Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beauty Wishlist! (More like a birthday wishlist)


     I want to share my beauty wishlist with you guys! Hahaha, well it's hard for me to keep in track what i want. I normally forgot what i really want at the first place and buy some other products, afterwards i realize the one that i want is not what i get. So right now im gonna post some of makeup products that i wish i could have soon (or later) to keep me on track and to remind me what i really want. Hahaha.


     Oh well, actually it's more like a birthday beauty wishlist, well 22 products i want to get the most on my birthday (which mostly are makeup or brushes hahaha). And yes, to keep me on track of what i want the most and not buying some other products that i want less then ended up regretting it. Hahaha.

     Before we start i just want to tell you that; October 5th it's a special day, it's my birthday, tadaaaaaa~ (read this in Rapunzel's tone). Well, i always thought birthday is an important day where i can celebrate and get all the attention, plus get lots of present! I love present seriously. I think birthday is important because it's the day that you were born into this world, when God sent you to see this world, living in this world, ugh, the day full of joy and happiness i guess. Idk, i cant really say it, but i do feel grateful i can be alive (even sometimes im being ungrateful and wishing death). Oh and well, who could resist a nice birthday present? So it's important hahhaha.

     Okay, enough with my blahblahblah, now lets move to my makeup wishlist! Well the order is random (but i'll give clue which items are my most wanted) and i will mention the store which provide the best price that i know hahaha, so here are my 22 beauty products wishlist!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - chocolate or dark brown. Get it on IG @joancorner for IDR 300k each or at IG @shoppinglust for the same price
2. LA Girl Pro Conceal HD - espresso/toast and classic ivory/creamy beige. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo IDR 70k each.

3. Milani Brow Fix Eyebrow Powder Kit - dark or medium (either way is fine). Get it on for IDR 98k

4. *****Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 1.5oz. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo IDR 265k each.

5. Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo IDR 285k or get it on for IDR 300k (if you have welcome voucher IDR 75k by subscribing their newsletter, ordering in zalora gonna be much cheaper). Or on for IDR 259k.

6. Real Techniques Starter Set (same as number 5, you can get it on IG @lumiere_corner for IDR 265k, or can get cheaper prize at zalora if you have IDR 75k voucher).

7. Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo IDR 70k each.

8. Coastal Scents Revealed Palette 2. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo IDR 280k each
9. NYX Eyebrow Gel - chocolate and espresso. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo IDR 115k each


10. *****Lime Crime Velvetines - Salem, *Wicked, *Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and *Black Velvet. They're actually kinda limited in Indonesia seller, but you can check it on IG @joancorner for IDR 300k each.


11. Viva Queen Make up Kit - Romantic and Fantasia.You can get it on for IDR 120k each.
12. *****Lime Crime Chinadoll Fantasy Palette. You can get it on for IDR 420k.

13. *****Yves Saint Laurent - Kiss and Blush no.6. Get it on YSL counter at Sogo or Centro or whatever for IDR 500k. (Please tell me you know online shop with better price than this)

14. *****Sugarpill - 4 colors Burning Heart. Get it on for IDR 480k.

15. EM Chiaroscuro - Fair or Light. You can get it on IG @joancorner for IDR 380k.


16. *****Anastasia Beverly Hills - Maya Mia Palette. You can get it on IG @preorderbymimo for IDR 390k.

17. *****Anastasia Beverly Hills - Bold and Beautiful Kit. Get it on IG @joancorner for IDR 388k.

18. The Balm Voyage. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo for IDR 420k.

19. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo for IDR 350k

20. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. Get it on IG @preorderbymimo for IDR 170k 8oz or IDR 75k 2oz.

21. *****NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection. Get it on for IDR 282k.

22. NYX Matte Lipstick - Alabama, Bloody Mary, Eden, Siren, Temptress, Couture. Get it on for IDR 85k each.

***** - indicates that i really want that item, SO MUCH.


Thats all! Too much eh?? Hahhaha i wish i could get some though :)

   Btw if you know the store with cheaper price from what i already mention above, pleaseeee TELL ME! Just mention on comment below, Hehehe. Thanks for reading this nonsense wishlist^^


p.s if you want to give me present of one or more of the item above, i'd gladly invite you to my bday party which happen exactly on Eid al-Adha LOL ;)


Hehehe, thanks for stopping by!


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