Monday, September 22, 2014

Event Report: Estee Lauder Event with Vincent Xu - September 21st, 2014


     Im back with event report (again) hahhaha. Don't get bored please, hehe. So, last sunday, Estee Lauder has this event with global premier MUA from China, Mr. Vincent Xu. Actually, the event has lasted a for several days, but this was the last day and special for beauty blogger.

     I got my invitation from Erfan (Estee Lauder PR) as a host, few days before the event. I got another 7 beauty bloggers who care to join me for the event that day! They were: Alfia, Putri, Lisha, Bunga, Felly, Dewi and Rani.

     So, i came at about 1pm, right on time. Well, I planned to came 15 mins earlier but i miscalculated the time since some unpredictable traffic occurred. But luckily i wasn't late. When i came Dewi, Rani, Alfia and Felly already there (so sorry girls, i should've come earlier!). The event hasn't started yet since Mr. Vincent was having his lunch.
     The event held at Sogo Plaza Senayan, at Estee Lauder counter to be exact. No chair, that was my first thought, well maybe they didn't put on chair because it was only a fast makeup demo. But no worry, it was actually quite fast.

 Look! Nabila Syakieb spotted. 

LOTS of MAKEUP for the demo (me wan't someee)

Pretty eyeshadow! I wouldn't mind get one or two, or three! :P

 And this brushes and lip gloss gonna be perfect in my room, hehhee.

     So at about 1.15 or so, the event finally started! Erfan opened the event and also introduced Mr. Vincent as MUA and also the model, Theresia (she's also a blogger!). Then the demo begin~

Erfan opened the event.

This is Mr. Vincent Xu, he's super humble and nice event though he can't really speak in English! Hahaha he has an interpreter though, but sometimes he tried hard to communicated with us without the interpreter hahhaa.

This is the model, Theresia. She's so cute right!

The demo was finally starting~

First Mr. Vincent applied serum and also moisturizer so the makeup will ended up more flawlessly.

He was also using face primer first to make the makeup last even longer before putting the foundation.

While putting on the foundation, he wouldn't want miss my shoot hahhaa. 

Mr. Vincent choose green eyeshadow for Theresia. 

Pretty colors, wish i could get one :P

Now the blush, he loves to mix blush colors. 

Lipstick part, he choose pink at first. The color is so nice on Theresia!

The whole makeup was done! So pretty right??

But Mr. Vincent decided that he'd like to put on some dramatic lip color for Theresia. Since, he said women in Indonesia inspired him so much these several few days. He said, women in Indonesia love to put on a lot of makeup and dramatic makeup look, unlike in China which more focused on the skin care more than thick makeup. So it amazed him hahhaa.

Seriously she looks pretty as well in this color.

 And tadaaa, the demo was done!

I was actually hoping i could get a makeover from Mr. Vincent but he has a customer who would like to get a makeover as well, and that ma'am seriously took a LOOOONGGG time! So yeah, maybe next time, if we meet again hahhaa. Here are some other pictures from the event!

I asked Mr. Vincent to take a picture together and when it was done, he grab my hand, then ask me to take a picture with him, AGAIN! Only now, he wanted to take the picture using his phone. Hahaha how funny.

Me and the fashionable PR of Estee Lauder, Erfan.

Dewi and I.

Me and other beauty bloggers before the event. Putri and Lisha weren't there yet. 
Left to right: Felly - Bunga - Fia - Me - Dewi - Rani

Left to right: Rani - Lisha - Me - Dewi - Bunga - Felly - Putri

Left to right: Bunga - Erfan - Fia - Felly - Putri - Mr. Vincent - Dewi - Rani - Me
(Photo courtesy to Dewi)

Last but not least, ME

P.s  I had this embarrassing moment when my shoe broken at the end of the event! My god! It was Tommy Hilfiger, but it broke! Meh, not-so-cheap product with cheap quality, eh? I was like "dafukkk"! Well that's maybe because i haven't use it in years -.-
IDK, but i ended up walking from Sogo to parking lot without shoes! Hahahhaa. Thankfully i got these cooperative friends, they walked me to the parking lot so people wouldn't notice (much) hahhaha.
Plus, thank God, i put lots of shoes on my car! >_<

Stupid shoe -.-

Anyway i was so happy to get a full size product! (Thanks a lot, Erfan!)
I picked the foundation, since i was pretty much curious about Estee Lauder foundation; Double Wear. Hehehehe, lucky! Gonna review this foundie soon!

Thats all guys! I hope you enjoy this post! :)


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  1. Auzola...
    Nice to meet you on that event :) sayang aku ga sempet ngobrol2 sama kamu dan blogger lainnya..
    Btw aku ijin save foto2nya untuk dokumentasi pribadi ku ya... dan kalu sempat main2 di blog ku