help to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the pores from dirt and bacteria than can be damaging to the skin, which can darken our skin tone and make it dull. While Japanese Rice can help soften and brighten our skin so it'll looks naturally brighter and fairer.
     It's also already dermatology tested and said to be suitable for any skin type. You don't have to worry about getting a irritation from the scrub because the beads is perfect size and doesn't feel sharp on the skip. Plus it has moisturizer to help your skin to be softer and moisturize.

     Based on the picture above, you can see that the Iseiya and Keiko has exactly the same thick texture with the same red beads scrub. So they look the same except for the smell. Both are smell nice, but if Iseiya more into fresh floral scent, the Keiko one is more like a lavender scent or something, idk, but i like it anyway. The smell is soft and good for young girl like us (i'm 17 trust me hahahaha)

     Here's how to use it based on the packaging:
Apply all over your skin (wet or dry doesn't matter) and scrub gently to get rid of unwanted dirt or dead skin cells, clean with tissue or with water.
     Well, basically it's the same with using normal scrub. The things that make it amazing is that we don't have to wash or rinse it (preferable though, you can wash it too if you want). All i need is rub and rub and tadaaaa, all the scrub residue will appear and i only have to dispose it to the nearer trash can. Easy and the result is good! If you notice, my hand after using the scrub is more brighter and whiter than before. But maybe because of the light you can't really see it, but i can see it alright through my mirror hehehe. Other effect? The skin feels soft right after it without any sticky residue feeling, just like using a really nice body lotion. And the skin stays soft and moisturize for a quite long time. I love it!

     And oh, little Operetta also want to try the adzuki beans scrub! She said both of the Iseiya and Keiko suite her the best because it's red and purple, just like her! Hahahha. Her experience? Well it was amazing like mine. Told ya this scrub is good for anyone hehhe :P

     I also asked two of my bestfriend, Ochi & Icha, to tried it and they said the scrub is really nice and their skin feeling so smooth. Icha said it's like using body lotion afterward, she decided to buy one for herself lol. Ochi also love it, she said it's great to use when you're too lazy to take a bath hahhahaha. The funny thing was they actually buy it right away that day lol xD


      As a lazy people and body scrub lover i approve! For a lazy people like me this scrub easily became one of my favorite hahahhaa. You know there are times when you're too lazy to take a bath but want to stay fresh and clean? This is the answer people! I love my experience so far, the only thing that i don't like is because i still have to dispose the scrub residue my self, lol, all of scrub do it. I have a lot of scrub in my house because i do love to scrub, but sometimes i'm lazy because the skin need to be dry or else the scrub won't work as good yadda yaddaa, that's why i'm in love with Shinzu'i Ume Body Scrub Adzuki Beans right away!
      Trust me, it'll make your scrub moment waaaayyy easily. Plus beauty tips from me, i totally recommend that you bring it daily on your bag. Why? Sometimes we're busy all day that we don't have to take a bath on the office or mall or whatever, but in the other hand sometimes we have this unexpected plan like dinner night or whatever. Surely you don't want to appear like hell right? This might be the right choice for you guys. Especially you who are still in high school. I know how bad our skin feels after a long day at school, we can totally use this Adzuki Beans scrub to make our skin better anywhere and anytime.  Oh oh, plus it's good to use when you're sick and can't take a bath. And don't forget to bring it while traveling!

+ no need to wash!
+ the scent are nice and soft
+ the smells stay long on my skin
+ fresh feeling
+ no sticky feeling even if we don't wash it
+ moisturize the skin
+ easy to use and can be use anywhere anytime
+ my skin a bit brighter and whiter too after using this i guess
+ BPOM safe
+ affordable
+ still travel frendly
+ contain natural ingredient that can whiter our skin like Japanese people's
+ perfect for teenager
+ lazy people approved

- the residue a bit messy just like normal body scrub, so don't forget to gather the scrub residue and dump it on a trash can (no littering ok)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

     Need i say more? I love my #UMEtime! In fact this past few days i always use it to scrub my hand and the result is amaziiing. If you want to try this body scrub  i guess you can find it on any store nearby. But i check it on a few indomart or alfamart and i still can't find it, so find a bigger store to look for it okay. For more info you can check Shinzu'i Ume facebook here:

     I hope you like this review and see you guys, Arigatoooo from aza-chan (my cartoon name when i was in high school) hehehe :)



  1. Wah ini yang baru-baru ini sering keliatan di supermarket. Pengen nyoba ah ~

  2. yang bikin bertambah suka karena praktisnya itu yaa...tanpa perlu di bilas.

    1. iyaaa, itu nilai yang paling plus banget hahhaaha, bisa dipakai tanpa dibilas xD

  3. Wah ratingnya4,5 dari 5 jadi produk ini recommended yah...jadi pengen beli hehehe

    1. yuk di belii, hehehe, kalau aku sih suka banget, dua temen ku yang nyobain itu juga suka :D

  4. Hai hai wanita 17 tahun hahhahahhahah, dan gw pun beli ahahhahahahhaha, trus langsung di keep ma babe *sigh hahahhaa. Babe ngga bisa liat lulur nganggur bzzzzz.

  5. aku jadi mau coba! Thankyou infonya sis